Tit Chat With Amaya May

Tit Chat With Amaya May

Tit Chat With Amaya May

On the daybed where this babe will spread her legs and bounce her bongos in her bigger in size than typical fullsome funbags and toy scene, Amaya May talks to SCORE and Vmag editor Dave. He wastes no time asking Amaya to acquire out her garments. This is how all interviews should be conducted. Amaya talks scoops, her tattoos, web-cams, how this babe made her way to SCORE and more.

SCORELAND: So u get on the cam and then what happens?

Amaya: I just do all kinds of things. I cam from my dance studio, so there’re all kinds of pleasure rooms. I’ll go into the gymnastics room and hang out in there. I can do undressed tumbling, cartwheels and splits, or I can go into my dance room and tap dance. Lads adore to watch naked or topless tap exotic dancing. And I have a tanning room, so sometimes I do a brandish where I’ll greasy oil up. I do all kinds of different stuff.

SCORELAND: And u were truly found on your cam, weren’t u?

Amaya: Yep. It was just an archetypical day in my room and anybody named Elliot from The SCORE Group told, “You should get inside touch with us. You might be great to come in and film and do some modeling. Maybe some clips.” So at 1st I did not acquire a hold of him. I had him email me through my cam site. Kind of blew it off. I thought he was someone trying to act love this chab was important. But then this gent emailed me back and I indeed sent in images and the whole nine yards, and it kinda went from there….

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Breast Stroking

Breast Stroking

Breast Stroking

When Mianna Thomas walks into a undergarment shop, the manager have to gleefully rub her hands together in anticipation of a fine sale.

Mianna is a strutting pool side swim dress baby who doesn’t have to persuade Sergio to give her inflexible rod. She’s the biggest-chested angel this smooth operator has ever encountered, let alone had the congratulate of pounding. How that bathing dress top can support these 34JJ bazooms without ripping apart is beyond comprehension. We don’t know the brand but the manufacturer should get an engineering design reward.

Mianna’s a true girl-next-door. This babe likes intend to the clips. That babe is a Los Angeles Lakers basketball fan. This babe likes to play episode games. She can’t live out of watching porn and mixed martial arts. Take her to McDonalds or Red Robin for a burger, fries and a Dr. Pepper and that babe is cheerful. Maybe so happy that she’ll cover your head with her large mellons in advance of she moves on to other body parts.

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Total Sex With Lana Ivans

Total Sex With Lana Ivans

Total Sex With Lana Ivans

Lana is one enchanting and hot dish. She says eating corn gave her larger than typical breasts. This babe may be putting us on but we’ll accept everything Lana says ’cause gals who look adore her just got it adore that.

“I adore teasing fellows and seeing how they view me,” Lana said. “I like to relish with fellows. But I like sex most of all. Making this movie was fun for me cuz I got to do anything I like to do the most with a lad. I like to flirt, I like to dance, I adore to have enjoyment.

“My hooters are all-natural. They look much, much greater cuz I am skinny. I go to the gym to stay in shape and I eat a healthy diet. I eat tons of corn.”

Lana teased her copulate buddy with her hot little body until that chap was close to insanity, then that babe let him have it. Klein sucked and licked her pleasing boobies, ate her bawdy cleft, got a succulent suck job and buried his cock betwixt her widen legs.

SCORELAND needs more girls just like Lana Ivans.

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Artfully Naked

Artfully Undressed

Artfully Naked

“It is like I’m undressed but clothed at the same time!” Hitomi giggled after seeing the outstanding work of our artist. Hitomi provided her gorgeous body to use as his canvas.

Mr. John Neyrot of Neyrot.com has been painting girls for 20 years but this chab by no means in advance of had a human canvas adore this outstanding goddess from Japan. It was an congratulate for him to paint the skin of the superstar in a rare American appearance for Hitomi.

This may have been the majority difficult discharge of all for Hitomi (as it would be for any able model) since she had to hold still for John’s brush for close to four hours. After posing for those pix and savoring her painted dress for a time, Hitomi took a lengthy shower. But this work didn’t completely go down the drain in vain. These images and the unique time lapse clip prove that.

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Gee, You Have Great Boobs

Gee, U Have Great Mammaries

Gee, U Have Great Boobs

Meet Georgina Gee. She’s British. U can call her Gina. Her allies do. Georgina’s sex appeal is colossal and so are her titties. That babe has the magic. For her 1st time at XL Girls, discharge some pool with Georgina. We’re lewd to welcome her. She’ll unveil you a not many of her moves on the table. Gee, she has great love muffins, a nice-looking face and a handsome, thick body with more curves than a mountain road. Georgina’s from Hull, a historic town in Yorkshire. She calls it a “place you wouldn’t wish to go to.” We receive to disagree. With Georgina there, we wanna go right now.

XL Girls: What is your costume size?

Georgina: 14 to 16.

XL Girls: And your underneath garment size?

Georgina: I’m a 36L.

XL Girls: Do u workout?

Georgina: Now and again, but I love to be greater than standard and I know how much lads like my squashy curves.

XL Girls: Did you play sports?

Georgina: No, I don’t do sports at all. These bad cuties leaking? No way. But I adore rugby.

XL Girls: When u go out, do you costume to emphasize your bra buddies?

Georgina: I do not even acquire to try to reveal them off. They’re just there. They’re impossible to hide. Sometimes I wear taut tops, constricted tees. I receive a lot of whistles from fellows in cars. Sometimes gals, likewise. I love the attention I receive.

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Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Sirale contacted our photographer who’s filmed all of her previous scenes and said him she’s pregnant. Four months preggy. Were we interested?

Gestation was, and still is, controversial at SCORELAND. Some lads adore it. Some males do not wanna watch a glamour model in a knocked-up condition. The reasons are diverse. Gestation is embraced more by the Voluptuous side of SCORELAND. Melissa Mandilova, Micky Bells, Kali West, Casey Deluxe, Katarina Dubrova, Nathaly Cherie and others all rated high in their preggo scenes.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do to a ladies man before sex?

Sirale: I like to do massages with baby oil and get some likewise for myself.

SCORELAND: How would u describe yourself in a hardly any words?

Sirale: I am a beefy lady.

SCORELAND: What are your beloved sex memories?

Sirale: Sex on a train and in a nature setting. I likewise enjoy remembering sex in public places.

SCORELAND: How would u spend a lottery win?

Sirale: I’d spend it on my family.

SCORELAND: Congratulations, Mother.

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Hitomi wheels her suitcase down a back street looking for the house she’s supposed to be staying in. It’s quiet and empty. The consummate place for Hitomi to jack off her tight sexy clothes. Luckily, no people in the neighborhood saw her. Or maybe they did and enjoyed the flaunt also.

SCORELAND: Hitomi, are u coy or outgoing in person? Or are u a party cutie?

Hitomi: When I was a teenager, I was nasty and more outgoing compared to right now. I have become more introverted the more I became celebrated. Lately, I indeed relish being by myself in my apartment. But I’m always looking for smth thrilling. So send me a party invitation!

SCORELAND: Are you different now sexually since you became a model?

Hitomi: I had an inferiority complex ‘coz of my greater than run of the mill knockers but after I became a adult model, I became more self-confident of my body. I’m pleasured of my career as a model. I realize that my scoops make me specific.

SCORELAND: Your slender body and alluring face make u specific too. How do you like a guy to touch your titties?

Hitomi: My secret part is my teat. I crave it were touched daily. I love a Lothario to touch my melons rock hard.

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Georgina Gee Chats With Jem Stone

Georgina Gee Chats With Jem Stone

Georgina Gee Chats With Jem Stone

In this unequalled bonus movie scene, Georgina Gee is interviewed by some other goddess, a peculiar guest herself. Jem Stone is a big boobed British SCORE Cutie who modeled and did hardcore (Big boobed Jock Rock) in 2007. A hotty herself, Jem sports a very mind boggling couple too and a shapely couple of legs. After their chat, Georgina tries on different bras and Jem has pleasure helping out. That babe can not resist feeling Georgina’s love melons and bum. When the brassiere unveil ends, Jem takes her large mambos out and gives Georgina a boobie hug. Thank u, Georgina and Jem for this peculiar interview.

XL Girls: Do u masturbate?

Georgina: I masturbate all the time, even when I was youthful. Maybe 3 times a day. And now I’ve my own banging machine, so I can have sex whenever I desire, even if there’s no buck around. I love it!

XL Girls: Do you have any fetishes?

Georgina: The solely fetish I’ve is cum denial where you make a lad await and expect previous to he cums. I adore that, and when the lad does cum, it is always a humongous load.

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Tons of SCORELAND lads wanted to see Milly Marks and Codi Vore receive it on together. Making the introduction was a given.

SCORELAND: U both are genuinely into girls. Not much direction was needed?

Codi: Actually, the shoot required a few different angles and positions, so we had to plan ahead.

Milly: I definitely did not need direction. I knew exactly what I wanted with her and I got my way. It was fantastic.

SCORELAND: Photographically, yeah, there is some planning. The scene itself looks very spontaneous and natural which is great. Had either of u been with a very big-breasted cutie before?

Codi: I’ve at not time done a scene with anybody that busty!

Milly: By far the astronomical couple of breasts I’ve ever been with. Now I know what other people feel love when they need to shag me.

SCORELAND: Did u shower together after the discharges?

Codi: Why would we shower off after all that joy?

SCORELAND: After the day was over, did u hang out together?

Codi: We had a chance to eat some Mediterranean food after the shoot.

Milly: After our discharge, we were just talking every other’s ears off and getting to know each other indeed well!

SCORELAND: Do you keep in touch? Would u wish to get it on again, camera or no digital camera?

Codi: Definitely! It’s always admirable to know a alluring, hard-working adult model adore Milly, especially when we got along so well together!

Milly: Yes, Codi and I’ve kept in touch since and have even discussed possibly getting on-cam together someday.

SCORELAND: Who sucks knockers better, lads or girls?

Codi: Hotty’s, because they have nipples and understand how they adore to be touched.

Milly: Girls do!

SCORELAND: What makes u cum the loudest with one more beauty? Getting head, toy, fingers?

Codi: Toys, of course!

Milly: Fingers! I adore having my adore button touched and played with.

SCORELAND: Are there any other gals on SCORELAND that kindle you?

Codi: Samantha Lily has always struck me as the epitome of hot. She is indeed worthwhile at making extraordinary sultry looks!

Milly: Lily Madison. I’m infatuated with her!

SCORELAND: MIlly, what was your much loved move that u did to Codi?

Milly: I loved screwing the shit out of her as unyielding as I could. Making her cum felt so worthwhile!

SCORELAND: Milly, you live in a house full of cuties. Do u use toys with your girlfriends, love you 2 did in the strap-on swap?

Milly: Yeah, my friends and I adore sharing toys and getting off next to every other.

SCORELAND: If you were going to give this scene a title, what would it be?

Milly: Hawt Sleepover.

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Driving Miss Sanders

Driving Miss Sanders

Driving Miss Sanders

British greater than run of the mill tit star Samantha Sanders calls her driver Max over. That fellow is also a part-time porn chap. Those days, X-Men need to juggle more than big jugs so they moonlight. He will not be driving Sam on this night.

Samantha doesn’t wish to go anywhere but over the moon, and this babe wants Max to take her there. Samantha has no plans to remove her lingerie, acquire clothed and go out for a pub crawl in Prague. She has no plans to leave the bedroom. That’s where Max comes in. This chab won’t really be “coming in.” He’ll be cumming all over Samantha’s thick and heavy juggs after they shag their brains out. No one can say XL Cuties doesn’t satisfy a model’s every need.

“I adore a woman chaser who loves pointer sisters,” Sam told. “I love him even better when this chab likes to lick my fur pie. If that smooth operator tells me I have the huge, almost all outstanding tits he’s ever observed, I indeed like him a lot.”

Max, being a Czech woman chaser, can’t live out of to eat pussy. After sucking Max and getting her large milk cans squeezed and caressed, Sam is potty for Max to go down on her. This babe grasps the headboard and stretches out as his tongue explores her furry munch-box.

Samantha’s all moist and willing for rogering so Max drives his sexy knob into Sam’s tunnel of love and takes her where she wants to go. She did ask for a unyielding ride.

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