Morning Yoga With Milly

Morning Yoga With Milly

Morning Yoga With Milly

It is time to shake off the fatigue by going outdoors with Milly Marks and watching her do her Yoga and other exercises against the Miami skyline. Surprisingly, a flotilla of power boaters did not show up to observe also. That used to happen during the Boob Cruises when the beauties were posing on Caribbean beaches. A hotty in the surf would take off her top for a passenger glamour photoshoot and six small boats would show up.

Milly and Codi truly clicked and we’ve gotten requests to see some other pairing of the 2 big boobed beauties. Milly has a lot of pussy enjoyment in her abode of strippers. Is that babe more into beauties or more in boyz?

“I would say probably sweethearts. It is close, but for majority of my life, I was a lesbo. I adore fur pie. I adore tonguing snatch more than most things. I like the way it tastes. I love
making girls cum. I love anything about it. Beauties are the sexiest creatures on earth. I adore gals. Until I lost my virginity, I thought I was totally homosexual. Ramrod changed my life. Now check out me!”

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Nasty Nadia Night or Day

Wicked Nadia Night or Day

Nasty Nadia Night or Day

When Nadia spreads wide for the cock-man, stand back and give the little mistress some fuckin’ room.

Nadia Night is a valuable beauty. She’s likewise very nasty. And we adore the worthwhile angel by day, lewd enchanting heart by night routine.

Nadia’s a Scorpio–the horniest, almost all sex-driven sign of the zodiac. That babe can’t live without penis and says no schlong is too big or also thick for her. Her much loved kind of foreplay is tons of hand-work all over her before her spouse gives her his wang to mouth and jerk.

A former Florida gal now living in Los Angeles, Nadia is tall at 5’8″. “I’m 6’1″ in my naughty screw shoes,” said Nadia. That babe can’t live out of the word wicked.

Nadia is a enjoyment honey bunny, not a hater. But this babe does execrate one thing. She execrates bras. “I have one underneath garment at home. I like to wear skimpy hot outfit.”

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Tickling The Ivories

Tickling The Ivories

Tickling The Ivories

Smiley Emma is at the piano tickling the ivories. That babe tickles other ivories as well. The nice-looking Canadian is definitely the bustiest pianist we have ever had the pleasure to ogle. She’s likewise astounding at playing her Canadian cymbals. The clapping sound they make is pure breast music. Is there a CD we can command?

We talked to Emma about her previous XL Girls discharges in Europe.

XLGirls: What was your beloved XL Girls shoot so far, if any, and why, not counting this shoot in Toronto?

Emma: To be honest, the entire experience in Prague was amazing and I’m having a hard time picking my favorite discharge! I had a great time shooting all the content and have actually enjoyed seeing the finished product and sometimes still cant make no doubt of that it is me.

XLGirls: Because of YOU.S. law, we had to fly you to Prague for discharges at our satellite studios, love Roxee Robinson, another Canadian. Did u have a chance to play tourist?

Emma: I did have a little bit of extra time in Prague betwixt discharges and was staying near the Charles Bridge which was an astonishing sight in itself. My fiancé came with me and we did a lot of walking in the area and truly enjoyed the Giant Clock and all the mature buildings and the architecture.

Almost all nights we explored the area around us and the culinary delights to be had. One night we went to the Music Undress club Zlaty Strom which had a pole bar in one of the sections with topless dancers that was lots of enjoyment. Then on our final night we went to an Absintherie and tried Absinth for the first time which was likewise a truly pleasure experience. Unfortunately some of the tours that I was interested in didn’t line up with my schedule but there’s something to be told for winging it and exploring a new place on your own. I still had plenty of pleasure and it was my first time ever to Europe.

XLGirls: As we have said before, sometimes shooting for The SCORE Group is love a paid vacation. We’re cheerful u had a great time!

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38DDD Girl-Next-Door Wants Big Cock

38DDD Girl-Next-Door Craves Bigger than typical Dick

38DDD Girl-Next-Door Wishes Large Cock

Whenever you see a goddess love Skyie Blew with a tongue and nipp piercing, u can bet that that babe loves to give blow jobs. Aside from keeping up with what her girlfriends do, erotic enhancement and arousal are the merely reasons a gal receives this much metal implanted in her erogenous zones.

Skyie’s smooth operator asks her questions, then has her disrobe undressed and baby oil up her fleshy body so we can all relish the views of her thick wazoo and bigger in size than typical, heavy meatballs.

“I adore a buck who knows how to use his dong,” told Skyie, one of the not many glamour models who ever used the word pecker. “I like sex with a smooth operator who has lots of experience using his ding-dong. Ok, dong. I probably should kick off using the word rod or wang but dick just comes without my mouth. Ooops! I did not mean it like that. But you know what I mean!

“I’ve had plenty of sex with boyz and some girls in my life but not with porn men with extra-big dicks, chaps that screw lots of honeys. I enjoyed it. The whole thing was more gripping. I suppose u could call me a big-cock hotty!”

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Nurse Kianna In Your Face

Nurse Kianna In Your Face

Nurse Kianna In Your Face

There could be no more fine head nurse than super-hot, super-nasty Kianna Dior. She can drain every drop of goo with out your balls, and that might put u back in the hospital from exhaustion. A major dream fuck-toy, Nurse Kianna takes nice care of your enlarged balls in P.O.V. Health insurance is not required.

During a break after the sucking and banging, Kianna offered her expert opinion.

SCORELAND: Who’s the more good lay: guys or vixens?

Kianna: Studs. It is hotter with boyz.

SCORELAND: Does size matter?

Kianna: Yes! Hey! I’m just being honest!

SCORELAND: Favourite obscene word?

Kianna: Umm…Fuck!

SCORELAND: Head: Give or receive?

Kianna: I adore to give.

SCORELAND: Cum: Swallow or Spit?

Kianna: One as well as the other. It depends.

SCORELAND: What’s better to give: blow jobs, tit jobs or foot jobs?

Kianna: Tit jobs are pleasure.

“I need diversity,” Kianna told. “I don’t urge it to be like that clip, Groundhog Day, where I wake up and it is the same thing over and over. I need a lot of change and diversity or I get bored!”

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Sophie Mae: Rhymes With T&A

Sophie Mae: Rhymes With T&A

Sophie Mae: Rhymes With T&A

Sophie Mae has an eye for tight-fitting sexy outfit that do her figure justice. This outfit is one of her sexiest. Her dancer’s flexibility is used to worthy effect in this photo set. It shows off her nice-looking legs, likewise, as well as her moist wazoo and bust.

Bigger than average hooters do not always run in the family. Sophie’s Mamma is not nearly as big boobed as her daughter, and her sister is not big breasted. Soft-spoken Sophie says she’s the bustiest in her family. It is difficult finding the right size brassieres in her country. However, online shopping can be dicey. She’ll detect that the size this babe buys online doesn’t fit her properly and the delivery time can be lengthy.

“When I am traveling abroad, I love to visit local shops and try on what they have. Germany is the finest for bras,” says Sophie.

Oddly enough, bucks back home in the Czechia are not the ones staring at her when she’s out and about. It is the hotties passing her in the street says Sophie, scrunching her gracious face to give her impression of the bawdy look that some females let off at topheavy girls. That is why this babe says that babe will not go out wearing a deep cleavage revealing or thin top that attracts attention.

One thing we have always wondered about is why the Czechia is such a great place to identify big-boobed girls. What is it about this country? The beer? The gene pool?

“I think it is the food. There is admirable energy in it. It’s likewise very tasty. It is a little bit enormous but u know, that maybe helps,” told this patriotic Czech girl. “I adore Czech dumplings, fish, chicken and creamy sauces.”

These foods have definitely worked their magic on Sophie.

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Never Enough Renee. So Here’s Two

By no means Sufficient Renee. So Here’s 2

Never Sufficient Renee. So Here's Two

Renee Ross shops at Lane Bryant for bras. Here, she tries on different bras and the sectioned mirror adds a particular dimension to the discharge.

“That store Lane Bryant always has what I need, online,” said Renee who made a comeback in 2015 when this babe identified enough time from her nursing job. “They make everything. Each now and anew, I will identify smth in the store but it’s actually time-consuming to look throughout the shelves and try and discover smth.

“I used to wear underwire and then I switched to the ones that were all cloth and now, I’m back to wearing underwire anew. I switched back. I just love it cause it gives me more back support and that is important. I mean, sometimes underwire hurts, but I will take back support over that.”

Renee’s fetching chest precedes her. “My love muffins call plenty of attention to me, but I just ignore it. Fellows are more shocked by my mammaries than anything else. That usually means that they stare, but they not at all come up and say smth to me.”

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Hitomi Goes Country

Hitomi Goes Country

Hitomi Goes Country

It is a day in the country with Hitomi at a stable out of city. She puts on a taut, white top, denim overalls that exposes lots of leg and some shit-kicking boots. The place is deserted. Hitomi checks things out while shedding her western wear and playing with her large swinging wobblers. We could not have Hitomi indeed doing any work with that pitchfork. If she’d have broken a fingernail, we’d have never forgiven ourselves.

Hitomi doesn’t dress in public to unveil off her juggs. That babe is low-key. Adult modeling or making appearances at conventions and porn shops is a different story.

“I do not wear dresses that reveal off my mangos. I do not even have those kinds of dresses. I threw out all my skirts. I do not have a single skirt. I love laid back, stylish trousers. If I am invited to a fancy dinner, I may dress up in a effortless costume that doesn’t display my boobies.”

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Mirror of Big Boobs

Mirror of Bigger than standard Mangos

Mirror of Larger than typical Boobs

Reyna Mae meets her double in the mirror dimension. “What could be more gracious than two squishy, bigger in size than typical bumpers?” Reyna asks her reflection. That babe slides with out her sheer teddy and heels and receives into sofa to flaunt the goodies she has to offer to all of us who love thickness and fleshy curves. The movie includes a shower sequence.

“I love flirting and kissing and intense chemistry with a boyfriend. What indeed gets me wet and so lascivious is using a marital-device on my clitoris. Wow!

“I adore beauties likewise. My first sexual experience with a beauty was when I was 19. I like to meet the fans at conventions but I don’t escort. I relish listening to what the fans urge to say and their ideas and I appreciate their support.”

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Nurse Big Tits

Nurse Big Melons

Nurse Bigger than run of the mill Tits

Roxee Robinson is the redheaded hotty of mercy known as Nurse Bigger than standard Fullsome funbags or just Nurse Roxee. Her fame is widespread and well-spread. No patient will be left hard.

Dellon thinks he is hallucinating as his new visiting nurse strolls into his room, her bigger than standard, heavy bra-busters in nature’s garb in her open uniform. Roxee asks him where it hurts. He begins plotting just now, knowing that if he doesn’t must stretch this nurse’s taut twat and have her mouth mouthing him off, he’ll wind up jacking thinking about her. That lady-killer tells Roxee his arm and chest hurt. Roxee massages these areas. Then he is got some stiffness that babe should view.

Roxee’s cure for that’s to take out his stiffy and stick it down her mouth, her saliva running down as her throat engulfs it to suck stiff. Her prized drooping bouncy bosoms help to alleviate the stiffness. Roxee’s bumpers serve as massagers, cock-buffers to help the circulation. She doesn’t need mechanical massagers for her male patients. Her large breasts do the trick.

Roxee determines that this patient clearly needs some pussy. Constricted, squeezing vagina that clutches a dong adore a clamp as it moves in and out. She gets on her back and widens her legs wide. The prognosis is fantastic. Roxee knows that with her medical skills, this smooth operator will recover. To make sure, she will need a ball cream example.

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