Sadie Spencer – Top Heavy Teacher

Top Heavy Teacher

Top Enormous Teacher

School’s out for the summer, but Sadie Spencer still has a tiny in number lessons for us. And we’re her eager-to-learn pupils. Sadie’s lesson plans include anatomy, sexuality and boob-ology. So get your notebooks out, gentlemen, this is a lecture you don’t wanna miss.

“I’m gorgeous much infatuated with sex and sexuality,” Sadie told. “Everyone has different buttons, u know? Things that receive ’em hawt and things that turn ’em on. I like exploring these things and learning what makes somebody tick.”

What turns us on and makes us tick here at XL Gals is sexy beauties with biggest mellons. And Sadie is well-acquainted with boob-obsessed chaps.

“You mean just about every dude?” Sadie responded when asked how often boyz watch her rack. “It’s basically all day. Of course, I do wear outfits that accentuate my scones. If a hotty has it, why shouldn’t she flaunt it?”

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Melissa Mandlikova – Hooter Hotel

Hooter Hotel

Hooter Hotel

Melissa Mandlikova is the hot bell hop at Hooter Hotel. Miss Mandlikova has brought the bags up but when her guest goes to tip her, she refuses his American dollars.

Instead, Melissa wants to tip him by giving him a intimate unveil. She acquires on the bed and gets undressed but leaves on her cute little bell hop cap. Melissa also concealed a bigger than standard Doc Johnson fake penis on her person. She screws her fascinating pink and runs her hands all over her body until she cums.

U watch, at Hooter Hotel, it’s the custom of the staff to greet new guests by masturbating in front of them. The room service waitress did the same thing. Each culture has its quaint traditions and this is how it’s done at this vintage resort.

This information will must be relayed to the journey agent so that babe can add it to the brochure! It might acquire more tourists to visit.

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Ivy Dreams – Graduation



Ten humongous zeppelins, five succulent pussies and five cock-hungry mouths, Bigger than typical Angel Sex School is a plumper lover’s dream come true. The closing graduation is more an fuckfest than a ceremony as the students get rogered every which way.

What did young Miss Ivy Fantasies remember superlatively worthwhile about making Larger than typical Angel Sex School? “Getting to be around all of those hot gals and lads,” told this bulky morsel.

“Ivy’s actually a delightsome gal,” said Miss Shugar, who played the mastix and we do mean head. “As the filming progressed I observed her acquire more comfortable and confident with each scene she did, so it was indeed adore that babe was a student, not just acting as one. What u watch is real.”

Miss Shugar’s impressions of the other BGSS chicks.

“Peaches LaRue is the kind of hotty your men go batty for. She is a bigger than average, sassy redhead and I guess she may be almost as lascivious as me, if that is possible. When the cameraman stopped filming, that babe didn’t even prevent engulfing this guy’s penis.

“Madi Jane’s one of the angels I kind of knew from before, and she’s also just a hawt baby doll. She’s a swinger and from anything that I have observed and heard she’ll screw all day and night and still desire more.”

“Lovely Libra has got the humongous, brown areolae and teats I’ve ever observed. Of course, she too has a marvelous face and doing scenes with her was truly peculiar!”

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Sofie Style – Meatballs With A Smile

Bra-busters With A Smile

Boobs With A Smile

Wanna take a shower with Sofie Style? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive wet with this enjoyable sweater-stretcher. After this shoot, Sofie said us more about herself.

SCORELAND: What kind of things have males done to try to impress u?
Sofie: They’ve offered me all kinds of gifts to impress me.

SCORELAND: What kind of raiment do you wear at work?
Sofie: I wear a nurse’s outfit…because I am a nurse!

SCORELAND: Do jealous sweethearts ever say everything about your funbags?
Sofie: No, not that I’ve heard or that any friends have told me they heard anybody say.

SCORELAND: Do you adore to use toys at home? If yes, what kind do u own?
Sofie: I am a sextoy fan. I’ve all sort of toys. Dildos, marital-aids, beads, adore balls. U name it.

SCORELAND: Do u view adult episodes at home?
Sofie: Yeah, I observe some from time to time.

SCORELAND: What makes your nipps rigid?
Sofie: Good touching and mouthing and, of course, cold weather.

SCORELAND: Do u love to have your teats pinched or pulled?
Sofie: No, not actually. My nipples are likewise sensitive. So I do not relish that.

Sofie facts:
Beloved clubs: Local music pubs in my hometown.
Much loved television shows: CSI, Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist and Castle. I’m a serial addict.
Much loved movies: SAW and horror vids, in general.
Favorite books: Biographies and true stories.
Favourite music: From Eighty’s to Hip Hop.
Favorite drinks: All kinds of cocktails.
Beloved foods: Pasta and I actually like mashed potatoes.
Favourite actors: Ian Somerhalder and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Beloved singers: Unheilig and Rammstein.

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Renee Ross – BONUS Interview

BONUS Interview

BONUS Interview

Renee Ross is back at XL Girls. It was unexpected and spontaneous. We’d been in touch since her final visit and often invited her back but Renee is a busy female and has a hectic job as a cardiac nurse. However, our doors were always open to her. Welcome back, Renee Ross, in this neverseen interview conducted by editor Dave, writer of the DVD Sex In The Boobs and her worthwhile buddy from Renee’s SCORELAND and XL Beauties Specific, “Renee Ross: Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am!”

Dave: It is the great Renee Ross. When you hear yourself described as, “The Great Renee Ross,” what do you think?
Renee: I laugh. And I feel bashful and flattered. I’m not sure if almost all people ever think of themselves as great. But maybe I am and I don’t know it.

Dave: Did u ever think you would be back?
Renee: I’ve definitely thought about it over the years, I think I not at all had time. Life receives in the way.

Dave: So u thought about it.
Renee: Yeah, I thought about it daily. I show people my pictures all the time. It is always a topic of conversation. Each time I watch a big-boobed goddess, I tell them they need to go discharge.

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Larissa Linn – Kitchen Luscious Fantasies

Kitchen Damp Dreams

Kitchen Moist Dreams

As Larissa Linn says in this scene, “Sexy! Hawt!”

Larissa has anything a buck could possibly desire in a goddess. The face, the body, the bigger in size than typical billibongs. Everything that brings tears to your eyes. Today, Miss Linn is playing in the kitchen. She’s our “Kitchen Damp Fantasy.” Larissa has a glamourous voice too. We bet that babe sings in the shower.

Adore Juliana Simms, Larissa can’t live without to go out dancing. “I love all kinds of music and I adore going out to a exotic dancing club for a night of lap dancing,” says Larissa. Larissa doesn’t dance in this video but she’s still poetry in motion. That babe is taken to hawt adult modeling and she has all the right moves. In other words, Larissa’s a natural!

“I’ve seen the episodes I’ve made. I observed them alone. I actually like ’em a lot! Impressive, the make-up, the hawt clothes. I was very glad. I guess I am now a more sensual angel after these 1st episodes.”

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Kendra Lee Ryan – She’s Cute, She’s Freaky, She’s Kendra

She is Cute, She’s Freaky, That babe is Kendra

She's Cute, She's Freaky, She is Kendra

We savour life’s facile pleasures. Marvelous faces, buxom bodies and greater than standard fun bags stuffed into the smallest bras and tops possible. Kendra Lee Ryan has all of that going on right now. This curvy little redhead is everything we love about honey bunnys.

“I usually acquire all of my bras at least one size likewise tiny,” Kendra Lee said us. “I like everything that unveils how large my zeppelins are and shows off a lot of cleavage.”

Our ally Tony Rubino is an experienced when it comes to helping busty cuties stuff their gargantuan blessings into tight tops. And he’s Kendra’s helpful assistant this day. This stud presents a handful of hawt options to Kendra and she looks handsome in every. So awesome, that this charmer can not aid but get a little bit concupiscent. Kendra is getting horny, also, though. So concupiscent that this taut tops reveal becomes a screw brandish. And we’re gleefully tuning in.

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Amy Anderssen – Bathing costume Sex

Swimsuit Sex

Bikini Sex

We need to issue a warning about Amy Anderssen’s scene in “Bikini Sex.” There’s the danger of having a meltdown during the opener when Amy stretches out her SCORELAND reservoir top and gyrates. The digi camera shifts betwixt Miss Anderssen’s titanic milk sacks and her avid bubble-butt.
Amy talks about the reactions that babe gets when that babe goes to the beach, what kind of bikinis that babe wears, sex outdoors, the time this babe sauntered past a table of boys who all stood up and applauded her and much more.

Amy tries on a bathing dress that has less material than a handkerchief and goes out side to the garden and pool area. 5’6″ in bare feet, Amy’s a towering sight of topheavy titillation in her high heels. She swaps her bathing dress out for a blue monokini and then models the ultimate in string bikinis. The web acronym OMG was invented for Amy. This is why those studs applauded her just for walking near their table. This babe touches the wind chimes overhead and their sounds are love a signal for Amy’s X-Man to come over and receive her.

Rocky is barmy to roam Amy’s unbelievably tiny and stacked body, feeling up her titties and wazoo, her dunky waist and smooth legs. Who wouldn’t? This chab is almost foaming at the mouth sucking on Amy’s bigger than run of the mill mambos. It’s sex in the sun time with this super-busty brunette gal.

Amy wishes to try on some other bikini. Rocky moves adore The Flash, taking off one suit and quickly putting one more bizarre costume on her. Previous to that smooth operator totally loses his shit, that gent lowers Amy to her knees and sticks his ramrod in her face. She spreads her face hole wide for the skinflute and plays it eagerly with slurping, gurgling sounds in advance of they start their poolside pounding. Treating men to wet and impure blow jobs is solely one reason for her greatness. Screwing studs the Amy Anderssen way until they explode in her face is some other reason.

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Farrah – Maid To Clean Cocks

Maid To Clean Rods

Maid To Clean Cocks

How did someone athletic love Farrah “36HH” Vancock escape detection for so lengthy by the boob radar system installed at SCORE? Farrah has mind blowing, humongous jugs made for sucking. Farrah can’t live out of her dudes to be foot fetishists and breast worshippers. She says this babe has a tit fetish and expects any lad who’s interested in her to be kooky over billibongs too. This babe thought it would be hot to role-play as the hot maid that brandishes up at a house with her milk shakes spilling with out her too-tight undergarment.

That babe drives Tony kooky during the time that that babe dusts and towers over him. This chab pitches a tent-pole whilst watching Farrah and soon she’s on her tummy on the sofa, boobs on his thigh, swallowing his beef. This is indeed a terrific maid service Tony has detected.

Tony fucks Farrah’s cum-hole and pounds away. This babe’s a lotto winner as in a lotto billibongs. Sadly enough, that babe only did two fuck scenes. We by no means saw her one time more. But we’ll always have these mementos.

“If a ladies man doesn’t act like the boss, most sweethearts will not respect him,” says Farrah, who is a charming sharp playgirl. “Most angels won’t say this but it’s true. They don’t respect the wimp. Now I do not expect a man to be a beast; I wait him to be an intelligent, strong-willed gentleman and treat me well. But that gent should be the leader in the relationship, even if it’s just a no-strings fun and sex casual relationship.”

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Renee Ross – Back & Better Than Ever

Back & More good Than Ever

Back & More breathtaking Than Ever

It is always larger than average news when a TSG model returns to the fold. Diane Poppos. Valory Irene. Angela White. Natalie Fiore.

And now, one of XL Girls’ and V-mag’s almost any popular dreamgirls and a two-time Sex star of the year winner returns, Renee Ross! It seems love we dreamt the whole thing but it is real. Renee is back. This babe looks stylish.

In this pictorial and matching video, we give Renee the Miami experience: sun, a tropical setting and a swimming pool. And we wanted to see her lush body in a bikini and her stupendous whoppers running with water.

“I’m actually kind of nervous,” Renee said in an neverseen video interview showing at XL Gals along with her swim suit movie scene. “I do not know why. I’m not sure. Maybe coz it is been so long. I am lustful to be back, though. I’ve missed everyone. I especially missed the fans. I always try to read the comments. They’re so sweet and make me feel so good.”

Welcome back the great Renee Ross!

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