Liza Biggs – Go Biggs Or Go Home

Go Biggs Or Go Home

Go Biggs Or Go Home

The SCORELAND Blog acquires at least one comment every day asking when Liza Biggs’ next appearance will be. And the Blogs specifically about Liza got over 20 comments each. That’s why we’re positive that when Liza walks into a room, or any place else, that babe owns it. Some babes are super-women and Liza is one of those bigger-than-life chicks who bust with out the typical.

Here Liza wears a costume that is just flawless for a large-breasted dominatrix-bitch with a great hourglass figure. It’s taut, low-cut and clings. Pix Fifty two & 53 of Liza’s monumental love melons drooping over the edge of the ottoman can make a grown charmer cry.
Liza can’t live without to surf. She demonstrated her moves the almost any outstanding she could out of an ocean and a surfboard during her interview. This babe enjoys watching basketball, football and Formula 1 racing. She wishes to become a chef. Think of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners this babe could serve up and then think of the desserts she’d lay on ya.

Liza said the honeys in her family have big fun bags but says that she’s bustier than all of them. “I’ve not at all met a goddess with larger funbags than mine,” told Liza. “Not even in my family.” Seeing Jenna Valentine and Liza side-by-side in the dressing room (“Boob Sorority”) was a breast-man’s paradise.

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Fleur Rose – British Rose

British Rose

British Rose

Fleur is absolutely unknown in North USA. SCORE used to film her in Great Britain at our former studio in London. This ravishing thing is half French and half English. Her face have to be the French part judging by the pouty mouth and exotic almond eyes. Fleur’s large, pointy bouncy bosoms appear English.

When Fleur shot this bonk scene that babe was twenty-four and measured 42(36DD)-26-34. Her areolae are very prominent and this babe had nice trimmed cunt hair. Fleur worked in an office all day in the marketing field and one time told she did not feel at all hot at work. So Fleur became a undressed model and transitioned to hardcore sex flicks as a messy little English bitch. This babe discharged underneath tons of different names too, including “Rose,” and did a lot of lesbian scenes and masturbation movie scenes with big toys.

When Fleur showed up at the studio in London for this XXX encounter, the studio men didn’t recognize her for a second because her straight hair was given the dreadlock treatment. Fleur is very flabby and flexible and this came in very handy since her fuck hubby really pinned her to the couch with his rock hard cock. That man licks her cunt, smth this babe likes, and that babe lifts her legs up in the air and then behind her so his tongue can really acquire into her fascinating spot.

The porn scene in the U.K. remains very different than in America. If Fleur were American and had lived in L.A., she’d have made 100 porn clips. According to various sources, Fleur supposedly moved to Tenerife, Spain, a country where tons of British ex-pats make their home. Everybody we know says that babe no longer adult models..but you not ever know.

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Alaura Grey – Poolside Playmate

Swimming pool side Playmate

Poolside Playmate

The brain melts at the thought of Alaura Grey working at Fun bags, which that babe said was her prefered job, perhaps until now with her arrival at XL Beauties. Can you even imagine intend to a Love muffins for a beer and a burger and that babe appears at your table to take your order? Most Wobblers Gals, as marvelous as they are, appear to be to have double-D’s at superlatively priceless, except for SCORE Angels adore Rockell.

“I call my milk shakes boobs or love bubbles,” Alaura says. “I used to work at Bumpers but I don’t call my boobs hooters. I call my pussy ‘my coochie.’ I don’t use the word ‘pussy.’ I call my tush ‘my butt.’ And I call sex ‘the naughty.’ ‘Do you wanna do the wicked?’ I call it ‘the nasty’ coz u acquire impure. U receive down to business. I call orgasm ‘cum.’ That is one bad word I’ll say!”

Alaura says that babe is a conservative gal but that doesn’t mean she’s bashful. “Definitely,” says Alaura. “I’m conservative. Until u need to know me. Then I can bring out the whips and the tape. I am just kidding. Well, I indeed do have a whip at home. It’s a cute little heart-shaped whip, and it is pink.”

“And I am not worthy at dirty talking at all. I’ve by no means attempted it. But I’m really charming confident. I think that surprises tons of boys. I do like when a smooth operator takes control of me, though. I need a woman chaser who can handle me.”

What was Alaura’s hottest raunchy experience?

“Definitely in the back of a police car with an ex-husband who was a cop. He even had his uniform on. That was fun! And I like the thrill of maybe being caught, so that was definitely a greater than average turn-on.”

Please note that this photo shoot is shot entirely at swimming pool side but moved indoors for the episode.

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Amorina – There’s A Busty Nude Beauty In The Backyard

There is A Big breasted Bare Hotty In The Backyard

There's A Busty In nature's garb Beauty In The Backyard

“Where is a valuable place for me to pose this time?” asked Amorina.

“What about the backyard?” the photographer replied. “Someone could be watching through the fence but almost all people are away at work at this time of the day.”

Amorina liked that idea. It appeared to be to make her a little hornier too. The idea of anybody spying on her and maybe jacking as that babe showed her scones and widen lips to the cameraman appealed to her. After all, that babe, Joana and Roxanne went at each in a park and this babe liked the rush of passion with being outside.

“When I masturbate, I like to look at porno and watch what couples do to each other. That makes me agonorgasmos very hard. I likewise like to check out stylish girls having sex.”

The photographer told Amorina to fantasize about sex with a partner and talk about it while this chab snapped away. “I thought about anal sex,” Amorina told him. “It is very exciting but I can solely do it when I am indeed in adore and I urge to give myself absolutely to my paramour. I feel then that I’m all female.”

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Lenka P – XL Xtra 4

XL Xtra 4

XL Xtra 4

Lenka did not have that long a time as a sexy model but what this babe did made her the covergirl of XL Xtra #4. It turned out to be more of a fling than a career. Our skirt chaser in the Czechia detected Lenka a lot of joy and easy on the eye. At 211 pounds, 46-34-38 and 5’7″ tall, Lenka was a real handful of a woman, a brick-shithouse who answered our casting call for screw bunnies. Lenka turned up and proved she could handle amorous fucking positions and greater than typical meat-thermometer with ease, smiling all the time and very upbeat. Lenka needed a beefy dude to take charge and George did her right, stud-servicing her cunt and face hole. That gent screwed her wonderful and dropped a load on her large, corpulent zeppelins.

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SaRenna Lee – SaRenna Lee’s Sex toy & Anal

SaRenna Lee’s Sex-toy & Anal

SaRenna Lee's Sex toy & Anal

SaRenna began stripping in 1989 and decided in 1992 to make exotic dancing a full-time career. She retired from the exotic dancing club touring scene in June of 1996. It was an action-packed time. “In Texas, when u work in a club, the stage is secondary. You make almost any of your money doing lap dances. I have always loved the stage, but I was not very good at working the floor because I used to get intimidated.

“So one day I went over to a undress club called Gigi’s that booked features to see how they did it and find out how to receive started. It was a pleasure place where almost any of the features have been. Tiffany Towers, Busty Dusty and since tons of the dancers lived in Houston, I had quite a bit of exposure to the big-busted queens of the circuit. L.A. Bust lived in Houston and so did Letha Weapons, Traci Topps and Kayla Kleevage. I asked all the dancers how they did it and lastly just got up the nerve and went for it.”

After numerous years raising a family and away from the cameras, SaRenna now does web-cam and video-clip naked modeling, teaming up with one more SCORE legend and boy-friend Boob Cruiser, Casey James. Once a showgirl, always a showgirl.

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Barbie Kelley – A Busty WILF Named Barbie

A Big busted WILF Named Barbie

A Big breasted WILF Named Barbie

Big boobed Barbie Kelly, a longtime SCORE reader’s wife, is nutty to be taken by youthful chap Rocky. Clothed boudoir-style in beneath garment, briefs and nylons, Mrs. Kelley is willing for a session of hawt, bad-girl sex. The camera trained on her is a sweetener, a sexual-boost to her already horny fantasies of being observed during the time that that babe is being given the full treatment by an competent X-man.

They kick off with a round of larger than average tit worship and areola engulfing which makes Barbie all the more bonkers to taste unbending dong. After giving her shag date a masterful deep-throat oral-stimulation, Barbie is batty for a impure shlong dance.

At first, Barbie was nervous about making movie scenes when this babe originally contacted SCORE. A year later, “the idea was not almost as scary” and this time Barbie was ready to muff the bull by the horn. We’re favourable to have fans love the Kelleys. They are magnificant.

“I always say that as lengthy as there is a mirror in the room her two prefered people are there,” says Mr. Kelley, a guy who recognizes his valuable fortune.

Barbie’s favourite vacation spot is Hedonism II in Jamaica and this babe likes sex seven-to-eight times a week. That doesn’t mean that a cutie will wanna flaunt all and do all on-camera. But Barbie did with her hub’s encouragement.

What does Barbie like about having large mounds?
“Effortless deep cleavage and they’re enjoyment to play with. Bigger than average fullsome funbags are not quite like an accessory in and of themselves. Who needs a statement necklace when you have got 2 big, fashionable orbs peeking without each outfit?”

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Lucy Lenor – New Discovery

Fresh Discovery

New Discovery

Say hi to our latest: Lucy Lenor. Lucy is a cute, corn-fed Midwestern cutie with down-home sensibilities and down and obscene raunchy cravings. We expect her to become a fast much loved amongst the Brotherhood of XL Studs.

“I’m into some charming perverted ram,” Lucy said. “I love a little bondage, and I’m into submission, also. I adore role playing. Let me be your woman.”

We’ll let Lucy be whatsoever she urges to be as lengthy as this babe promises to keep showing us these knockers of hers, which are all-natural 36Js.

You may be wondering how we discovered Lucy. Well, the way we met her is one of our much loved things about her. Love we told earlier, Lucy has down and impure cravings. And that even applies to her career ‘cuz that babe runs an adult bookstore in Ohio.

“I’ve sold SCORE Group magazines at my store for years,” this babe told. “And I not ever thought everything of it, or that I could be one of your adult models. But one day one of my regulars mentioned it to me and thought I’d do well. I saw the advertisement on the back of the magazines, and here I am.”

Here she’s, gentlemen. Your new J-cup discovery. That babe sells porn, and now she’s in it, too.

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Jenna Valentine – Bikini Valentine

Bathing dress Valentine

Bikini Valentine

More things u should know about Jenna Valentine who is killing a swim suit in this photo shoot and clip. She deserves her own sit-com on network television, in our opinion.

Beloved movies:

“I adore horror movie scenes. I adore old-school Universal, so Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Creature From The Dark Lagoon. I adore the maturer ’80s slasher clips like Freddy Krueger and Jason and Halloween. I like The Cold-blooded Dead remake. A lot of recent horror clips I am not into. I like those. I have all of these on DVD. All the darksome ‘n’ white ones. I fall asleep a lot to Dracula, the darksome and white one with Bela Lugosi.”

Jenna’s television viewing habits:

“Dance Mammas. I like Toddlers & Tiaras. There is something about child pageants that really makes me pleased. I suppose they’re hilarious. I wanna steal someone’s kid and put them in a tanning booth and come into them in a pageant. I wanna compete with crazy pageant mommys. I have been watching Naked and Afraid, which is about putting 2 strangers in a terrible place with crocodiles and bugs and they’re in nature’s garb and they can merely bring one item, and it’s so laughable. They receive to be in the midst of nowhere for 21 days with a hatchet and they have to survive. I too look at Boardwalk Empire.”

“I don’t truly check out tons of TV ‘coz I work a lot, and I like to read, likewise, so I need to choose if I’m intend to read or view TV, and sometimes I just need a break from the world and desire to check out grown-ass vixens yelling at each other. They have so many problems! I can’t view the Kardashians. They’re so boring. I can not get into it. I like when Gordon Ramsay yells at people. I think it is sexy. There’s something sexy about him. That charmer spits out food and throws stuff. It is laughable.”

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Sabrina Linn – Sexxx Superstar

Sexxx Superstar

Sexxx Superstar

Sabrina Linn is a real HORNY HOUSEWIFE, not a fake Hollywood Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK. She is a good-bad angel who calls the editor of SCORE “sir,” and says “I’m a Mamma. I’m a indeed good beauty in the community. I am a very wonderful, enjoyment and nice little cutie who does anything proper and a insane goddess who does anything freaky and wild and does my own thing.”

Champ has the ramming honors in “SeXXX Superstar.” The harder Sabrina’s drilled, the nastier the position, the more fine this babe seems to enjoy it. Treat Sabrina well and be a gentleman but gangbang her adore a doxy so the adrenaline and her snatch juices can flow. Coming to SCORE allowed Sabrina to express that obscene girl side of her. It’s a place where honey bunnys can live out their bonk thrill-fantasies in a secure environment with dedicated cocksmen. Then see the results when they get home.

Back home in Texas, Sabrina is a different person. That babe has plenty of male friends who probably drool all over her and she can’t live with out their company but as this babe said, “I don’t group action my allies!” Sabrina was a hot dancer at one time but that babe had not at all posed nude on-camera. That babe is a swinger. “I’ve been active in the swingers’ lifestyle for Twenty years, and if I’ve a paramour who’s in the lifestyle, then we’re active,” says the double-G golden-haired bombshell.

Sabrina’s tats and piercings are part of her bad goddess persona in the body of a worthy cutie. “I got these piercings adore 20 years agone cuz…I don’t know really why I got ‘em. I just wanted to get my nipples pierced. But then I put the big hoops in them because my zeppelins are so big, the dunky hoops looked really strange. Most ordinary people have teeny, petite hoops in their love muffins.”
The tattoo artist who inks her up is a buddy but not a fuck buddy. “I go out on the boat with him. But I guess it was truly strange for him [to tattoo Sabrina] ‘cuz this chab does know me and the entire entire time this chab was doing it, I think that stud was a little uncomfortable, and other boys had to come in to watch what that ladies man was doing, so…yeah. That was beautiful nuts. That ladies man was right by my snatch, and we all hang out jointly, and they can not at any time a team fuck me because we’re allies, so I think that was a mad experience for him. I do not a gang bang my allies!”

Sabrina likewise has a non-sex scene as a doctor in the opener of a movie scene with legal age teenager honey bunny Vee Cummings and she’s as precious as any actress on TV. It’s part of the 18eighteen DVD Legal age teenager Rectal Exams.

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