Noelle Easton – “Cum On My Face! Let It Trickle Down Me”

“Cum On My Face! Let It Leak Down Me”

Noelle Easton is feeling herself tonight.

That babe does that purple monokini justice. Checking her glamourous body out in a mirror, Noelle can’t keep her soft hands off her equally squashy and natural greater than typical tits. Noelle has each right to think this babe is hawt. The gal from Tennessee is a ten, we see. She’s starting to breathe heavily. Her slim and stacked body tingles.

Rocky’s been sitting off to the sidelines, patiently watching but concerned to dive onto and into this tasty morsel. That dude comes over to Noelle and lays his hands on her body and begins sucking her pointy, enchanting areolas.

Noelle acquires on the ottoman, still clothed in her monokini. It can easily be adjusted to allow access to her erogenous zones. Rocky goes down on her, touching with tongue her smooth wet crack. Noelle strokes her large boobs during the time that his tongue works her clitty over.

Noelle’s ready to taste-test Rocky’s pecker. This chab feeds her his tubesteak whilst she’s still on her back, arms under her bra buddies. Holding her head, this chab copulates Noelle’s throat. They flip positions. Noelle gets on top of him to suck him some more and stick his schlong between her bra buddies. Getting on her back afresh, Noelle holds her love melons jointly to form a titty-tunnel for Rocky to drive his skin-bus through.

For their 1st shag, they choose a reverse cowgirl. Noelle climbs on board and rides him adore the fuckin’, buckin’ mechanical bull at a country-western saloon!

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Tia Imea – Thick Chick On Dick

Thick Sweetheart On Weenie

Thick Playgirl On Dick

Tia Imea was a one-shot wonder, a phrase we’re loathe to use but that was the case. Tia wanted a fling at sexy bare modeling and a chance to try a sex scene with a bigger in size than typical porn-dick. Mission accustomed. Then Tia was off to try smth else on her “life list.”

Anthony is blindfolded and sitting on the ottoman, contemplating for Miss Hawt Stuff to walk into the bedroom. They met in a chat room and now they’re hooking up for the real deal. Tia strolls into the room in a tight top, short petticoat and high heels. Pure hardon material. She gives off waves of raunchy heat. That babe touches the blindfolded Anthony.

“I don’t wish u to see me. I crave u to feel me.”

Anthony feels Tia’s lush and plush body, feels her larger than average bouncy bosoms and large butt and smells her scent. Whilst this Lothario is sucking her pierced teats, this dude takes off the blindfold. When that smooth operator sees her, and examines her body, this guy goes banging mad, slapping her love melons and ass, spreading her wazoo cheeks to look at her twat.

Anthony’s bone is in Tia’s throat quickly. Tia is the kind of lady who loves meaty, assertive studs and Anthony tells her what to do, giving her instructs and controlling her in each way as that charmer copulates the shit out of her in a few positions. That dude, the porn-cock, is the teacher; Tia is the dilettante glamour model being taught the game. This chab spurts his cum in her face after a dynamic gangbang, wipes his wang on her cheek, and tells her to eat his nut-juice. Her face brandishes the look of a woman well-fucked.

It’s a crime that Tia didn’t continue her glamour modeling at XL Beauties.

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Barbara Beauty – Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

Sex, Sun & Swimming Pools

It is a sunny day and Barbara Girl is willing to make her day even hotter with a pool side sizzler with Thomas, her recent FWB (Friend With Benefits). Thomas is ready to make a large splash. A bigger than typical splash on Barbara and her bigger in size than typical, bigger than typical knockers and Voluptuous body.

We talked to Barbara about her sun-drenched sex session after this babe came up for air.

SCORELAND: U and Thomas had sex by a swimming pool. How was that day for u?
Barbara Angel: Thomas made my body so hawt with anything this chab did to me. I was so happy I was expert to kewl off and swim in the pool afterwards!

SCORELAND: Have u had sex by a pool before? What was this experience adore for you?
Barbara Angel: Yep, I have had sex in a pool and in a sexy tub previous to. I love it. Even the thought of it excites me afresh.

SCORELAND: Do you enjoy sex more fantastic indoors or out side? Why so?
Barbara Angel: I’ve pleasure sex anywhere, coz I adore it so much.

SCORELAND: How is sex on-camera different for u than sex in private?
Barbara Angel: It makes no difference to me, given that I always truly relish sex to the fullest. What is different is that in the pix, I look more at the camera. In the video, I look more at Thomas except in positions when I am facing the digital camera.

SCORELAND: Would you say u are “different” having sex on-camera?
Barbara Angel: I’m not ‘cuz I’m always lascivious when I’ve sex. When u watch me in a photo or a video, u are seeing the real me.

SCORELAND: What was your much loved moment in this movie scene with Thomas?
Barbara Angel: The almost all alluring moment for me was simply savouring his stylish, unbending pecker all day.

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Kitty McPherson – Ass Up, Face Down

Gazoo Up, Face Down

Ass Up, Face Down

Shapely, sensuous and pleasant, we’d like nothing more than a chance to pet this ravishing Kitty. Kitty McPherson looks ready, too. In her pink and darksome beneath garment and thong set, she’s practically begging to be petted. Well, really she’s begging for numerous lengthy strokes into her twat and her constricted backdoor. ‘cuz this honey bunny just can not get enough of getting her wazoo and cunt rammed, she’s back once more to take a unyielding piece of meat. This time, this babe is dangling, engulfing and banging with our wonderful friend Tony Rubino. He’s an accomplished when it comes to anal, so Kitty is in admirable hands with Rubino.

Kitty says her level of carnal aggressiveness depends on her partner. And sometimes, it just depends on her mood.

“I adore to be drilled hard and screwed right,” Kitty said. “Sometimes a man is coyness and isn’t used to handling a goddess like me, so I’ll must take control and fill the void. That is when I acquire on top and copulate him hard, you know? Unveil him how I wanna be screwed. Other times, the boy is love an animal and leaves me ravished. It indeed depends.”

Well, Tony of course isn’t the bashful sort that isn’t used to screwing a beauty love Kitty. But they do take turns dominant every other. Tony sucks and nibbles on Kitty’s fleshy HH-cup melons previous to stuffing his rock-hard weenie into her hungry mouth. Then, Tony hops on top of her for a tit fuck in advance of Kitty takes control. This babe sits her milky-white, bulky butt on him and rides him cowgirl, one of her prefered poses.

“I like cowgirl cuz I can feel my man’s jock deep inside of me,” she told. “I desire to feel him pushing my insides. I want my bawdy cleft to feel a little ginger tomorrow.”

After giving his jock the full travel of Kitty’s slit, Tony lastly pulls it out and stuffs it into her butt. First, he is banging her a-hole from the side whilst this babe fingers her cunt. But pretty soon, Kitty wants to be on top another time and that babe gives Tony an anal reverse cowgirl copulate in advance of this buck lastly bonks her ass-up, face-down.

It’s wondrous Tony hasn’t cum yet, but he holds out for as long as this chab can. But where should that skirt chaser cum? On her plump titties, milky gazoo or on her face.

“Cum in my face hole,” Kitty told. “Cum in my face hole and I’ll swallow. No mess, no clean up.”

Tony does just that, and Kitty finds his load finger-licking wonderful.

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Stephanie Stalls – Boobcore



Award-winning gogo dancer Stephanie Stalls pulls out all the stops. Stephanie is a randy hottie who knows what she can’t live without and what she wishes in couch. She craves Mr. Shlong to 1st play with and massage her king-size and heavy 40 inch, 34F-cups. That babe loves her nipps pulled and pinched. This chab spritzes a good amount of white ball cream over ‘em, fondelling the ram into her breast flesh until her knockers shine. “Massage my fur pie,” Stephanie says. He goes one more priceless, massaging her hairless cunt with his tongue. That babe returns the favour by mouthing his meat-thermometer, making popping, suction sounds as her face hole works it.

“Fuck these pantoons,” this babe next tells Mr. Meat-thermometer. That babe sits on the edge of the sofa holding her gazongas jointly as his prick plows through her tightly compressed mounds that make a kind of cleavage-pussy. Stephanie now wishes his shaft in her clutch. This babe acquires on her back, strips off her briefs and spreads her legs for a side-saddle banging. Her head hangs over the corner of the mattress and she makes sex sounds in a staccato rhythm during the time that this woman chaser penetrates her with fast strokes. Her hands reach down to rub her clit and pussy-wings.

Stephanie receives on top and mounts him in a reverse cowgirl position, riding his pole subrigid. “Fuck it, copulate it, fuck it!” this babe cries, bouncing up and down, mounds swinging wildly. Almost all girls get to take their heels off in this position but not Stephanie. Her gogo dancer stage-skills give her fuck-stamina and pliant legs and ankles. The more she bonks the more fucking she wants.

Stephanie knows what this babe likes and what this babe wishes. “I’m valuable at blow jobs. I was called Hoover in high-school,” Stephanie says. This babe can get aggressive when she’s hot for the cock but will be tractable other times. That babe is usually aggressive in her sex scenes. We’ll bet this babe quickly wears out majority boys this babe meets. That is why this babe loves doing porn with pro-studs. By the way, Stephanie has only done hardcore at SCORE.

“Sometimes I crave someone to take charge and indeed hammer me in bed. Majority boys just love laying back and getting a irrumation.” With her flexible limbs, tutored and fit from her stage dances, Stephanie is qualified to handle any position.

Stephanie stars in the DVD SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored with Angelina Castro, Kelly Christiansen, Kali West and Nadia Night. It is SCOREtv with a hardcore twist! We recommend it.

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Joana – The Royal Rack

The Royal Rack

The Royal Rack

The Royal Rack is back! It’s a great fun to have Joana back at SCORELAND since her journey to the Caribbean with Valory, Sha and Hitomi for SCORE On Location.

SCORE went back to Europe for more…because Joana is habit-forming and there ain’t no cure!

SCORELAND: How large are your meatballs now?
Joana: I think I’m 106 centimeters (Fourty two inches) around, and I buy bras that are 105GG European size.*

SCORELAND: How do you elect your bras?
Joana: I have 2 brands I like: Maria Jo and Prima Donna. I buy them on the Internet.

SCORELAND: What do you seek in a brassiere?
Joana: The color, the style. I try to discover nice-looking bras, but that’s not always elementary in my size.

SCORELAND: Do u sleep in a undergarment?
Joana: No. I sleep nude. But I wear hot clothes to sofa with a man!

SCORELAND: At what age did your mounds kick off developing?
Joana: Maybe at 13. I was bustier than each beauty in my class.

SCORELAND: When did u initiate being comfortable with your funbags?
Joana: Later when the bucks were looking at my eyes and not just at my scoops. They used to look just at my scoops. It makes me feel valuable that they view all of me, and I don’t mind that they look at my milk sacks, likewise. I can feel the like. The greater the bra buddies, the more love you need to give.

*According to some manufacturers, this converts to 46GG US size.

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Aimee Jackson – I Will Be A Butt Slut Forever

I Will Be A Ass Whore Forever

I Will Be A Gazoo Doxy Forever

Why do we like Aimee Jackson? Let’s count the ways.

First, there’s the bright, warm smile that will make you fall in adore and could melt the ice caps.

“It’s laughable, I actually think my eyes and smile are my almost any nice features, but obviously lads always say smth else,” Aimee told us, pointing towards her 34H-cup milk shakes.

Well, u can’t blame us, Aimee. Your boobs are heavy, perky and damn near ideal. Working our way down her body as we count the reasons we love her, there is no way we can avoid mentioning her milk shakes. Those are the assets that have separated her from other angels her whole life.

“Oh, I was always the bustiest girl in school,” she said. “By far. No other girl was close. The attention I acquire from the one and the other studs and honeys is gorgeous enjoyment. Gals ask to touch them all the time because they do not think they could possibly be real. I almost always let ‘em.”

The third reason we adore Aimee is cuz of her curvacious, Coke bottle figure. Even when fully dressed, this babe makes us feel thirsty, and it solely acquires more fantastic when this babe peels off her hawt outfit.

“I’m probably a bit of a shop-o-holic,” Aimee added. “It’s a bit of a problem. I’m a girly-girl, and I adore to look cute. And with fullsome funbags, curves and a chunky rump, it almost wouldn’t be fair to not wear things that accentuate that.”

It wouldn’t be. Especially with that obese rump of hers. We think a obese rump is often the thing that goes unnoticed with big boobed, shapely beauties. And Aimee certainly does adore hers. That babe has smth of an a-hole fetish, and can’t live with out her own arse and other girls’ butts. A self-described “butt whore,” anal play is this Kansas Town babe’s beloved pastime. And this is the fourth reason we like her.

“Honestly, sometimes I guess I adore being drilled in my a-hole more than my cum-hole,” that babe said. “I like having my ass eaten out, also. I have toys that I use exclusively on my booty. I’ll always be a arse doxy.”

That’s Aimee. Our prefered little a-hole floozy.

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Merilyn Sakova – Merilyn In Yer Face! Part 2

Merilyn In Yer Face! Part 2

Merilyn In Yer Face! Part Two

In the SCORE DVD Merilyn In Yer Face, numerous workers members and model Jelena Jasper live for one week in Kiev with Merilyn Sakova, 2006 SCORE Glamour model of the year, a runner-up in that contest two years in a row, third-place finisher in SCORELAND‘s Adult model of the Decade contest and number five in SCORE‘s 20th Anniversary “20 For 20″ contest. Almost any of you know that Merilyn and Jelena are Ukrainian. Jelena’s assistance was of great importance in the success of this film.

In Part 2, Merilyn prepares Ukrainian dishes in a way no one will ever see on a television cooking show. One time she’s finished, Merilyn climbs onto the counter and receives busy widening her cum-hole and playing with her great bigger in size than typical naturals. Then it is off to the showers to clean off and spank one out. And later in bed, disembodied hands (one couple belonging to Jelena) rubdown and cuddle Merilyn’s pretty, slim and stacked body. That’s quite an erotic dream Merilyn was having so no one wanted to wake her up!

About that kitchen scene, JD raved, “Incredible moments: Merilyn squirting orange juice on her whoppers, then washing ‘em off and drying them by wobbling those gracious fun bags side to side and up and down! Merilyn’s animated confession that that babe often gets borscht all over her fun bags when that babe eats it! Or the Tom Jones moment when this babe eats and looks right into the camera, with her mammaries on the counter!”

It was the voyage of a lifetime.

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Lisa Lipps – Big Tits Sucking Lips

Big Love muffins Sucking Lips

Big Mammaries Mouthing Lips

The great Lisa Lipps banged porn skirt chaser Mark Davis in this Classic old-school scene from 1997. SCORE was in its fifth year of publication.

Lisa and Mark are stuck in a mansion and they can not receive out so they get every other off in the garden. Fucking adore the sex athletes they are, Mark can’t receive sufficient of Lisa’s stupendous mammaries, firm, toned body and constricted twat squeezing and grinding his rod until that fellow drops a huge load in her face hole that dribbles down her chin and neck.

With several appearances in SCORE since 1993, Lisa Lipps is one of the greats of the Golden Era of mega-busted model/dancers along with Wendy Melons, Breasty Dusty, Traci Topps and others celebrated names of the big-bust world. Whilst many SCORE Girls of this era were not pornstars, Lisa took great pride in her erotic talents on- and off-camera, among ‘em tit-fucking and unfathomable mouth blow jobs.

“I was an athlete. I was into gymnastics, and I was into track when I was younger. And then I took dance, and that’s probably why I’m a dancer today. I was a gymnast until I had an harm. My Mother told, ‘You’re done. We do not need any broken haunches or legs.’ So I went into jazz, tap and ballet for a few years. And then I started getting interested in bucks and gave it all up for sex. I was always interested in sex. The cuties did not adore me very much.”

Who cares if the angels didn’t like her? They were jealous!

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Kimmie Kaboom – New Discovery Will Make You Go Kaboom!

Fresh Discovery Will Make U Go Kaboom!

<i></i>Recent Discovery Will Make U Go Kaboom!” title=”<i></i>Fresh Discovery Will Make U Go Kaboom!” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=The name of Kimmie Kaboom’s Fresh Discovery scene is truth in advertising. But Kimmie’s personality is anything but explosive. She’s a southern goddess and u know how lovely and good the ladies of the south are. Kimmie lives in Pensacola, Florida. In her spare time, this babe can’t live with out to work on cars and hang out with friends at the local car gatherings.

Love Jasmine Jones, Kimmie is an XL Cuties fan’s wife. “My hubby is a immense fan of large mammaries and he submitted my pix to your studio,” says Kimmie. “I was a dancer during my early Twentys. It was a great experience and helped pay my way throughout high school.”

Miss Kaboom is a vixen with a sexy body. That babe is 5’6″ and wears a 42H-cup bra. This brings tears to our eyes as it should yours. Kimmie’s large love bubbles are works of art: heavy, well-veined and pliable. Kimmie has a glamorous face and her smile is agreeable. When this babe walks into a room, she owns it. And if you were in that room when she traipsed in, she’d own u too.

Kimmie is very outgoing and sociable. She likes to suit casually but can likewise go glam. Kimmie enjoys being the center of attention and the camera picks that up. She can be the femme fatale or the rockabilly honey. She likes muscle cars and the roller derby. That babe used to be a able roller derby player.

We’ll be seeing much more of Kimmie very pretty soon. That babe makes each smooth operator go kaboom in his room. Kimmie is a great new addition to the XL Beauties line-up.

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