Holiday of Mounds

Holiday of Whoppers

Holiday of Hooters

Alexya takes over the kitchen and does things her way. Her method of food handling is not merely approved, it’s encouraged. This babe juices her body the right way. This is SCORELAND‘s version of a TV food channel. This babe is awfully cute in her apron but it’s much more appetizing when that babe takes every stitch off. Bon appe-tit!

Alexya can be a tease. She related an experience this babe had that must have driven this lad nutty. “I was in the cinema. It was almost full. The movie scene was in 3D and we were all wearing these glasses. I was alone and I started to touch myself not fast. After a whilst, a chap near me saw me and observed what I was doing. I did not prevent. When the clip was over, I left the theater. I suppose he tried to pursue me but I was with the crowds so that Lothario could not discover me.” That fellow is probably still wandering the streets looking for Alexya. So would we.

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Busty MILF From Fucktown

Big-Boob M.I.L.F. From Fucktown

Busty Mom I'D LIKE TO FUCK From Fucktown

Porsche Lane turns heads wherever she goes. She is proud of being a aged humongous breasted swinger and all-around doxy. She is into bang and swinger cruises on ships. She’s an ex-cheerleader and now a personal trainer. Of what? Rogering? This babe likes slits too. It’s obvious that this babe loves a lady-killer to pound the shit out of her.

Now about these bra-stuffers. “I like having greater than run of the mill juggs. It makes me feel like more of a woman,” Porsche said. “And, certainly, there is the added benefit of ’em looking so wonderful in tight hot outfit, and that always attracts attention from guys.” Carlos, who’s assigned to fill her hawt cunt, 1st quizzes Porsche during the time that this chab thinks of what part of her body to man cream on after this dude fucks her. We’re figuring her meatballs. He’s impressed by her hot body.

Porsche says she works out six days a week not counting rogering, which is a lot per week. Their sexually excited talk acquires one as well as the other of them hawt for sex. That is the great thing about being a porn smooth operator. Knowing you’re gonna shag the honey bunny when the chat is over, guaranteed. He’s learned a thing or two so that gent asks Porsche to receive off the couch and stand up for a body inspection. That man urges to watch those bra-busters. This charmer craves to see her ringed clit-hood. This chab fingers her chocolate hole whilst munching down and rubbing her snatch and mouthing her nipps. Porsche widens her mouth for sausage, inflating it for injection into her gap.

They kick off rogering in doggie, then switch over to reverse cowgirl. Porsche loves fucking best of all. You can tell. This babe changes to cowgirl, facing him, and rides, his finger up her butt-tunnel. They try screwing in side-saddle, and that acquires the meat deep in her oven. Porsche could use a cool-down and suggests her bra-busters for the sperm explosion. This babe jerks the final hardly any drops out.

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Bra Testing

Brassiere Testing

Bra Testing

It’s one of our favorite games at XL Angels. The beneath garment tryout. This time, the amazingly busty Smiley Emma reveals us her advanced skills at hooter-holstering.

1st Emma measures her beasts, with and out of a top. Next, Emma selects a diversity of bras and pronounces judgement after extensive testing which you will witness. Toyota doesn’t test their cars the way Emma tests her bras!

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Melons & Badonkadonk

Marangos & Badonkadonk

Boobs & Badonkadonk

It is one more glorious day in South Florida and the equally glorious Ms Tasty gives the Miami skyline a 2 ass-cheek congratulate by twerking her mellow cans and jiggling her heavy fun bags. She’s on a terrace overlooking the bay, coming all the way from Chicago to strut her sweet ram.

“I love porn,” told Ms Palatable. “It gives me so much freedom.”

Brick watches, his eyes bulging at the sight of this little sexbomb doing her thing. Ms Tasty loves an audience and can’t live with out to 1st put on a expose for a boy she’s going to screw. Brick receives hands-on, feeling up her mellow rack, sinking his fingers into her breast and buttock flesh. This honey is smokin’ sexy.

Like any lad Ms Tasty meets, that woman chaser can’t wait to jump her in the bedroom. Ms Tasty offers they head there away from any prying eyes next door or boating by. Inside the house, Ms Palatable resumes her twerk-dance, now ready to dance on his meat-thermometer. Brick first feeds her knob. “I give worthy head,” said Ms Yummy in the understatement of the year. Brick finds out how priceless she’s as a head giver, then takes her doggy style.

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So this scene of the great Rachel Love has anything. A sunny garden. A juicy tee-shirt. Ridiculously constricted arse shorts. A garden tights to spray Rachel down with. A skirt chaser with a boner to donate to Rachel. Most of the images are discharged with you, the viewer, in mind as Rachel’s bonk buddy.

When she’s not feeling the wish to be a bad cutie, Rachel pays the bills with real estate work. But this kind of action is always on her mind.

“After the jock has been in my cookie for a during the time that, I like to smack my cunt off his ramrod, then put that dong back inside. Rough it up another time until I acquire so pleased, I am intend to end up squirting on it.”

“I think doggie-style allows a little more depth inside my pussy. Reverse cowgirl is not the same coz I’m in control when I am on top whereas when it is doggie, my partner is in control, so that ladies man knows how much he’s intend to give. When I am on top I wonder if I can take more of it inside me.”

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Big-boobed & Big-Assed

Big-boobed & Big-assed

Big-boobed & Big-Assed

Veronika Kougar remembered her 1st time getting banged.

“The 1st time I had sex, I was completely in like. It was in the back of his car and I did not know a thing. I did not know what I was doing! Sometimes I wish I could identify him now just for sex and unveil him what I’ve learned. I suppose most women feel this way. Now I am confident. I see smth I want, I go after it.”

“Today my spouse and I play dress-up and role play. There’s not much we haven’t acted out. We are always all over each other and not at all say no, unless it’s in a game we are playing. Depending on our schedules, we’ve sex four to eight times a week. I love blow job. A priceless tongue makes my night.”

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Massage time in paradise

Rubdown time in paradise

Massage time in paradise

In this tropical paradise, Christy Marks is on a terrace overlooking the ocean. She dabs some water on her big pointer sisters and lies back on a table. As Christy starts to feel herself up, eight hands appear to massage her all over with greasy oil. 2 of these hands belong to Angela.

Gianna is by Christy’s head. Lorna Morgan is by Christy’s funbags. Angela is next to Lorna and Terry Nova is by Christy’s legs. All four of them are fondelling Christy into ecstasy with oily hands and playing with Christy’s squashy, pliable pantoons.

As the honeys rub-down Christy from head-to-toe, they work their way to Christy’s bald, pierced cunt. The heat, hands-on fondling and caressing by these four tit-goddesses cast their tingling spell as Christy trips out on waves of intensive fun whilst the sun sets on the horizon.

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Angel Of Germany

Hotty Of Germany

Angel Of Germany

German fetish-goth babe Beauty unleashes her stupendous, tattooed German jugs and gives her shaven cookie a tingle. As you’ll see, she’s the serious sort. Beauty is a night owl, as you probably would have guessed. Do not await to see her during the day at poolside or at a lakeside resort. Girl hits the nighttime fetish disrobe clubs and hangouts of Berlin and other cities in Germany where people solely come out at night to do strange things to themselves and others.

Hotty does have some other side. She goes to the gym and likes to view sports when that babe has time. Speaking of sports, Cutie told, “I masturbate often. Lots of times I do it before I go to sleep coz it relaxes me. Mostly I take my dildo to ottoman.”

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Tit Chat

Tit Chat

Tit Chat

“I’ve gotten larger bosoms since I was last at SCORE but I am still me,” told Patty, who’s a fit and trim super sex-bomb and all-around traffic-stopper. In this chat clip, Patty is lively and exuberant and if u savour hearing the cuties speak in their native languages, this episode will have an supplementary kick.

So here we’ve a chick from Slovakia living in Austria being photographed in Prague by an English-speaking German SCORE photographer who was inspired after filming glamour models during Boob Cruise 1997.

Patty’s replies are translated into English by one more beauty from Slovakia. It can acquire multi-national around here but that is how SCORE can photograph so many cuties from different cultures and nationalities.

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Brit Tit Blitz

Brit Tit Blitz

Brit Tit Blitz

It is a Brit Tit Blitz when XL Angel Sarah Jane receives drilled in a hotel room by Lutro. He is on her adore glue and can not expect to acquire her exposed, rude, amorous and banged. What is the secret of Sarah Jane’s popularity. Let us check this out.

Sarah’s got enormous, luscious jugs and a thick ass, always a sign of fertility. That babe has an extremely approachable personality and appearance. In other words, she looks attainable. That’s another magnetic marker for almost all studs. This babe has the woman-next-door look that many raise the flag for. She’d a team fuck you and then make you a cuppa tea.

We asked Sarah Jane a scarcely any questions when the smoke from the smoldering bed had cleared.

XLGirls: Hi Sarah Jane. You’re a lewd female, a sex star and an escort. What’s been your kinkiest sexual experience?

Sarah Jane: It was in the back of a police car.

XLGirls: Where else have you shagged in public?

Sarah Jane: Outdoor sex is the best in a park or in the woods. It’s better in the summer so I can acquire a tan at the same time.

XLGirls: What about playing with girls?

Sarah Jane: I adore that. We both played with toys and had so much fun.

XLGirls: Do u like anal sex?

Sarah Jane: I’ve at no time tried it. But maybe one day I’ll change my mind.

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