Maserati – Cummin’ Round Her Mountains

Cummin’ Round Her Mountains

Cummin' Round Her Mountains

Maserati and JMac 1st did the deed in one of her earliest SCORELAND scenes in 2011, when she was just starting out (“Maserati Goes For A Juggy Enjoyment Ride”). Now they’re hooking-up again for a recent power-point display of high-performance banging. Maserati’s sex engine is dripping sexy, and they’ve got some lost time to make up FOR.

The sheer size and weight of Maserati’s large mammaries never fails to astound. This babe told she thought her left breast was 10 pounds and her right eight pounds, and that was two years ago.

“The solely way to measure a beneath garment is to stick your mambos in it,” Maserati told. “I was wearing a double-H, but then after a whilst, it didn’t fit and I was having back pang. So I said, ‘Maybe I should try an I-cup,’ but that did not fit, either. So now I am wearing a J-cup. The measuring tape might say I’m an N-cup, but my funbags swim in a double-J, so I am very happy with what I’m wearing.”

Born in Kingston, Jamaica and living in Connecticut, Maserati made her American dreams come true and in doing so, made breast-men’s fantasies come true, likewise.

The SCORE staff took Maserati out for a spin in Miami when this babe was here, treating her to lunch Miami style and talking to her about how things are going for her. The movie “Stacked Dish” turned out to be a very revealing and personal talk about relationships. She’s a very rare goddess, really. There was even a message to SCORE and V-men in it at the eight minute mark.

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Panther – Pounding The Pledges

Pounding The Pledges

Pounding The Pledges

The cast for the episode Pounding The Pledges was a big-boobed fantasy team of voluptuous and buxom angels. Three of ‘em were recent. Tera Cox, April McKenzie and Sabina Leigh had the bodies, faces and titties. Panther had already been active for a pair of years and was becoming one of the top big busted black pornstars, but she hadn’t lost her girl-next-door appeal

The four pledges have been rejected by the other sororities on campus coz their bazookas are likewise bigger in size than standard. Boob prejudice promoted by the big boobed Taliban is everywhere, and the academic environment is no exception. Merely Omega Bouncy bosoms accepts large-breasted pledges.

Gianna was consummate as the snarling sorority sister with a bawdy mouth who cracks down on the pledges and acquires them to shag their brains out with the campus fellows.

Gianna wishes to discredit a rival sorority president and assigns Panther and Sabina the job of seducing her rival’s partner, the campus smooth operator, and getting every suck and thrust on video.

The idea turns Panther and Sabina on. When the partner unveils up, Panther and Sabina give him the digi camera and put on a sexy girl-on-girl show. Panther pulls down his jeans and sucks and jerks his fuck-stick. That chap loses it and bonks the hell with out Panther whilst Sabina records ‘em with one hand during the time that fapping herself. Gianna’s underhanded plan worked perfectly.

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Sunshine – Origins



46-36-39 Sunshine from Denver, Colorado was absolutely recent when she traipsed into the studio in 2003. The 38G-cupper had never modeled. She mailed in some snaps of herself at home and we flew her in to Miami, all expenses paid. By the time Sunshine left Miami and returned to the Rocky Mountain state, that babe was accustomed at showing off her bigger than run of the mill mammaries after hours of patience, training, lenience and understanding by our photo team. Sunshine likewise ate Steve’s ramrod on-camera for the 1st time. Fortunately for our staff, they did not must demonstrate how to do that ‘cuz Sunshine is very competent at engulfing and banging. We talked to her about that.

XLGirls: Prefered sex position?
Sunshine: Missionary.

XLGirls: How important is knob size?
Sunshine: I love a lengthy shlong with a big head. I’d love to meet one of these bucks with a really greater than typical meat-thermometer, love 13 inches.

XLGirls: Prefered way to satisfy a smooth operator?
Sunshine: With my face hole.

XLGirls: What sex position satisfies you the almost any nice?
Sunshine: Missionary, when this chab grinds his pelvis against mine, not just pumps his knob in and out.

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Jessie Lee – German-Chinese Coed Takes The Cock

German-Chinese Coed Takes The Meat-thermometer

German-Chinese Coed Takes The Cock

Jessie Lee was a one-shot busenwunder, as they say in Germany. Jessie Lee’s Mother is German and her father is Chinese. Jessie, a waitress, saw some of our German-language editions (called Hawt SCORE) and wrote a letter. The letter read, in part, “I am interested in glamour modeling for magazines and clips. I have no idea the first thing about how to do these things, but I am willing and skillful to do what you need.” If solely they could all be love Jessie. Our studio arranged for Jessie to visit a SCORE studio, this one in London, just to expedite the shoots.

Her father is Chinese and her Mommy is German so this babe has exotic, Eurasian features. That babe told her much loved way to satisfy a petticoat chaser is with dong mouthing. (Jessie calls them “throat blow-ups.”) This is the 1st and merely time Jessie made a sex movie with a stud. Jessie wasn’t nervous at all, just avid to please. That babe seemed to get off looking at the digital camera a lot whilst Steve’s meat-thermometer thrusted in her love tunnel.

Did Jessie love the experience? “I just let myself be trained by Steve,” told Jessie. “He guided me and told me what to do. I’m very taut, but his meat-thermometer felt valuable in me. I’m a passive angel, and I don’t have plenty of experience at home in Germany so I wanted to obey his directions. This kind of sex for images is not adore the kind of sex I’ve with a friend. I felt like I should not be doing it. That made it more thrilling to me and made me urge to do it more.”

Sadly, Jessie not at all made some other video and SCORE not at all heard from her one time more. It was wild oats time for Jessie, and off this babe went. Sometime we ask ourselves if these angels are using us. Hopefully, the answer is yeah.

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Jenna Jayden – Brickhouse Blond

Brickhouse Blond

Brickhouse Blonde

“I have a down-home good-girl side and I have a side that wishes to let it all loose, enjoy and do kinda the wild cutie thing,” says Jenna Jayden, an lap dancer with a definite wild streak that that babe needs to satisfy.

“My down-home side is loving nature, being kind to animals, being an Ohio cutie where there are farms everywhere. Quiet, peaceful. Being a stay-at-home gal and just relaxing. Then there’s my other side that won out.

“I wanted to receive out and join the adult industry. I wanted to express myself and my raunchy side. And Ohio was not the place for me to do that. There were no opportunities there for what I wanted to be. Making videos at SCORE was what I wanted to do.

“I’m a large show-off. I’m the 1st to admit that. I’m not a foreplay kind of cutie. I’d rather have my boobs sucked and played with and start fuckin’ right away. That is smth else I discover agreeable about doing porn with lads with bigger in size than standard ramrods. It’s all about the sex.”

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Dulcinea – Secretary of Bust

Receptionist of Bust

Secretary of Bust

“I adore attention,” says Dulcinea, another breathtaking, enjoyable apprentice who makes us contented to be fans of XL Angels. “I especially love attention at the gym. I feel so feminine and feel I’m able to suggest people something visually that’s really sexually gripping. I wear two bras at the gym to keep my big bra-busters in shape.”

How many Health Lap dancing club boys have dropped weights on their feet, distracted by Dulcinea’s larger-than-life grandeur as this babe works out?

We fantasy of banging Dulcinea’s 36HH mangos previous to heading south. “I adore to stimulate studs with my mounds,” she says. “I think they find them visually delicious and arousing. It is my beloved way to make ‘em cum.”

Dulcinea is a born exhibitionist. This is why guys invented and perfected the digi camera. “I like to view and be observed. I masturbate during my webcam reveals with my rub-down wand. When I am alone, I adore to use a marital-device in combination.”

The next time we see Dulcinea, she’ll tell us what that babe likes to do on a date and what kind of men this babe loves. Until then, Dulcinea will dance, jiggle and shake Them in our dreams.

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Katarina Dubrova – Bigger in size than standard Milk shakes, A Swimsuit & A Baby Bump

Bigger in size than standard Fun bags, A Swimsuit & A Baby Bump

Big Melons, A Bathing costume & A Baby Bump

Final we saw the captivating Katarina Dubrova in “Hot Sex cream Injection For A Big boobed Dish,” her husband was shooting a load of nut-batter in her equally handsome hooha. Now we watch the result of that cream-pie.

Katarina’s baby bump looks even bigger in size ‘coz of her delicate, skinny and stacked physique. She’ll be ready to drop soon and is charming wanton. Katarina still wanted to glamour model and we were desirous to photograph her. Her greater than run of the mill zeppelins are much bigger in size; her areolae are a dark chocolate brown now.

Katarina displays what this babe appears adore now, wearing a slight swimsuit and wrap. This babe goes for a plunge in the spa’s hot tub, makes herself cum with fingers and a thick toy and showers off her bigger in size than average fullsome funbags and sticky wet crack.

Coming soon: Katarina’s copulate hubby lays more pipe with the lithesome blonde, her biggest bump is no barrier to a valuable, hot pumping.

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Trinety Guess – Tasty Ginger

Tasty Ginger

Tasty Ginger

Clad in a sexy leopard skin one-piece, this ginger is the type of kitty cat we’d like to pet all day and night. And Trinety Guess wouldn’t mind one bit, either. There are hardly any girls as kinky as this marvelous GG-cupper. Even by our standards. Trinety is a natural in front of a camera, too, so we always discover ourselves snapping numerous photos of this honey. Even when we’re just dangling out in this bedroom in between shoots. The camera loves Trinety and every side is her worthy side. But we get to admit, we’re boob boyz and our beloved side is whatever direction her billibongs are facing. So Trinety pulls ‘em out for us and gives her mangos and nipples a squeeze. This babe licks and kisses them for wonderful measure, too. Trinety finds her body and breasts to be just as tasty as we do.

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Claudia KeAloha – Muscular For Bikinis

Pumped up For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Claudia KeAloha is back at the SCORE studio, looking better and bustier than ever. In the dressing room, Claudia tries on a variety of tiny bikinis that could commence a stampede at the beach. If anyone has a bikini-ready body, that babe is Claudia KeAloha. There’re no still photos of this bathing dress modeling, merely episode.

Dave asks Claudia what this babe does to stay in such fashionable shape. Claudia says it’s a combination of Muy Thai kickboxing training, jogging and swimming. And it definitely unveils. She’s smoking hot and if you’ve viewed her XXX clips, you know what a sexy sweetheart she’s.

As Claudia bikinis-up, you’ll hear a girl’s voice in the background making sex sounds and yelling like that babe is being gangbanged. That’s ‘cuz this babe is being fucked. That is Trinity Michaels shooting a scene for XL Gals. (Dave and Claudia talk about this at the five-minute mark.)

Since Claudia hadn’t been at SCORE in 2 years, it was time to play catch up. Our Q&A will be continued in Claudia’s glamour photoshoot and matching video.

SCORE: Claudia, what are your favourite bathing suit styles and brands?

Claudia KeAloha: I adore either very sporty colorful brands love Nike. Or very feminine. It doesn’t need to be a peculiar brand I know it when I see it. They need to be either elegant but skimpy or trendy and skimpy. But I think elegant and skimpy is my fav.

SCORE: If we were to see you shopping and the weather is admirable, what would you be wearing?

Claudia KeAloha: Tight jeans and a tight tank-top. With some cute boots. I love boots. I likewise wear cut-off jeans.

SCORE: When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your breasts, or not?

Claudia KeAloha: Yes! Well, I used to be a little obese in my younger days. So since I lost the baby fat and I have big titties, why not expose what you worked so rock hard for? I did. I have been very rigorous with my exercising and eating habits through the years and it had paid off.

SCORE: It sure did. Thanks, Claudia.

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Suzumi Wilder – Back in Black

Back in Darksome

Back in Black

The shots of Suzumi Wilder serving her larger than average bazookas on a paddle are boobtastic and these pix of her stripped in slavery are both erotic and raunchy. Her pussy spreading is consummate. Look how Suzumi pulls her lips to the sides and gives us a indeed wonderful look inside her pleasing pink cooch. U cant take a bad picture of this hot cutie if u tried.

“I feel like I can get into anything if the mood is right,” Suzumi says. “Some of my prefered things are to have my ass smacked whilst I am being drilled and to have my hair pulled.”

“I masturbate quite a lot. If I am going for a quickie I will use an egg marital-device on my clitoris and work up to a quick agonorgasmos during the time that thinking about being banged hard. If I draw it out, I will use a sextoy, sometimes a double-ended one which I can press into my butt and vagina, and not fast screw myself until I acquire close to climax. I usually use my vibrating egg on my clitoris while screwing myself to cum inflexible.”

Suzumi has a girl-next-door, girlfriend-material vibe. We’d like to identify 20 more who are athletic and look adore her for XL Angels but there’s merely one Suzumi and we’re grateful for that!

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