Vee VonSweets – Vee For Playgirl

Vee For Chick

Vee For Vixen

Sleek, slim, stacked and slinky, Vee VonSweets (November 2015 SCORE) is a apprentice to SCORELAND. This babe is got the body for getting soaked, as her previous scene washing a car and taking a shower proved. Now Vee gets succulent anew in a florist’s shop when she points a flower sprayer on her bigger in size than standard funbags, soaking her sheer, low-cut dress. The damp suit turns translucent and sticks to her now visible areolas. There’s merely one thing Vee can do. Acquire stripped and cum among the flowers.

Vee’s knockers are a 32G. Does this babe wanna get larger?

“No. I am large sufficient. But people are asking me or suggesting to me that I should go bigger in size. But I’m so dunky, I don’t think I can put bigger on here. I think this is greater than run of the mill sufficient for my frame.”

Has a bra ever popped open on Vee?

“No. Most of the time my bras are wonderful. The ones that hook in the back, sometimes my teat will pop out because the cup doesn’t really cover it. Front-loaders are more secure. It’s actually inflexible for me to detect bras in my size. A lot of times if I go to Victoria’s Secret, I’ll buy something that nearly fits. I’ll squeeze my whoppers in there, but they’re not the right size so that’s probably another reason they pop out.”

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Autumn-Jade – French Maid

French Maid

French Maid

This babe was the original Alabama bra-popper at SCORE, a gold medalist in nipple-tugging and self-sucking.

Autumn-Jade was 21 years aged and a topless dancer at Visions, a undress club in Huntsville, Alabama. Before that, that babe was a swim costume dancer. Before that, this babe worked in a chicken factory, a job unworthy of her looks, 36DDD scones and buxom body.

Autumn-Jade first began modeling for SCORE in 1998. Back then, that babe was known as just “Jade.” When that babe gotta the SCORE studio in London, the studio chief felt that there were also many Jades in circulation and recommended some other name so she added the name Autumn and became Autumn-Jade. Her girl-next-door personality, charismatic southern innocence and fresh-faced looks made her a fan beloved. She actually loved being filmed and at not time called it “work.”

Autumn-Jade dropped out of sight for over a year, then returned to SCORE in 2001, this time at the Miami studio. This babe was now dancing at a lap dancing club called Platinum Insert Memphis, Tennessee. When this babe returned, Autumn-Jade sported 34I-cups and that babe measured 41-28-36. She’d filled out in all the right places.

Autumn-Jade was so popular, her fans asked for a recent DVD. Ultimate Autumn was the 3rd entry in the “Ultimate” series that featured a popular SCORE Beauty in a hawt solo, a girl on girl and a XXX scene. Autumn-Jade liked doing girl-on-girl, and in her first series in London, this babe shared bra buddies and clits with Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Chloe Vevrier and Russian Kathy, always as the virginal ingénue. That babe was too part of a police-style lineup with them and Jessica Turner.

In part one of this now-classic episode, Autumn-Jade is a saucy maid who spends more time playing with her large zeppelins and cooch than cleaning.

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Kitti Campbell – Bikini Busters

Swimsuit Busters

Bikini Busters

Give us string bikinis ready to be ripped to shreds by the sheer force of an XL Girl’s curves. Kitti Campbell is willing to go out in this photo series Swim dress Busters, from the XL clip archive, but that babe won’t acquire far.

Said Kitti, “I like to suit conservatively during the day but reveal enough for boys to wanna watch more of my immense bouncy bosoms. In private, I adore to dress lustful.”

Even though Kitti has changed into a skimpy swimsuit cuz her stud desires to go to the beach with her, she is not at all intend to get within a mile of the ocean. She’s not even intend to make it out the front door. That dude is changing the game plan cuz the sight of Kitti compels him to bonk her as hard as he can as pretty soon as possible.

Kitti is gonna miss a worthwhile hawt sunny day and the people at the beach are plan to miss a spectacular sight. Kitti and her boner-buddy will be busy banging behind closed doors and Kitti will be getting a different brand of white sun-tan lotion all over her massive scoops.

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Katie Thornton – Resistance Is Futile

Resistance Is Futile

Resistance Is Futile

Resistance is not solely futile. It would be bonkers. Who would…who could…want to resist the charms of Katie Thornton. She’s out and out irresistible from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Possibly the high-reaching compliment paid by SCORELAND members comes from Jeffrexx01 who writes “I would definitely cheat on my wife to receive with Katie.”

We’re getting addicted to Katie at SCORELAND. That face, those mellons, that consummate body. This Katie fix should satisfy for the time being but then you are going to crave more. We know that must feed the Katie longing.

Katie says she’s an confident hotty. She loves her sex unbending and fast doggystyle and has fantasies about cuties. Foreplay? Katie’s not large on it. She desires the action. When she’s seeing anybody, she urges sex once a day. If she is single, she’ll spank it several times a day. It’s hot by that fireplace but Katie is even hotter.

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Kountry Gal – Bikini Busters

Bathing costume Busters

Bikini Busters

Kountry Beauty lives up to her name as a Tennessee local. She’s solely 5’1″ but this babe has a weight of 206 pounds, measures 52-42-54 and wears a 44H bra. This babe likes plenty of sex and tries to acquire it “every chance I can.” Her beloved fucking position is being on top. She loves hung fellows with extra-large cocks and black hair who are a matter of joke, assured and who genuinely want big angels.

Kountry Hotty told us she loves, “big-girl sex.”

Said Kountry Girl, “Big-girl sex is when you receive a small Lothario and a large beauty. I seize your booty and hold you inside me. I basically use you love a fuck-doll. I adore a boy who can keep it up for at least 20 or Thirty minutes and bonk me truly subrigid. Don’t worry about breaking me. It is not intend to happen!”

Kountry Goddess doesn’t get a small Lothario in Bathing costume Busters. She gets aggressive and dominating Tony, a meaty skirt chaser who gives her a rock hard banging with his thick meat-thermometer. That is really what she wanted.

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Sandra Star – Goin’ Greek-style

Goin’ Greek-style

Goin' Greek-style

Watching slender and super-busty Sandra Star worship the wood is a great experience. In this scene, Sandra is shown in award-winning, bizarre close-up sucking and touching with tongue Matt’s nuts. Sandra creates a popping sound from her suction and makes groaning fun sounds as this babe orals him into hooter heaven.

Then it’s tit for tat, and Sandra’s turn to acquire head, widening her legs wide and moving her knickers to the side so her slick muff can acquire a tonguing. Her bawdy cleft moist, Sandra is willing for the 1st injection of his hot poker.

Our Miss Hot SCORE winner has a hot rep for lovin’ a large dick in her hot ass. It is always a fun to watch the golden-haired looker going Greek. After they have screwed some more, and Sandra has tit-fucked his cock–a need to with mellons adore Sandra has–Sandra is willing for her anus to be moistened and widen for an butt invasion. A sizzling anal fuck begins, just the way Sandra Star likes it.

It would be impossible for any guy to not lose his cum during the time that spending some quality time with this babelicious enjoyable heart.

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Anna Beck – Oiled Up, Ready To Fuck

Oiled Up, Ready To Copulate

Oiled Up, Ready To Fuck

A massage can be very sexual. Honestly, we do not think we are built for careers in massage therapy ‘coz of how carnal it can be. A parade of captivating hotty’s walking into our spa or studio each day asking us to rub fragrant oils into their skin would lead to some acts that would be deemed unprofessional in almost all rubdown studios. Luckily for our ally Tom Holland, he’s an XL Beauties masseuse and all of these acts are not only permitted but encouraged. Especially if the client you’re working on is Anna Beck. Tom is very handsy with Anna as pretty soon she takes a seat on his rub-down sofa. This chap starts their session by massaging her chest and deep cleavage doggystyle.

Moments later, Anna lies down on the ottoman and the pleasure begins. Tom massages body lotion into Anna’s giant M-cups. Anna’s nipples harden a bit and it is clear that this is intend to be one massage that comes with a happy ending.

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Jolie Rain – “Drop & Give Me Your Cock”

“Drop & Give Me Your Cock”

Buxom drill sergeant Jolie Rain sees a large pecker and she instantly knows that it must drill her. That babe hops right to it and pumps up and down on it adore she’s doing push-ups. What army chick would be proud unless that babe achieved victory? Jolie wins this battle when that babe gets this enlisted man’s honorable discharge out all over her greater than standard natural knockers.

Jolie herself served in the military and spent time in Iraq. This babe likes guns and cars.

“I’ve always had a thing for truly athletic boyz and hairless studs. There is smth actually empowering about having that uniform. I actually love boyz who have authority and bark instructs. I love military bucks. They have to have the type of confidence to accomplish a goal and do things with their lives. They’re not intimidated. There is something about having a beefy, protective male around that does it for me.”

Jolie can be a filthy, wicked gal in daybed, drooling over a guy’s wang and perspiring as that babe copulates rock hard and fast. She has a perverted, pervy side and is into weird bondage and fetish activities. So her all-American look is not all that it appears to be.

“I’m actually bad in the bedroom. I love pulling hair and biting…talking indeed, actually ribald. I’m kind of a uncomplaining. I have done servitude and have done it quite a bit. But I too love precious, subrigid sex. It’s so much joy. I don’t typically do one-night stands, but there have been times where it’s just been, ‘Okay, I can’t pass that up!'”

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Krystal Swift – Return of the Rack

Return of the Rack

Return of the Rack

Krystal Swift entered SCORELAND with the one and the other titties blazing. She has an ever-smiling, busty-girl-next-door appeal, hawt, fresh-faced blonde looks and a naturally lusty nature. If u were to see her, you’d probably not think “porn star.”

Krystal was without sight for a pair of years after shooting a trio called “Two Studs For Miss Swift.” We even speculated that this babe had exited the adult scene.

Then word came in that Krystal was back in the game and looking to resume enjoyment times anew. The ride’s back on and we’re glad Krystal’s a part of the big show afresh.

Krystal’s large wobblers are even larger now. That babe is more voluptuously stacked now. “I wear a 7G under garment now,” Krystal told. “They’re actually greater than average but I like ’em.” A 7G brassiere in the Czech Republic is a 44DDD in the United States and a 44F in the UK. She’s proud of her billibongs and that is a admirable thing in a world of boob prejudice.

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Krystal Swift – Czech Out Those Tits!

Czech Out These Milk shakes!

Czech Out Those Pantoons!

U may know Krystal Swift from SCORELAND. She is a Czech stunner with girl-next-door looks. Krystal moved to Prague from a diminutive town and became a lap dancer. Spotted by a photographer who knows curves when he sees them, Krystal moved into undressed photo shoots and XXX scenes.

“I like to reveal my body and I like sex so this was right for me,” told Krystal, who always has a bigger in size than average smile going. Her English is good. Krystal by no means resembles she’s awaiting to get it over with and go home. That babe was out of sight for about two years after a flurry of shoots.

Now she’s back with bigger melons and gazoo. This is her first time at XL Angels.

Told Krystal when this babe 1st posed for TSG, “I would rather do this than work at a boring job for eight hours. It is joy and I can must express myself, cum many times and have valuable sex.

Krystal plays with a female toy designed for stimulating her teats and for tingling her cunt. “This was worthwhile. I came a tiny in number times. I hope you adore watching me cum.”

We’re glad u came, Krystal.

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