Horny Connection

Randy Connection

Horny Connection

“I figure out in the AM and the PM nearly every day,” said Jordynn LuXXX, a girl who proves that sexy things come in miniature, plush packages (she is five-foot tall). “I played competitive softball and I was a dancer.”

“I never had training bras growing up. I was a DD-cup in junior high. In high school, I was an E. Now I’m betwixt an F and an I as I’ve become thicker. I was always the bustiest girl in school until my sophomore year in college. There was one more girl who had the same size pointer sisters as me.

“Toys are bigger in size than typical for me. I play with myself a lot. It is a massive turn-on for me. I adore angels a lot too. I’ve been in a couple of polyamorous relationships, and my hubby and I swing. We play with other single females and couples.”

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Seducer of Breast-men

Seducer of Breast-men

Seducer of Breast-men

This babe moves in mysterious ways. She has this bemused expression, especially during movie chats that usually become giggle-fests. This babe busts out laughing when the photographer asks her if she was the bustiest hotty in school.

Some have called Alexya‘s F-cup hangers the superlatively worthy they’ve ever viewed in SCORE and Voluptuous. Beautifully shaped, Alexya’s milk sacks are in ideal symmetry with her curvy yet small frame. Physically, this is her time now at age Twenty six.

SCORE mag editor Dave wrote, “In the world of natural mammaries, there’s general agreement that the greatest petite ‘n’ stacked hangers ever belong to Nicole Peters, Christy Marks and Devon Daniels. It might be time to come into Alexya into the Pantheon of Hangers.”

Alexya is interested in skydiving. It’s on her to-do list. “It sounds adore it would be very gripping to fly in the air and scary, also. I check out vids on YouTube of this.” We cant tell you why but not quite each adult model tells us that they want to jump out of an airplane. In our opinion, muffdiving is a better sport.

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Diamond’s Tight Little Body Needs Fucking

Diamond’s Tight Little Body Needs Fucking

Diamond's Tight Little Body Needs Fucking

Diamond Foxxx is dangling out in a lush garden with a book. But she’s clearly bored. U can tell because she is got her hand down her panties and that babe is fingering her nipple, pushing aside her thongs and her buttoned-down cardigan. Diamond needs smth rock hard and long, something that will explode in her face or in that general vicinity.

JT is watching her from inside the abode and this chab is playing with his junk likewise. Those 2 were made for each other. She waggles a finger at him and motions for him to come out side. JT wastes no time sucking her nipps and playing with her mambos. This stud receives quickly to the act. This buck knows how to handle a honey like Diamond and that babe knows what a honey adore her is supposed to do. Worship the ding-dong like it’s her god.

It’s JT’s goal to screw the shit with out her. Her taut, little (5′), big breasted body was meant to be fucked, drilled and thumped rock hard. Diamond is a female who likes it rock hard, rough and forceful. The harder this gent copulates her muff, the more this babe loves it. Wimps need not apply for a date with this golden-haired babe. JT turns as red as a beet as he hammers Ms. Foxxx into docility, then beats off adore a madman on her. Diamond truly inspires sex madness.

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Boobs, Booty & Bump

Marangos, Gazoo & Bump

Boobs, Booty & Bump

Love muffins, Gazoo & Bump. This babe has it all. Roxanne Miller is approaching the conclusion of her pregnancy and she’s truly looking forward to delivery. For now, there’s still time to have some on-camera “Me-time” and time for u, the XL Angels fan.

XLGirls: Roxanne, your love muffins are bigger in size than ever now. Where have you been buying your bras?

Roxanne: Online from bra companies in the England or from the America.

XLGirls: Do you ever store any objects betwixt your scoops? Love specie or a phone?

Roxanne: I’ve done it so many times on occasions when I couldn’t have a bag with me.

XLGirls: What do you love to do almost all on a free night?

Roxanne: I spend almost any of my nights at home watching TV shows and tutorials and maybe doing some decorations. I love to make my own decorations for photo shootings and I edit tons of pics. [Roxanne is also an astounding photographer herself.] Sometimes I go out for a steak. I do miss savouring a worthy beer. I don’t remember what beer tastes love since I got preggy!

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Sweater Stretchers

Sweater Stretchers

Sweater Stretchers

The force of bigger in size than typical mambos in tight tops switches the male brain to inexperienced mode. This is a scientific fact that has been proven with brainwave scans and MRIs.

Sweater Stretchers dramatizes this phenomenon. Summer Sinn and Morgan Leigh spend an hour in the SCORE Studio trying on sweaters and taut tops. Summer tells Morgan that she’s gotten concupiscent from all the boobie unveil and the feel of the fabric against her nipples. That babe asks Morgan to walk with her to the warehouse where JMac is unloading boxes of magazines for a scarcely any additional dudes on a slow day.

Summer hits him up and asks him if he has the time to take a hardly any pictures back at the studio. No one in his right mind would say no to that indecent proposal. Summer desires Morgan to stay and check out. If Morgan hangs out with them, Summer will be hornier. She’ll climax harder having a busty honey next to her. Summer too craves to engulf Morgan’s nipps and have Morgan engulf her teats while that babe gets a meat-thermometer to stroke and fill her pussy. Morgan acquiesces. She’s at not time seen one more couple fuck in person previous to. This babe is watched full-sex videos but that is not the same thing as real people fucking a scarcely any centimeters away.

The cuties decide to leave their sweaters on, leaving their bazooms nude. Morgan’s fascinated by how Summer uses her throat on Mac’s schvanz. Summer’s highly-rated at cocksucking and tit-fucking. Morgan doesn’t wanna be a porn mega-star like Summer but she’s absorbed by Summer’s technique, nonetheless.

Summer gets off even more with Morgan staring at JMac fucking the big boobed Bostonian. Summer especially craves Morgan to witness Mac spewing the contents of his testicles on her well-fucked mammaries. She’d love to see Morgan have a smack. Summer got more than her sweater stretched and Morgan got an eyeful of two porn stars banging for real.

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Faye Day

Faye Day

Faye Day

“I love a fake penis buzzing my clit and my fingers squirming in my cookie,” told Lillian Faye. Whenever some of the SCORE workers go to lunch, none of the waitresses ever say that to us when they’re handing out the menu, for some reason.

Lillian was a livecam gal when we found her, and since majority webcam gals masturbate (a lot), Lillian was no apprentice to petting the kitty and was already “pre-loaded” as a glamour model. That babe didn’t need any photographic directorial advice. Her video that matches this photo-shoot is a textbook sample of how a angel should use her toys or fingers so her fur pie is not blocked when she’s paddling the pink canoe.

In a rare interview for SCOREtv, Lillian talked to host Dave and explained that she’s indeed a very private person. On-cam, she is not coy but in the real world, not cyber world, she’ll look away if a boy is staring at her chest.

“I’m coyness but I am not ashamed of my body,” told Lillian. “I like my body. I am comfortable with it, I like to expose off my body.”

Supposedly Lillian is back web-camming so we’re looking into that. Maybe she’ll make a comeback.

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Mujer Hermosa

Mujer Hermosa

Mujer Hermosa

Diana has a lot more to suggest than majority hotties… like H-cup mellons which are not just stupendous beyond belief, but are too perfectly shaped. There’s even more to Diana than you would guess. This Central American receptionist designs and makes her own clothes, including lingerie.

“I love to be creative,” Diana told the photographer who traveled with an assistant to film her. “Plus, it is inflexible to discover sleepwear that fits me just right. My chest is so large that stores do not carry items that are bigger than run of the mill sufficient in that area. That’s ok, coz I can use my imagination and make things that are truly exotic.”

“It is a great feeling to know that studs desire to see me nude and that they appreciate my bigger than average chest. I hope one day the rest of the world will be expert to appreciate a woman’s body as a thing of stunner, instead of screaming in indignation. But I was a very cheerful woman previous to I started modeling and I’m going to remain happy after it is over.”

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McKenzie Lee

McKenzie Lee McKenzie Lee
McKenzie Lee @ CuckoldSessions.com
Meet Officer Lee. He is a cop. He’s not a bad cop…but sometimes this chab "bends the rules", so to speak. Today’s a great sample. On his way to work, he’s decided to drop off his wife at her work. Her name is McKenzie Lee, and she’s a exotic dancer. This, certainly, is a violation of police procedure. And when his car konks out while that man is giving his gogo dancer wife a ride to her undress club, well…he cant just take his car to The Yard to have it fixed. Enter Isiah Maxwell and his mechanic shop. They’re busy, so it is intend to take Office Lee much more than a "please" to receive his car fixed in advance of both his and his wife’s shifts kick off. Even more than "pretty please". It’s going to take all 3 of his slutty, lap dancer wife’s holes to acquire Isiah’s team to make his car right, and that’s OKAY with Officer Lee. He’s a cuckold, and he is about to have pleasure another cuckold session with his fetching, busty wife!!
McKenzie Lee McKenzie Lee

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“How to make me happy,” by Angela

“How to make me pleased,” by Angela

'How to make me happy,' by Angela

Angela is intend to give you a movie tutorial. By the time it ends, you will know how to make her very glad. Study carefully and pay attention to her instructions. This babe knows plenty of horny ram for a juvenile hotty.

We asked Angela, “In Australia, do u run into people who have observed you in SCORE or Voluptuous magazines or on Scoreland? If so, what’s their reaction?”

Angela replied, “I have run into several people. I indeed like it when I do because I do enjoy the attention. I love the fellows who will come up and talk to me instead of just pointing and staring. I do not bite (outdoors of the bedroom!) and I am cheerful to have a gulp with a new ally.

“When I was dancing at a undress joint on the Gold Coast of Australia, I met an English boy on holiday who recognized me and he took me out to lunch. This charmer was so pleasing that when I went to London on vacation, I made sure I met up with him one more time. I know you wanna hear all the obscene stories about what we did, but I am going to leave that up to your imagination! So come up to me and say hi. U by no means know what might happen!”

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Hot Tub, Huge Ta-tas

Sexy Tub, Stupendous Ta-tas

Hot Tub, Biggest Ta-tas

Alice Webb is an XL Beauty who never failed to attract tons of attention. In this scene Alice takes a bath and diddles herself with a larger than average Doc Johnson lady-toy. “I’d be shocked to learn that a dominatrix doesn’t masturbate,” says Alice. “I love dildos and masturbation.”

“I have not worn knickers since I was fifteen,” Alice added. “I am a total Tomboy. I wear movie Tee-shirts and a petticoat. My dream was to become a porno star but I not at all did. I actually did wish to become one. I still receive plenty of sex. I have oral-service each day and sex each other day. I am kind of assured that way.”

It’s a shame Alice not at any time did become a adult star. U win some, u lose some. That babe was nice-looking particular about the type of gent who’s ideal for her. “I have dated all kinds of fellows but I truly adore a stud who’s very patriotic and if he can play the guitar and has lengthy hair, he could receive very fortunate.”

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