Danica Danali – Pluggin’ A Plumper

Pluggin’ A Plumper

Pluggin' A Plumper

Danica’s wet crack is leaking, and we know just what that babe needs. Our friend Tony DeSergio’s pipe is consummate for plugging a plumper’s cookie. He’s seen–and fucked–many of those ravishing ladies, but Danica definitely stands apart as one of the most bodacious. Her body is velvety, her vagina is warm and her mouth is always hungry for man-honey. And Tony will be feeding her lots of that after screwing her brains out.

“I think cuties should take pride in sucking strapon,” Danica told us. “It’s joy. Have enjoyment what you are doing. If u take care of a guy, he’ll take care of u.”

That’s the spirit, Danica. Danica is one of the finest cock suckers we’ve met, and she exposes off each bit of her prowess in her latest XXX scene. This babe eagerly devours each inch of Tony’s manhood and even licks his balls a bit, likewise. Tony returns the favor by screwing her brains out missionary, doggy and reverse cowgirl in advance of shooting his cum all over her fun bags.

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Harlow Nyx – In The Miami Mix

In The Miami Mix

In The Miami Mix

Whilst here at SCORE all the way from a diminutive town in Missouri, Harlow Nyx made a not many side trips to Miami. Talkin’ it to the streets, Harlow and our photographer detected a secluded spot in the popular Arts District, a neighborhood plastered with graffiti everywhere. This area appealed to Harlow.

When that babe discovered the right place, Harlow popped out her giant natural scoops and flashed her pink coochie. Like her previous Bonus photo sets, some of these shots would make a worthwhile album cover for Harlow, a musician.

“I’ll play covers mostly,” says Harlow. “Just acoustic stuff. I adore enormous metal a lot. I adore grunge rock. I can play guitar and piano. And I can hurt a motherfucker with my mellons. I just pick ‘em up and drop them and bam!” Harlow using your head adore a drum set? Deal us in.

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Anna Beck – Saucy and Sultry

Saucy and Sultry

Saucy and Sultry

Beck. One more word for bigger than standard breasts? No, another word for biggest hooters. Anna Beck is back for a cum-show with her not-so-little friend B.O.F. That is “battery operated ally.” Queen Anna not ever leaves home with out it. “I love to masturbate. Who does not?” says Anna. “I adore it and I adore to display how I do it.” Anna sure has cum a lengthy way.

Writes Seth, ally and longtime fan of XL Angels, “This honey bunny kills. I so remember seeing her in 2010-11 in that red suit and golden-haired tresses, and enthusiastically commented back then. Way hawt shoots and now, she has returned with authority and as fucking charming as ever. She has really delivered glamorous, impeccable pictorials with her titanic, round funbags, bigger than run of the mill, juicy, hawt wet crack, legs, booty, torso and, that magnificant face with all its looker and digital camera charisma.”

DoubleT comments, “Anna is so admirable. All her scenes are great, hardcore and solo. Would that babe be ready to do a girl-girl scene? Either way can’t expect to watch more of her.”

Well, DoubleT, Anna told in 2014 that girls don’t actually do it for her. Would u wanna see her in a scene her heart was not into?

Ronnie makes a request, “Anna is astonishing. But can you receive her to stop–yes, stop–playing with her tits constantly. Let them just hang naturally in a scene please!”

Can you blame her, Ronnie? Anna’s got a handful!

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Cassie – XXX Cherry Busted

XXX Cherry Busted

XXX Cherry Busted

Cassie is a hotty. Our ladies man in Prague discovered this Voluptuous damsel whilst on the pursue for fresh breasty angels. Cassie was game to go and while that babe was being interviewed, this man asked if this babe is like to flaunt her moves in couch with a lad. Czech gals tend to be liberated, free and nutty and Cassie has a sexy glint in her eyes that was kind of a tip-off.

Paired up with fellow Steve, Cassie was an kooky pupil in the art of screwing on film. Steve had a ball with Cassie’s immense, pliable natties. Her pale-colored, wide areolae encircle darker nipples, teats her porn teacher went berserk over previous to switching to sucking her twat (Euro-studs tend to be more into eating out a girl’s love tunnel with enjoy than their American counterparts), tit-fucking her fleshy jugs indeed inflexible and burying his tool inside her to pound Cassie in a bunch of sweaty poses out of the messy lad sex manual.

Cassie says she’s a passive girl in sofa although this babe has a feisty side that came out on film with Steve. That babe says she loves a Lothario who goes nuts on her mambos cuz that increases her excitement. Angels in hardcore pics often look at the digi camera. During the episode, Cassie also stole glances directly into the camera that added some supplementary bad goddess heat. Maybe being photographed made Cassie more assured or she was just flushed with adrenaline.

Cassie’s beloved position is doggie-style. She’s into straightforward fucking and sucking. “I don’t adore kinky sex,” says Cassie, “I’m likewise coy to have sex in public, love at a park or in a car. I do not care for a bit of arse or fingers in my a-hole and to have sex with more than one smooth operator does not have interest for me. I have merely kissed a girl. I’ve not had sex with a cutie. What I do wanna try is sex on a swing. This looks enjoyment.”

It bears a resemblance to Cassie desires to do one more scene with a porn stud. Guess this babe liked her smashing with Steve!

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Kamryn Monroe – Her DDD-Cups Overfloweth

Her DDD-Cups Overfloweth

Her DDD-Cups Overfloweth

Bottoms up! If you’re feeling parched, Kamryn Monroe has exactly what’s needed to quench a boob man’s thirst. Whenever a cutie love Kamryn saunters into our Hallowed Halls of Zeppelins, we do our topmost to deck her out in the skimpiest, feast-your-eyes-on-this outfit we can discover. We think we have outdone ourselves with this lace outfit–if u can call it an outfit. Kamryn’s DDD cup naturals could make Niagara Falls jealous with the way her mams are pouring without this getup. And certainly, we know XL Chaps worldwide are standing by with cocks up to submit their approval.

This discharge is indeed part of Kamryn’s second-ever visit to Miami and our studios. So she was of course feeling a lot more assured, a lot sexier and a lot more adventurous in her second foray into our big-tit-obsessed world. Luckily for us, she felt assertive sufficient to slip into this hot piece of fetish underware.

“It felt love I came back home this time,” Kamryn told. “I knew what to expect, and I love the attention and comments I’ve gotten from guys on the web resource. It’s exciting to be back.”

XL Males, u have even more to be excited about. Kamryn too filmed her first tits-and-tugs scene. Which you’ll have the enjoyment of jerking to later this month.

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Harlow Nyx – Gets Her Kicks

Acquires Her Kicks

Gets Her Kicks

Solely 22-years-old, big-boobed Harlow Nyx has observed more act than a maid at a cathouse. And that babe has an nearly photographic memory for detail when talking about her beloved experiences. Harlow commented about an orgy she went to. Now that babe talks about a one-on-one this babe considers the almost any amazing.

“I met him at a party. I was just like, ‘You look good. I’m going to sit by u.’ It was some insane, coarse, kinky sex, and it was awesome. I had by no means cum like that previous to. He had a larger than standard 10-Pounder. Actually thick. A solid seven or eight inches, but, damn, it was thick. And that woman chaser had mucho stamina. We went for five, six hours in advance of he came. I was loving it.

“I came so much! I’m going to receive to say five, six, seven times. This chab should’ve been a porn stud. He brought a bag with him. Without this bag this guy pulls thongs, scarves, ties, candles. Just a bunch of stuff. This Lothario fastened me up. Whipped me with the belts. Leaked candle wax on my scones. Put a gag in my mouth. Put my panties in my mouth and bound them up real constricted with a thong. That was wonderful.

“He went hard on my ass. This Lothario banged my milk shakes. He shoved ‘em jointly and rogered them. I got coarse too. I could take his meat-thermometer completely down my mouth, and whenever I started to gag, he’d wrap his hand in my hair and shove my head down, and I could feel that thing going down my face hole, and I would begin to gag on that. Major saliva strings. It was leaking everywhere, down to his testicles and everything. What a night that was.”

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Harley Ann – Cock Is Her Tip

Wang Is Her Tip

Cock Is Her Tip

Tipping your servers is common practice in the United States, but a gal love Harley Ann isn’t a very demanding server. When this babe serves you drinks, you can keep your wallet in your trousers but you are more than welcome to pull your schlong out. Harley’s latest hardcore photo discharge may be her hottest yet. In her view, she’s topping herself with each visit because this babe was pleasantly surprised by her first discharge.

“I thought they were much more good than I reckoned,” the foxy Florida native said. “I think that made me feel even more comfortable in front of the digi camera this time around. Fucking on-camera afresh felt natural to me. I let loose, and I had plenty of fun.”

This babe got overspread in plenty of cum, too–her own, and our ally Juan’s. It all begins with Harley’s epic dick-sucking skills, certainly. She’s one of the finest we’ve ever viewed coz she takes pride in her cock-handling and genuinely enjoys it.

“I feel sexiest when I’m giving boys head,” Harley said. “As a female, one of the high-reaching feelings in the world is knowing how wonderful you’re making a fellow feel.”

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Ingrid Swenson – Bring Those Hooters Here

Bring Those Billibongs Here

Bring Those Wobblers Here

Ingrid Swenson is a SCORE Girl from Miami Beach. A skinny and stacked blond, that babe likes to spend time at the beach and beach undress clubs wearing skimpy bikinis that are likewise constricted for her 34DD zeppelins. Ingrid is married to a SCORE reader who gave her permission to display off her body for our cameras. That lady-killer likewise gave her permission to let other boyz fuck her fine and rock hard on-camera. Now that’s a Boob Brother. Years back, boys did not wanna know the beauties were married or had boyfriends but now there is been a tidal shift in attitude by readers and video viewers.

“My sexual fantasy was to be in a men’s magazine and to make a porn video,” says Ingrid. “Not with a girl, but with males with bigger in size than typical dongs.”

Ingrid receives fucked and jizzed inflexible, taking a cock-filling deep and fast in nasty poses. Being married to a SCORE fan raises the question of why be married if she’s intend to get screwed by other men, but the same question could be asked of swinging married couples. The reason is that they crave a stable, steady, non-monogamous relationship with a boyfriend and they crave the occasional new bonk partner for the thrill of it and the excitement of doing it on film for everyone to have fun, just like married SCORE adult models Kelly Christiansen, Siri, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley and Sharon Pink. And their husbands don’t mind. They can’t live with out to watch their SCORE brides injected with strange ramrod now and then. One was asked about that and his response was “Kicks.”

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Daylene Rio – Clash of The Sex Titans

Clash of The Sex Titans

Clash of The Sex Titans

Bitch beauty of big milk shakes and booty too, charismatic Daylene Rio is willing for it. Not the Battle of the Sexes. That babe is ready for the Clash of the Sex Titans. When it comes to Daylene giving the rod TLC and getting her own satisfaction, that babe is a gold medalist in the coliseum of action of love with a Ph.D in sensual knowledge.

“I love multiple orgasms, foreplay, kissing, snuggling and spooning,” says Daylene in her seriously sexual, baby-doll voice.

“I feel sexy when I’m all dolled-up, sipping some wine and exotic dancing sensuously. I like to look sexy by wearing see-through leggings, no thongs or undergarment or wearing see-through clothing. When I want it, I will walk up to a boy and immediately tell him I’m attracted to him. I dont hold back!

“I’ve observed my SCORE movies and DVDs by myself but for some reason when I am on a date, the lad is always showing me movies of my scenes.

“Shooting my 1st scenes at SCORE [in 2009] did change me, in a admirable way. I am much more open to sex and I suppose I am more aggressive now.

“The sex I’ve had always looks different when I see the episode later on compared to when I’m making it. I notice things that I did not notice in advance of until I viewed it. It made me feel good to watch that SCORE made a DVD [XXXtreme Daylene] of solely my scenes. That is at not time happened anywhere else.”

Even though Daylene has a couple of the biggest and sexiest whoppers at SCORELAND, she says her wazoo and her eyes are her most astounding features cuz “the eyes say it all.”

Welcome back, the seriously sexy Daylene Rio. And that’s a fact, Jack!

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Sarah Rae – Sarah’s Bag of Tricks

Sarah’s Bag of Tricks

Sarah's Bag of Tricks

U can feel the energy shift when Sarah Rae enters a room. First, ‘cuz she is bubbly and vivacious. Sarah’s personality lights up a room when that babe makes an entrance. But if we’re gonna be honest, the real reason the energy shifts when Sarah enters a room is ‘cuz everyone’s staring at them. Her knockers… which are 36JJs and essentially have homing beacons on ‘em. U have no partiality but to look. With all of the attention her mangos receive, Sarah has developed some bigger than run of the mill tit tricks, also.

“I’m a able big-booby bouncer,” this babe told. “It happens on its own when I’m walking, but a lot of times when I’m sitting in a restaurant I do detect myself doing it. It’s second nature to me now.”

We doubt the wait staff or the clientele have any complaints when Sarah begins her booby bounces. Certainly, subconscious booby bouncing isn’t the only–or the best–trick Sarah has up her brassiere thongs. Sarah’s self-suckling of her love bubbles are the ram of legend, and that babe may be the merely beauty bigger at ‘em than the legendary Gya Roberts. From hands-free self-sucks to hands-free, double-tit self-sucks, no one comes close to matching Sarah in this respect. Sarah reveals off her titty-sucking prowess in her latest pictorial, even going as far as engulfing her own breasts while doing a split. No one does it adore Sarah.

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