Liza Biggs – Liza Loves Anal

Liza Loves Anal

Liza Can't live without Anal

We acquire boners just looking at Liza Biggs. Lightly-tanned caramel skin, a lovely smile, consummate JJ-cup naturals, cushioned curves. This honey bunny has it all. Before we scooped her up and invited her to our Miami studios, Liza worked as a flight attendant. Boy, we can merely imagine how many passengers were hoping to join the mile-high disrobe club with this Coke-bottle-bodied looker serving ‘em pretzels and soda… or hoped to plant their heads between her plush, natural JJ-cup pillows to grab some in-flight shut-eye.

This day, our friend Tony DeSergio acquires to play with these plush pillows in Liza’s hardcore initial appearance. These 2 won’t be joining the mile-high lap dancing club, but their climaxes will reach spectacular heights, cuz Liza’s hardcore initial debut comes with a specific treat: she is likewise popping her anal cherry. Now this is what we call a Freaky Friday!

Liza says boob play and having her cum-hole eaten out are her favourite type of foreplay, and Tony was sure to comply to ensure this bra-buster is thoroughly pleasured.

“I love having my love muffins played with,” Liza told. “And every cutie loves having her twat eaten, right? But no thing receives me off like being rogered rock hard doggystyle. I like to be spanked and choked, too. I am into anal play. Start with some slow fingering and then rock hard screwing.”

Liza just went down our checklist of favorite activities. You boys will be jerking to this one for a while. We know we will.

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Liza Biggs – Busting Into Triple-X!

Busting Into Triple-X!

Busting Into Triple-X!

Liza Biggs meets JMac in an epic super-sex match-up. This breast dominatrix-bitch with mammoth areolae appreciates a lady-killer who enjoys immense milk cans and that is why she is here at SCORELAND. Liza contacted SCORE ( with pics and her email got an immediate reply.

Liza can’t live without breast play. “I have sensitive nipples,” Liza says and gets a lot of teat stimulation in her 1st scene. (There is a second boy-girl scene over at She loves to observe porn; her much loved being girl-girl with one angel having much larger mambos than the other angel. “I use a fake penis when I view them.” Of course, Liza, who’s assured, identifies with the cutie with the large funbags.

Trying a porn scene had been one of Liza’s particular fantasies and now that babe can see herself on-screen with a pro-stud. Liza was a super-hit in her solo first appearance. This first boy-girl will really raise the roof. The former stewardess is a walking luscious dream. That kind of airline is the solely way to fly.

On the print magazine scene, Liza Biggs debuts in March ’15 Voluptuous, on-sale January 6, 2015. A sensational way for V-mag browsers to start the recent year.

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Trinity Michaels – Trinity’s New Curves

Trinity’s Fresh Curves

Trinity's Fresh Curves

Every now and then we’ll sit in our offices, the subtle clink of heels echoing throughout our hallowed halls of wobblers, and say, “Whatever happened to X gal? This babe was great.” Trinity Michaels was one of these beauties until that babe decided to make some other splash in our big-boob-loving waters. The big boobed brunette hair initially debuted in the August ’10 issue of Voluptuous, and that babe made some other appearance in the September ’12 issue. A self-described “bored housewife,” modeling was a way for Trinity to spice things up for herself and her partner. In keeping with her trend of popping back into our lives every 2 years, Trinity is back and she is boasting bigger in size boobies (she’s now an E-cup) and more cuddly curves, also!

She’s graduated from V-Girl to XL Girl, and we could not be happier to have her. Especially since she is just as freaky as we remembered. We had a blast listening to her recount her favourite erotic encounters.

“My much loved has to be my first a team fuck,” Trinity told, laughing. “Well, my first group sex with five chaps. It was glamorous! Hands all over me, knobs in my throat and vagina. My first DP was nice-looking astonishing, likewise. I had never felt such a high previous to.”

That’s our hotty. You’ll be especially cheerful to know that Trinity is now feeling assertive sufficient to brandish us the full breadth of her kink. Yes, Trinity Michaels discharged her 1st hardcore scene for us in her latest visit to our studios. It is dropping later this month, but we’re sure this photo set and the accompanying video is sexy sufficient to hold u over in the meantime.

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Cassie – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Investigate Cassie, a fresh Voluptuous Hotty. Cassie’s first magazine will be March ’15 V-mag. She’s lascivious about her SCORELAND first appearance and says she looks forward to reading the comments about her.

“I am new to this world,” says Cassie, an Aqua-gym tutor. “I did not know how many Czech beauties have been photographed by SCORE until I looked at the web page. There’re so many beauties, I was surprised.”

“I usually wear ‘sporty’ hot outfit. I do not wear things that draw attention to my meatballs. I’m not bashful but I’m reserved in how I dress in public. People can watch how bigger than run of the mill my pantoons are furthermore. I wear bras and I can buy ‘em without getting fitted.”

Cassie has tats on the tops of her feet and one larger than typical tat on her back under her right shoulder. Other than those three, no other tats. This babe sports body jewelry pierced right above her bald wet crack.

“I have decided to try a boy-girl,” says Cassie. “I decided not to expect. I saw no reason for delaying after seeing what other girls do and it’s smth I’ve fantasized about trying for some time. I don’t care for anal or kinky sex or being out in a public place but I relish precious sex with a hawt stud.”

Works for us! Thank’s, Cassie.

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Zuzanna – Anal Rampage

Anal Rampage

Anal Rampage

Zuzanna was a Czech porno star who brought intensity to the sex game. Her hunger for nut-juice and fudge-packing is equally intensive. This scene is the climax of the SCORE Classic movie scene, “Zuzanna’s Anal Rampage,” filled with ass-to-mouth meat-thermometer mouthing, group sex, unfathomable asshole drilling and breast worship. Dirt so raw, we were ashamed to have it on our shelves but that did not stop us from selling the DVD. It was filmed in Germany.

Zuzanna is double-teamed and double-penetrated by two super-studs when they catch her in an office fucking herself with a toy that this babe takes without her muff to engulf on, tasting her grip juices. What a immodest cutie this babe was.

Beginning when this babe was 21, Zuzanna made over 100 scenes (the exact number is not documented). She appeared in SCORE and V-mag over the years until 2006, making the cover of March 2000 V-mag in her initial appearance.

“Zuzanna has an anal compulsion of a magnitude I’ve at not time known,” said the director of this episode, Heinrich Pipper. “She demanded that her ass be filled with as much penis as possible. That babe wants it more in her backdoor than in her twat! I couldn’t argue with her as this babe knows her pleasures and she’s determined in her ways.”

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Samantha – XL Origins

XL Origins

XL Origins

This scene was Samantha38G’s first boy-girl. Back then, the blonde bombshell was just “Samantha” and this babe was a smash from the begin, attracting countless fans. Later, the 38G suffix helped to create more of a recognizable name and made her fotos and vids easier to find in follow engines.

Her screw buddy in this mid-2001 scene was “Warren Piece,” a Tampa, Florida MPV driver and a regular at a nudist resort. That ladies man attempted making a go of it as a able porn Lothario but a visit to Los Angeles proved how hard it was for a buck to break into that closed-off section of the industry and, at the time (2001), there were not many adult entertainment companies in Florida. By 2002, Warren was back in “civilian” life.

“I always knew I could be a star, that I had that ‘thing,’ you know,” Samantha told in a chat with a TSG editor. That babe had confidence and energy to spare. “But it was a big step to make that commitment to it coz love I said previous to, when u do, it limitations your options. Tons of things are then closed off to u. Do not acquire me incorrect. When you receive into glamour modeling, you are open about your sexuality and you’re open with yourself, and that’s the great part about it. But u know how judgmental plenty of the world can be and how lads adore to separate girls into 2 distinct areas: your Gingers or your Mary Anns, the girls you crave to screw and the girls you wanna marry. I am a Mary Ann at heart, but I am usually perceived as a Ginger ‘coz my sexuality is all most people know about me.

“So one time u acquire into modeling, there’re tons of jobs that are closed off to you. Jobs at banks, corporate jobs. I suppose being open about sexuality still scares tons of people, and that is sad. Tons of people say, ‘Oh, the porn industry is so terrible,’ and I suppose, ‘And the corporate world isn’t?’ Think about it. When your 401K plan has been eaten up or disappeared like at Enron, that was a terrible thing. I consider my industry to be no different. There are sharks in both waters.”

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Maggie Green – Boots & Mambos

Boots & Marangos

Boots & Boobs

Maggie Green urges to give the one and the other city slickers and country lads a major hard cock with this cowgirl scene. That babe is ready to rope everyone in. The lesson behind this layout and episode is not “go west, young charmer,” but “go breast.”

In the clip, Maggie talks worthwhile and wicked during the entire scene. Being a cam glamour model these days has brought that skill out, a talent that always makes a solo episode hotter and hornier. Being a smutty vixen appeals to her now. When this babe coupled off with Angela White in St. Maarten (Angela White Finally Fucks), that babe helped sink the strapon in Miss White’s pink. “It felt bawdy,” Maggie said. “Putting somebody’s rod in another chick’s wet crack.”

Maggie keeps in shape for sex and for health with regular exercise. “I do plenty of cardio. I am a larger than standard fan of Zumba. I’m a bigger than average fan of spinning and I do Body Pump. Body Pump is an hour-long class. It is all weights, and it’s high-repetition, low-weights, so you do squats for like five-to-seven minutes without a break. It’s a really worthy workout. I relish it.”

Maggie will be pumping some other time in a recent SCORE body pump scene coming at ya pretty soon.

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Alaura Grey – Sweater Stretcher

Sweater Stretcher

Sweater Stretcher

What a way to kick off a week and a month! Whilst each single day here is thrilling, and each hotty we feature is particular, our latest newbie is a real treat for us boob-hounds at XL Beauties. Gentlemen, say howdy to the pleasing, big boobed and bubbly Alaura Grey. This dark-haired goddess hails from San Jose, California and personifies the term “full-figured dish.” Alaura boasts plush 34JJ naturals and a smile so vibrant it can brighten up a cloudy day. And standing at just 4’11”, that babe is the type of fun-sized treat we’d like to take a bite with out. A sentiment we’re sure was also shared by the crew and patrons at Melons, where Alaura worked previous to we detected her.

“I’ve always been the bustiest hotty in my town and in school,” she told us. “I get attention ‘cuz of my milk sacks all the time. Even when I am wearing sweaters.”

We know a thing or 2 about sweater stretchers, and Alaura certainly qualifies. And ‘coz it has been far too lengthy since our final taut tops display, we figured this was the perfect time and the consummate goddess to bring this XL classic back.

In her first appearance photo discharge, Alaura puts on the constricted tops expose for the long-time previous to lastly stripping down to play with nips, bumpers and clitoris. Interestingly, baring her childbearing haunches and monumental mams probably isn’t the kinkiest thing Alaura has ever done.

“I one time had sex in the back of a police cruiser,” that babe said. “My ex-partner was a cop and that smooth operator still had his uniform on. It was beautiful hot!”

Oh, we’re intend to savour getting to know this chick. She’ll be back pretty soon, but for now, be sure to identify out the episode version of the year’s unsurpassable constricted tops show.

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Red Vixen – Beach Bouncy bosoms

Beach Pantoons

Beach Boobs

Red Enjoyable heart is a new member of the Big busted Wives of SCORE. This babe is also a big-boobed Mamma. Red’s hubby of almost 20 years encouraged her to pose for SCORE. It took him a year, proving that persistence pays off.

There’re more stories like Red’s but the majority don’t take that next step like Red, Barbie Kelley and Shelby Gibson did. But there is always hope.

“My husband is the one who athletic my confidence more and more,” Red explained. “He brought out that hot side. This chab made me see that I was hawt, that I wasn’t just an 18-year-old with boobs. I suppose it was then that I really blossomed the almost any, then one day that ladies man just started taking photos of me, just hot stuff.”

In these Bonus pics, Red is in Key Biscayne. She is brought along a tight, low-cut top and a swim dress. The beach was deserted except for some birds who adore chesty ladies so Red was competent to take some fotos by the empty lifeguard station. Inspect the video.

The next day, a full photo discharge and movie.

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CJ Woods – Meet CJ

Meet CJ

Meet CJ

One of TSG’s editors intercepts recent discovery CJ Woods in the lobby and sits down with her for a get-to-know-you chat before CJ enters the hallowed hall of milk sacks aka The SCORE Group studio.

Sexy modeling had crossed CJ’s mind more than a tiny in number times but she says the opportunity wasn’t there. When this busty Mama saw, this babe read the Model Pursue page and sent in some at-home snaps the studio and the editors must see. CJ didn’t await such a fast response but before she knew it, that babe was flying to the Sunshine State for the first time.

CJ did not wear the low-cut pink top this babe sports in this chat. The male passengers would have gone insane. But that babe does like to wear titty tops.

“This is probably the most gripping thing I have ever done,” says CJ.

Take it away, CJ and welcome to

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