Mischel Lee – Miss Lee’s Bush Garden

Miss Lee’s Bush Garden

Miss Lee's Bush Garden

Welcome back, Mischel Lee. SCORE boys who support bush will especially remember Mischel. That babe sported a very wooly patch between her legs. The Czech brunette hair first took a bow in 2014 after one of our photographers in Europe spotted her.

There are two changes that Mischel made since we last photographed her. The 1st is that Mischel’s twins are bigger in size. The second is she’s added 2 rings to her labia, one on every side. There are some unbelievable close-ups in the photo set of Mischel pulling her pink flaps apart by the rings. Michel still maintains her hair pie, something rock hard to find in these days of the baldies.

Mischel does her thing quietly in her comeback clip because this babe doesn’t speak much English. That babe is still as hot as final time. 2 years ago, SCORE interviewed Mischel on-camera with the assistance of a translator. Verbal or not, Mischel is a sexy thang and she’ll be back next time in a XXX scene.

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Denise Derringer – Tits-A-Poppin’



The plot of the SCORE feature movie Tits-A-Poppin’ is a little complicated and not unlike a Twilight Zone clip. With tons of banging.

The owner of a recording company gives his male executives a vial of liquid that gives ’em the telekinetic force to open a woman’s top so that their mambos fall out. And when a girl’s juggs fall without their top, this babe naturally wishes to screw. Now the recording industry is packed with sexy hopefuls. Always has been, always will be. It’s a never-ending parade, making it a fertile ground for bagging sexy honey bunnys.

Denise Derringer from Texas and her Texas-sized mambos are here to try-out for a contract. Denise is really a adorable country-western honey bunny and dresses the part for this encounter. Different from the upstanding adult industry, the recording industry is rife with sleaze who make it a priority to try to screw the woman talent.

When Denise arrives, sleazy Tony’s top-poppin’ force guarantees that he’ll be banging Denise’s face hole, wet crack and anus in record time.

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Brianna Falcone – Falcone Town

Falcone City

Falcone Town

In a change from the usual pop shot over the breasts, always traditional in big-bust act, 44DDD Brianna Falcone’s sex partner Mr. Largo drops his load directly into her open mouth and onto her outstretched tongue. That babe swallows every drop. Brianna’s a cum paramour. This babe says that that babe acquires off majority by “fucking after I have swallowed a mouthful of cum.”

Brianna told that babe likes “cocky, arrogant” dudes who are gentlemen when they’re with her. “I like beefy, assertive bucks with bigger in size than standard dicks and balls.”

Any kinks?

“I have kinky fantasies of being bound to a chair, blindfolded and dressed in a hot uniform and come-fuck-me heels with a wang contemplating for me to engulf on…or maybe 2 ramrods. I did this once. I like it when I am taken.”

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Hitomi – School Of Rack

School Of Rack

School Of Rack

SCORELAND‘s after school peculiar proceeds with a enchanting heart who just had to put on the schoolgirl outfit, Hitomi. The hawt coed look is beautiful much what every single glamour model in Japan tries at least once in her career and Hitomi does it to perfection. Holding fast at number five in the Top Twenty Rated Adult models and voted number eleven in the Twenty For 20 contest in June 2012, Hitomi is for many the consummate SCORE Girl-friend. Hitomi’s English is minimal (that babe picked up some basics from other adult models during a Mexican location shoot; words such as zeppelins and boobs) but Hitomi doesn’t must know much English. Her body speaks much louder than words.

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Dylan Ryder – Sex In The Office

Sex In The Office

Sex In The Office

By our calculations, using the almost any advanced computers our IT office can detect, corporate office sex is happening in every country hundreds of thousands of times a day. Not just in offices but in rest rooms, utility closets, conference rooms and stairwells. No area of a corporation’s work space is off-limits to canoodling except for IT offices. The office sex angels here are Dylan Ryder and Jolie Rain. In this SCORELAND clip double-feature, they can’t await for 5 o’clock. They wish to get boned and they want it now.

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Scarlett Rouge – Breast Experiment

Breast Experiment

Breast Experiment

Scarlett needs a check-up and that babe receives the very foremost at our fully-equipped medical clinic. Huge-titted and ravishing, Scarlett needs no health insurance with this doctor. He’ll take trading stamps for a crack at this moist hottie. He’ll do it on credit.

In advance of the action began, Scarlett told an editor: “Actually, I do not think that I have ever had a true boob fellow,” Scarlett confessed. “Most boys I am with are not that into titties so they do not truly cum on ’em. Most studs are about asses where I am from. They are just into asses and marvelous faces. But I try and convert ’em with my boobs. Most chaps wish to cum on me. I like it, really. But I like to eat cum. I swallow. I like to drink cum. I think it tastes precious.

Cosplay is her thing too.

“Sometimes I like to dress up as a schoolgirl or soever for the fellow I’m rogering. I like it when they spank me and all that. I’ve a thing for a skirt chaser in uniform so sometimes I’ve a sailor costume that I’ve dudes put on for me when we are going to have sex. I adore that.”

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Barbie Kelley – A SCORE WILF Is Hot



The Barbie Kelley story is a story that the workers at SCORE appreciates and enjoys. Barbie is married to a longtime SCORE mag reader. This chab has every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous. That’s over Twenty years of SCORE and over Eighteen years of V-mag and this lady-killer saves them. It was cuz of his encouragement that this woman chaser and his wife Barbie decided to contact us about Barbie becoming a glamour model. They’re a sexually liberated couple.

“I have always been attracted to the hotty of the female-dominant body and The SCORE Group glamour models reveal the stunner of real honeys,” said Mrs. Kelley. “I acquire lots of attention because of my chest but I’m rather fond of the sensuous smiles and licentious craves my milk sacks elicit.”

Mrs. Kelley is not solely hot and big-boobed, this babe could be an erotica writer. “I adore to keep things in the bedroom recent and exciting. I like to receive clothed up real lascivious and role play.”

Mr. Kelley traveled with Barbie to visit us, and love other visitors to SCORE, they were intrigued by each day activities here. “I am a very carnal being and relish sex seven to eight times a week,” Barbie told the employees. “All cuties have special talents. It is just a matter of knowing how and when to use ’em. Out side of the bedroom, I would say that my talents are singing and cooking. I would love to adult model one more time for SCORE.”

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Angela White – Angela & Maggie’s stacked summer

Angela & Maggie’s stacked summer

Angela & Maggie's stacked summer

This scene was discharged for the Leanne Crow DVD Leanne’s Stacked Summer. After settling into her villa in St. Maarten, Leanne changes into a sexy green swim dress and explores this tropical heaven. She sees mate British bra-buster Michelle Bond lying on a mammoth trampoline.

“Come down and join me,” Michelle says. Leanne needs no urging.

Michelle and Leanne go bouncy-bouncy in unison, their king-size naturals flying and falling out of their bathing costume tops, some of it in slow motion. The girls are exhausted after all of this boobalicious jumping and flying throughout the air with the high-reaching of tease. Leanne heads back inside to her smartphone and laptop to work on her clip blog.

On the way, she sees hot hotties Angela and Maggie Green, also decked out in their bikinis, heading to the pool area. The charming couple desires some angel time. Maggie pours greasy oil over her stacked body, and that acquires Angela slutty for Maggie’s nipples, lips and slit. Maggie feels the same, and the 2 buxom kittens cant keep their fingers and tongues off every other. Their tongues explore pink love tunnels and erect nips. It is majority admirable that Angela and Maggie keep without the pool ‘coz their heated bodies would turn the water into steam.

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Melonie Maxxx – Melonie To The Max

Melonie To The Max

Melonie To The Max

This was Melonie’s first boy-girl scene. She’d not ever been an gogo dancer, not at any time gone to topless beaches or nudist resorts and had not at all been in a men’s magazine or web resource previous to.

Melonie decided to play it to the max right away and she played it to the bone. This babe is very pretty and her 34G boobs are traffic stoppers. That babe calls over the stunt schlong to play with them.

As this chab touches ’em, Melonie gives him instructions and this adds a lot to the act. Her voice is hot. “I love plenty of boob play and titty act,” Melonie said a TSG editor. “My love bubbles are highly sensitive. I guess it is truly the nipp area that’s the majority sensitive.”

What were her thoughts about BJ’s? “When I give a oral, there has to be plenty of rigid sucking. It has to be tight and very hard sucking. It is gotta be stiff engulfing to make the oral job actually good. I drink. Admirable angels always drink. I love to spit on the jock during the oral job, certainly, but when it comes to the cum, I gulp. I have solely done the complete cum on the face thing once and that was ‘coz the smooth operator was not comfortable cumming on my face more than once.”

What about fucking her billibongs? “All the time. They all do. I mean, it’s just something for ’em to do, you know what I mean? When u have large fun bags, all chaps are intend to wanna do it.”

We re-connected with Melonie but getting her back to XL Cuties has been delayed until the timing is right. Hopefully that will be in a short time.

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Lila Payne – Babewatch



“Wunda From Down-unda” Lila Payne does justice to her one-piece swimsuit. This spa has anything including a pool and it is the consummate place for Lila to expose off her immense, natural hooters and jaw-dropping body and acquire running moist. “Skinny dipping is indeed hot to me,” says Lila. Absolutely.

Lila is already being called a big boobed legend by some bloggers with an eye for talent. That babe reminds us of some of the popular super-naturals of the late ’80s and early ’90s, and now big breasted legends, who dominated the bust magazines of yesteryear. This babe has that kind of enchantment and spectacular body. When Lila walks into a room, she owns it and all heads turn. This would happen in Prague when she’d go off for dinner after discharges or when that babe was sightseeing. It happens every place that babe goes to. Has this babe ever watched a woman smack her husband for staring at her?

Seeing Lila in a bikini reminds us how rarely we watch a true fantasy playgirl in public rocking a costume, either at the beach or at a hotel pool. Lila has that want to please and that’s why she’s showing each succulent inch and playing with her mammoth fullsome funbags and wet cum-hole. She combines doll-like innocence with a raunchy sophistication and a strong sexuality.

Lila’s 1st magazine spread appears in July 2016 Voluptuous.

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