Cat Bangles – Sexy Jizz For A Cat

Hot Cream For A Cat

Hot Man cream For A Cat

Cat Bangles is so sexy that even veteran super-stud JMac found this chap had a wild cum-hole on his hands. And this is Cat’s very first hardcore scene? The future looks randy actually. The Puerto Rican-American from New Great Britain has sex daily back home in Boston but at-home sex is very different from porn-sex.

“He could not control himself,” Cat said in an after-sex interview. “He had to avoid to keep himself from coming. He tapped out three times, truly. I’ve heard that this chab is by no means met his match and that he is been having sex with beauties on-camera for a lengthy time. Apparently, plenty of girls can not handle him. He could not handle me with my taut cookie, succulent throat and those bra-busters!”

Cat loves anal play. That babe is fingered in her booty by her new friend JMac during the time that that babe is getting drilled. “Sex would not be as pleasurable out of it,” Cat says. She’s placed on the floor upside-down so this skirt chaser can pile-drive her taut pink-box. Cat sucks her teats as this dude drives her home. Lad, does this looker adore sex!

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Natalie Fiore – Titanic Ta-tas

Immense Ta-tas

Titanic Ta-tas

Natalie Fiore actually appreciates her fans and that babe at not time fails to thank ‘em for their support and loyalty. That is one of the reasons she wanted to model during her pregnancy. That babe could have stayed home until this babe gave birth.

This day, Natalie wants to moisturize her now-huge bumpers. They need to be kept velvety and smooth and hydrated. She’ll need a very bigger than standard bottle of skin jizz for that activity. Natalie will likewise rubdown her baby bump until it shines. And lastly she’ll slide out of her skimpy briefs and rub-down her like button and give herself a female hardon. Of course, this babe wants to share all of this ‘coz this babe is a sharing mistresse.

Slipping off her white blouse and her gigantic under garment, Natalie squirts ample amounts of white man-juice on her pantoons. This babe has plenty of territory to cover. Ah, to be expert to lend her a hand or 2 and aid her man juice up. Then she rubs her bump, a dab of white cock juice pooling in her belly button. Natalie’s rubs herself all over whilst she is flat on her back make her love bubbles wobble. Her breathing deepens, her body tingles. Photo 75 is a particularly moist fuck-me picture. Natalie’s fingers make circles over her hardened clit until she has her gasm-spasm.

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Natasha Dulce – Jack Talk & Toss off Appeal

Jack Talk & Wank Appeal

Jack Talk & Jack off Appeal

Sexy SCORE and V-mag stars toss off their nipps and spank their pussies whilst talking smutty and encouraging the viewer to join them and jerk off. Kelly Christiansen is the wife of a SCORE reader. This babe decided to become a glamour model at SCORE herself and applied. With a face and body love Kelly’s, only desirous people would have turned down her invitation. “I was looking for a change. I wanted to do something totally drastic, and I did. I would at not time done anything adore that. I do not exactly let my love muffins hang out naked in public now, but I let ‘em hang out a lot more than I did in advance of. Everybody I know says that.”

Michelle May was studying to be a nurse when that babe became a V-mag and XLGirls glamour model. Now this babe is a nurse, inadvertently giving her patients big boners. “I love it when a charmer pushes me face-down into my pillow, grabs my thighs and copulates the shit with out me. I do not love lots of foreplay. Just screw me. I just crave to skip the foreplay and shag. I adore to be taken and ravished by a ladies man when I’ve sex. I love to be taken by a buck. I like to be shoved against the wall and banged and lifted up and shoved onto a couch. I adore indecent talk, likewise. And I adore to give a woman chaser head, likewise. I too masturbate in traffic a lot. I like cumming love that.”

Natasha Dulce was kicked with out her job at McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida for not wearing her paper hat. So this babe did the most natural thing next. This babe became a nude stripper for a during the time that at the noted 2001 Odyssey exotic dancing club. Then that babe connected with SCORE. “Most males who get dances from me love my titties. They cant keep their hands off of ‘em. And on the uncommon times when the man isn’t playing with my mammaries, I’ll play with them for him, and then he’ll receive the hint and commence playing with them.” One time a smooth operator came in his trousers during one of Natasha’s grinding lap dances. It’s understandable when you look at this beauty.

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Marilyn Mayson – Best of XLGirls Threesomes

Finest of XLGirls Threesomes

Best of XLGirls Threesomes

Two of’s hottest threesome scenes in one go-to double feature: First, Molly Howard & Marilyn Mayson receive down on it in an interracial trio. The chemistry and raunchy energy Marilyn and Molly share is gripping and super-horny. “Oh, u tear it up so wonderful,” Marilyn says while her fuck buddy bangs her. “You’re deep in that little love tunnel. Oh, that cookie is yours.” In part two, Marilyn takes on two males and drains ‘em dry. “Dear diary,” Marilyn writes as she ponders her future mini-orgy with 2 cocksmen. “It’s always been my fantasy to sleep with more than one petticoat chaser at a time. I have seen this in so many raunchy films…” There will be no sleeping in this rencounter, just raw, pure screwing and prick sucking.

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Zuzanna – Cock Drainer #1

Ramrod Drainer #1

Cock Drainer #1

This Czech looker paved the way for hundreds of girls following in her footsteps in porn. Yet very little is known about Zuzanna or her background. Interviews were impossible to arrange and she rarely communicated with porn journalists and editors or self-promoted herself. (Filming all over Europe, she used a multiformity of other names which adds to the mystery. Too adding to the confusion is the three dozen other Czech porn angels all using the singular name Zuzanna! So try to find the tattoo of a spider on her right arse cheek for this Zuzanna.)

The blond sexbomb has over a dozen SCORE and Voluptuous mag credits to her name and has featured in three DVDs since the early ’00s. At this point in time, presumed retired from video-making, Zuzanna’s considered a European big-tit porn legend who did the wildest ultra-hardcore act. She generally looked love the girl-next-door with minimal make-up and liked to suit in casual, tight, pink tops and denim shorts or mini-skirts and high heels, not high-glamour sexy outfit.

In this scene from SCORE Rod Drainers, raw sex is the expose. No plot, no story, no theme, no set-up. Zuzanna blows unfathomable, gets rogered in her pussy and arsehole, takes the spurting weenie new without her ass into her face hole and swallows all the cum. It’s easy to see why Zuzanna was a mega-star in her time and an influence on many cuties who were inspired by her antics.

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Elle Flynn – Enormous Heaving Bosoms

Enormous Heaving Milk cans

Heavy Heaving Hooters

Presented as an eye-training exercise, this movie scene of Elle Flynn bouncing her bodaciously enormous fullsome funbags will sharpen your visual reflexes if u check out it regularly. It was shot at a high frame rate and adjusted for slo-motion. Just chase the bouncing boobs.

How did Elle connect with Voluptuous in the 1st place?

“I was thinking about getting into porn, and I happened to notice an classified advert online looking for beauties with large mellons. I thought it sounded nifty, and it was a very elementary submission process. So I sent a miniature in number images in and answered a scarcely any questions, and I got a response back glamorous quickly. I definitely thought the process would take longer coz I figured you boys would have a high volume of submissions. I had not at any time observed SCORELAND or any magazines before submitting my images. It was all brand-new to me.”

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Sarah Rae – The Hot Store Clerk

The Hawt Store Clerk

The Hot Store Clerk

Welcome to Sarah Rae’s Greater than standard Titty Boutique. You’ll find the world’s high-reaching customer service in this store. The clerks led by owner Sarah Rae will take the shirts off their backs to serve u and make a sale. Soever you need for that special someone with stupendous melons is here from supportive bras to cleavage-revealing sweaters. Carefully observe Sarah’s skillful sales technique in this stiffening photo spread and video. Her hawt girl-next-door charm could sell ice makers at the North Pole.

What kind of questions do lads ask Sarah? Do they tend to ask pretty much the same questions?

“I do get asked lots of the same questions. Like, ‘How large are they?’ ‘Are they real?’ ‘Does my back hurt?’ ‘Do I love mouthing my areolas?’ etc. etc. I am a 34JJ and I say yep to everything except my back hurting. I’ve no idea why everyone thinks it is such a struggle for me to have humongous love melons, I like ‘em and can’t say one bad thing about ‘em!”

There is nothing bad anyone can say about bigger in size than average bosoms. Without ‘em, there’s no paradise. Sarah Rae proves this yet again.

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Kerry Marie – Kerry Marie Time Traveler

Kerry Marie Time Traveler

Kerry Marie Time Traveler

SCORELAND hits the greater than standard tit time machine and warps back to the days of Kerry Marie past with three Kerry Marie clips made at the SCORE Studio. First up, we go back in time to visit Kerry’s distant ancestor, a cavegirl with a body that made cavemen paint her fotos on their cave walls. Kerry even paints her large marangos with prehistoric dark light paint! This babe was a true pioneer of nudie modeling.

Moving forward to the 21st century, we follow Kerry as that babe hitches a ride to SCORELAND (holding a sign that reads, “SCORELAND or Bust”). The driver who picks her up thought this lady-killer was intend to acquire a oral-sex but Kerry ain’t that kinda angel. She’s saving herself for marriage. But he accedes to take Kerry over in any case. During the ride, this babe changes with out her garments, masturbating and torturing the poor lad during the time that this dude watches in the rear view mirror. This babe receives dressed previous to they arrive at SCORELAND. It was a ride this smooth operator not ever forgot.

Lastly, warped to the 22nd century, Kerry is a star pilot exploring a derelict space ship in chase of the orgasmatron, a device that all huge-boobed cuties would adore to get their love tunnels baked with. Kerry beams aboard the ship and starts using all of the tech this babe finds to pleasurize her valuable milk cans and taut coochie, breaking the breast pump along the way.

Astounding Kerry Marie, voted #7 in the Topmost Adult models of SCORELAND 1992-2012.

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Isabella Grazzi – New Discovery

Fresh Discovery

New Discovery

Isabella Grazzi makes her XLGirls first appearance and is a bit nervous since that babe has at no time modeled before but she does fine in our book and receives admirable and relaxed. Isabella said that the majority enjoyment job she’s ever had was working at Starbucks but now that she’s at Starboobs, that babe may like hawt adult modeling even more. It is hotter than an espresso.

In her spare time, Isabella is a musician. “I can sing and play the piano and I can juggle,” says Isabella. She’s also got a little bit of a kinky side and is into SADOMASOCHISM (although this babe doesn’t look it at all).

Isabella has some wild erotic dreams that that babe talks about in the episode portion of her first appearance. She watches porn and owns a Hitachi Wand that that babe uses a couple of times a day. Girls didn’t use to see porn but the times, they are a’changin’ and 21-year-old cuties are as lustful to watch sex movie scenes as boyz are.

Cute, perky, bubbly and friendly. You’ll like Isabella Grazzi.

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Cameron Skye – Oiled Zeppelins & A Fire Crotch

Oiled Mounds & A Fire Crotch

Oiled Mounds & A Fire Crotch

Cameron Skye loves to greasy oil, ball batter and rubdown her greater than average zeppelins. This invigorating hobby and personal care activity helps to keep ‘em soft, smooth and flexible. A tit-man could check out a cutie adore Cameron do this for hours until his eyeballs glazed over. Breast massaging is also a healthy activity. It helps the circulatory system in many different ways and is even touted as a method of stimulating boob growth. So, Cameron, keep up the valuable work and keep fondelling.

Cameron talks about getting her hooters massaged in her hypnotic, hawt voice. She’s a fan of visiting spas where this babe can acquire her milk shakes massaged (by a lady crew, in case you are wondering.) This might be a worthy career to look into.

Cameron peels off her sexy pink outfit and undies to disclose her freshly grown-in bush. Cameron calls her ginger female pie a fire crotch. It took Cameron approximately three months to grow it out. This was done for all you fans of snatch beards who complain about bald cuties.

“Nobody has hair anymore,” says giggly Cameron who was smooth and bald her 1st time at SCORELAND. “Nobody has a fire crotch. Not even hair.” True enough. Shaven coochies are in these days.

Cameron exposes how that babe takes care of her fire crotch. It is adore putting out a fire with gasoline. Seeing her do this should spark a fire in your own crotch.

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