Yoga Naked

Yoga In nature’s garb

Yoga Bare

Rockell‘s workout clip has her getting nekkid and luscious on a workout ball and more. This photo-shoot (September ’16 Voluptuous mag) has Rockell practicing her yoga exposed moves. Yoga is the Alabama beauty’s much loved way to keep that body shapely and hot. There is a style of yoga that is done in a super-heated room. All Rockell has to do is practice her moves and the room heats up!

SCORELAND: Rockell, if you had 3 urges, what would you urge for?

Rockell: That is a loaded question for me since I tend to over-analyze things in general. Honestly, if I could just have one desire, I actually need a fresh car. My car is aged and unreliable!

SCORELAND: Do you do things adore cleaning or watching TV at home topless or in nature’s garb?

Rockell: I’m actually OCD about having my house clean. I can’t stand looking at dirty things sat around for too long. Drives me batty! I always walk around my abode ass naked. That is a benefit of having your own place and being an adult.

SCORELAND: Have your boobs ever fallen out of your top in public?

Rockell: Yeah, they really fell with out my bathing costume at the beach the other weekend. Valuable times!

SCORELAND: 2 words. Topless…selfie.

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A Private Dick For A Busty Mobster’s Moll

A Private Wang For A Big busted Mobster’s Moll

A Intimate Strapon For A Big breasted Mobster's Moll

“My hobby is sex,” novice May West told. “I also have joy writing erotica and going to lots of perverted events. I savour going to and being in theater performances.”

May’s spectacle as a mobster’s moll in this anal boning with private shlong Jimmy Dix raises the roof and brings down the house as well as the pants. May won’t squeal on her gangster partner so tough lad Dix gives her the schlong in every aperture that guy can squeeze into. This chab is not playing her love a violin. That dude is playing her like a drum set. His interrogation ends by treating big-boobed, curvy May to a giant cream rinse facial after his chubster withdraws from her plush a-hole. To her credit, May still won’t squeal, watch? Nyah, she ain’t no snitch, see?

“I enjoy tons of BDSM activities,” May told. “Some of my top favorites are thrashing, domination and role playing. I adore being permeated in one or a few of my holes and stimulating my clitoris. Being roughly handled.” Some adore it coarse and May is one of these angels.

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Captive Audience

Captive Audience

Captive Audience

Tied and gagged, May West squirms and struggles. Lastly that babe escapes her restraints and, aroused from the servitude, May pounds the pink for a climactic finish.

May is one of the tiny in number angels in fresh years with hair in the wet crack zone instead of being completely de-fuzzed like almost all.

“I used to not shave anything,” May told. “I did not love to shave anywhere. I also adore large bushes. I love big bushes on other hotties. I guess it is actually hot, so I
just let mine grow out. I’ve had tons of partners who complimented it. I actually love it. I have almost always had it. Just one time I hairless it off all the way and I regretted it. A spouse of mine asked me to, and I’d at no time attempted it, so I did it and I did not like it.

“My skin is very sensitive, so doing it was a little painful, and too I receive damp during the day. I receive aroused, and when I’d acquire juicy, my thongs would acquire moist vs. having a bush, which catches that wetness. So it was a practical issue.”

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Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

The definition of “busty goddess,” Juliana Simms has the same kind of natural effervescence and bubbly, pleased personality as Joana and Maya Milano. They’re too extremely similar in looks. Juliana’s even told she would adore to meet Maya (and Samantha Lily).

SCORELAND: Juliana, do u have any want to visit the United States?

Juliana: Very much so, yes.

SCORELAND: Where do you adore to voyage?

Juliana: I adore to voyage very much. My dream is to visit the Caribbean islands love Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

SCORELAND: If u had 3 wants, what would u urge for?

Juliana: Health for my family, no war and to have a green card to live in the USA.

Juliana gives herself a rubbing and a creaming in a do-it-yourself spa treatment. By the time she is finished, her bigger than average mammaries and consummate bawdy cleft are well-coated.

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Big Bouncin’ Bonin’

Bigger in size than standard Bouncin’ Bonin’

Big Bouncin' Bonin'

JMac is not looking for Pokemon when this lady-killer knocks on the door of a house where Rachel Raxxx is walking around wearing a hawt pink nightie and heels. Wow! He’s looking for her daddy but dad’s not home. That is precious. Rachel invites him in, takes him by the hand and walks him over to a bed.

Merely Eighteen years aged, gorgeous Rachel is a very well-developed youthful mastix. Stacked to the maxxx is a more worthy description. This babe lets JMac know that this babe urges him to stay and play. Her eye-banging makes that clear.

For the 1st time ever in recorded history, JMac asks a cutie why she’s clothed in skimpy underware. Rachel tells him that that babe is got a crush on him and wore it for him. (She need to have viewed some of his SCORE videos.) This chab reaches out for her bigger than typical whoppers and the bonin’ commences! With his head in her lap, this babe covers his face with her love bubbles. Who needs oxygen?

This is one of Rachel’s much loved things to do and her goal is to…”Probably suffocate ’em. When I put them on their face, they can’t breathe or watch or move. They’re adore weights. I’ve him sit down on my lap and take a unfathomable breath. Then I take my breasts out. Then I lay them on the guy’s face. They can not watch or breathe. Then I move them around their face a little.”

This is called big-bust nirvana.

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Big Boob Oil Spill

Big Boob Oil Spill

Big Boob Greasy oil Spill

The reason that Vanessa Y. is wearing a bikini in a room covered by plastic sheets begins with photo #40 when that babe oils up and drops the swim costume that she wears so well. It’s been some time since Vanessa modeled at SCORE. Since then the requests to watch more, more and more of Vanessa have been coming in so we are cheerful to watch her return. Congratulations to Vanessa for winning Voluptuous Pornstar of the year. There’s a second Bonus episode of Vanessa as she’s given the news of her win.

Voluptuous editor Dave wrote in the July ’16 Awards issue, “Last year, Vanessa finished second in the voting for Apprentice of the Year. This time, the Polish stunner took home Porn star of the year, asserting her voluptuous beauty–meaning her biggest knockers and curvy body–and hairy muff.”

This wasn’t effortless considering the meaty competition Vanessa was up against. Liza Biggs was first runner-up and Hitomi was second runner-up. Liza won Hardcore Performer of the Year, and that was magnificant likewise considering that Maserati was 1st runner-up and Anastasia Lux was second runner-up.

“The voting was the tightest in years,” Dave emphasized. “Readers were split over whether Hitomi, last year’s 1st runner-up, was voluptuous enough to be in V-mag. For a while, it seemed as if Liza Biggs and Vanessa Y. were splitting the purists’ vote, perhaps opening the door for a Hitomi victory.”

Fuzz fans will likewise be pleased to watch that Vanessa has let her hair down again and is one time more in the bush league. This should soothe these who were upset when Vanessa shaven her Polish pie in the Dominican Republic. And the sight of Vanessa getting slick and slippery in stills and on-video is the kind of oil spill that will at not time lead to friction.

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Boobs Over Miami

Breasts Over Miami

Boobs Over Miami

How did London Andrews receive into modeling at the start?

“I was 20 years aged, just turning 21. A friend wanted to discharge me. I let him. As soon as I realized that I could journey, I was hooked. Within a year, I was traveling the U.S. out of my car. In nature’s garb modeling was always about traveling for me. It too felt truly great working with photographers who discovered excitement in shooting. In creating art. Photographers who detected such inspiration in dish. Everything about it made me feel actually good.”

London returned to her glam, art, fetish and alternative adult modeling roots after this XXX scene and some other hardcore video were made at SCORE. (She too did one Funbags & Tugs.) The fact that that babe did not do a hundred episodes all over the place merely makes these all the more uncommon and memorable. London combines sexuality and eroticism in one tantalizing package. A great-looking brunette with bigger in size than standard boobies and wazoo, this babe has a natural, girl-next-door appearance that was not lost whilst that babe piled up countless photo credits all over the America, bare modeling mainly for dilettante photographers, many of ’em magnificant but who did not take images for a living.

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A Bra-ful of Joana

A Bra-ful of Joana

A Bra-ful of Joana

In a uncommon chat, Joana talks about her day-to-day life in her native Romania. She meditates and does yoga practice 2 hours a day. A vegan for years, Joana doesn’t eat meat. “Mushrooms are my meat,” Joana explains. Her diet is largely vegetables and fruit. Twice a year, Joana goes on a holiday retreat to the Dark Sea or to the mountains where she receives together with friends.

In front of Joana on the coffee table is a pile of brassieres. She’s plan to try on several of them after measuring herself. She’ll critique every one, too. Finding the right kind of undergarment for her love melons is not an easy task. Buying bras that fit properly and look admirable is always a challenge for Joana and other SCORELAND Gals. This babe prefers the brands Mary Jo and Prima Donna made in France. “I look for glamorous bras, but that’s not always facile in my size.” Joana does wonders filling out her SCORE tank.

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Bad To The Hardon

Bad To The Boner

Bad To The Boner

The wonderful Tiggle Bitties has been replaced by the merciless Tiggle. Bad and Big-Boob, and swinging an ass-whacking paddle, evil Tiggle can’t live out of to wear long, dark, knee-high boots and perverted leather harnesses. Cold-blooded Tiggle can’t live with out to punish studs, sneak up behind ’em and give them wedgies, and drive them avid with her bouncing mangos. That babe is brought a perverted toy that goes into her snatch and booty-hole at the same time. Who will ultimately win out? The worthwhile Tiggle or the bad Tiggle?

SCORELAND: So, Tiggle, have you ever thought of making a plaster cast of your bust?

Tiggle: Yeah! I really crave to manufacture a Tig boob pillow for all my fans.

SCORELAND: If you hadn’t decided to become a web livecam glamour model which led to magazine glamour modeling, what do u think you would be doing now?

Tiggle: I would probably be looking to my hubby to make almost all of the money while I endevoured to commence my own business. I detest working for other people.

SCORELAND: Let’s play dumb or not dumb questions that people have asked you. The 1st question. Are they real? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: Dumb!

SCORELAND: Do they hurt your back? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: This one appears to be love common sense.

SCORELAND: Can you see your toes because your bra buddies are so big? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: I can see my toes! Not dumb, just silly!

SCORELAND: Could you suffocate somebody with your zeppelins? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: Yeah, I am sure I could, if I were so inclined. Not dumb.

SCORELAND: Is it difficult to run? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: Impossible to run. Not dumb!

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The Oily Voluptuous Porn star of the year

The Oily Voluptuous Glamour model of the year

The Oily Voluptuous Glamour model of The Year

This is a special movie scene moment in a few ways. The photographers usually discharge a stand-alone Bonus movie, such as a glamour model being interviewed in a living room, taking a shower or trying on bras or bikinis.

This time we’re still on the set where Vanessa Y. doused her curvy bod with oil and she’s still sliding around the floor stripped and slick from head to toe. Her photographer then lets her in on the news that he’s been holding back from her ‘cuz he wanted her reaction on-camera.

That news is about Vanessa winning the Voluptuous Adult model of the year contest (July ’16 V-mag). Since that babe doesn’t go on social media web sites that posted the announcement (different from Hitomi who’s on several social sites 24/7/365) and the mag was shipping from the printers when this babe posed for this shoot, Vanessa did not know. Plus, your editors wanted to surprise her by having her photographer tell her face-to-face.

Congratulations, Vanessa, a cutie who’s hard to hold. ‘coz she’s slippery.

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