Cat Bangles – “Anal Me Tonight”

“Anal Me Tonight”

Cat Bangles checks herself out in her mirror, and the see, as usual, is no thing less than spectacular. This moist and moist Bostonian of Puerto Rican heritage is a frequent guest at TSG. We always advise the lads to stock up on the zinc and lecithin powder in advance of they shoot a scene with this heavy-hanging, bra-bustin’ delight.

Cat is going to acquire fucked (and rammed in the butt, too) by Tony Rubino. They really knew every through the Internet before he got to meet and greet her in person here.

“I was living in Providence at the time,” Cat told. “One evening, a friend and I were getting a little frisky online, and Tony said us there was a recent app named Vine. You can make movie scenes that play for about Thirty seconds to one minute. So this Lothario told us to put a movie up, and we did and we kept doing it over and over. We were fucking and mouthing all over the place. We did it all. Everybody loved it and commented, including Tony. One of his comments was that any hawt gals should receive over here contact with him if they were interested in in nature’s garb modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. This fellow told he would click here contact with u all for me afresh, and now, here I am shaking my bazookas for all of u. All thanks to Tony and Vine.”

Tony receives to bury his weenie in Cat thank u to his caring friends. That babe is a complete lotta female and pleasured of it. Thank’s, Cat!

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Jessie Simmons – Young & Tight

Young & Constricted

Young & Tight

Newcomer Jessie Simmons (Feb. 2016 SCORE) surprises Steve by showing him two pairs of new high-heeled shoes that babe is bought. Beauties like to shop and brandish off what they’ve acquired during their treasure hunts. Steve is not also thrilled since her purchases are on his card.

New outfits and fresh shoes make a gal cheerful and randy. Or so it is written. Jessie is happy and very, very amorous. Now Steve is horny and wants this foxy, youthful piece of booty beneath him. Jessie craves his meat-thermometer stiff and deep. It is great how new shoes can create this fine bond.

Jessie’s enjoyable body and innocent girl-next-door personality make Steve bonkers. This smooth operator acquires her on her hands and knees, pulls her knickers off, opens her little a-hole cheeks apart and buries his tongue in her new fur pie and even licks her arsehole. That gent licks her muff anew when she is on her back and buries his penis in her in a zillion positions. He cant receive enough of her. Jessie has that effect on boys. She appears to be inexperienced, but when u see her shag, that impression evaporates. This cutie can really screw. After overtired Steve cums, a shy and smiling Jessie slips out another time with his card, off to buy more girly things.

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Diamond Foxxx – Bikini Pool Pick-up

Bathing costume Pool Pick-up

Bikini Pool Pick-up

Diamond Foxxx makes wonderful slurping sounds when that babe sucks on shlong. This babe spends tons of time caressing her pantoons with her fuck buddy’s penis, groaning and making impure comments. Diamond lays on her back for more tit-fucking and hand-jerking. Then this chab penetrates her pussy and screws her inflexible. That babe receives it like that babe merits it.

Diamond loves a man’s man. “If that smooth operator spends more time in the mirror than I do, he’s no good,” that babe told. “I adore a stud who knows what this chab craves and can deliver it.” About herself, she says, “I can blend into any crowd. I can look adore a soccer Mamma, a wench or an office professional. I love to wear revealing attractive garments finest.”

Diamond branches out from porn now and then. A wedding ceremony with her second husband was filmed for The Learning Channel’s Brides of Beverly Hills series (October 28, 2011). You can learn a lot from this TV station. That babe likewise was cast in a Glen Danzig music video for the song Ju-Ju-Bone. You won’t be seeing that in rotation on MTV, not with stripped bumpers on brandish.

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Roxee Robinson – Roxee’s Robust Rack

Roxee’s Robust Rack

Roxee's Robust Rack

We owe Canada for Roxee Robinson. Her robust rack is mellow and rockin’.

XLGirls: What is your much loved thing about modeling?

Roxee: I love to voyage, and that’s a large bonus with stripped modeling. I likewise adore expressing myself with my photos. I relish.

XLGirls: If you are going out shopping or to run errands, do you dress in tight, sexy raiment?

Roxee: I do sometimes. I adore dressing up hawt and seeing people’s reactions. It can be entertaining.

XLGirls: Have u ever danced or worked in a club?

Roxee: I did dance in disrobe clubs beginning when I was Eighteen, and I prevented when I was 24.

XLGirls: Do u visit exposed beaches or nude resorts?

Roxee: I have not at any time visited a exposed beach or resort, although I’d if I had the opportunity.

XLGirls: What do u like to do for fun?

Roxee: I love being outdoors, so if the weather is great, I like going for walks or lounging by the pool. When the weather is a little cooler, I adore being in the kitchen cooking up smth tasty or enjoyable. I like going on webcam and giving lads big boners. That can be a lot of fun!

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Liza Biggs – Roped-in Stunner

Roped-in Dish

Roped-in Beauty

Liza Biggs cant come to the phone right now. She’s all fastened up. But no worries. Liza’s learned the ropes and easily escapes. She’s got more moves than Houdini.

Liza ropes herself after she busts without her bonds and plays boob games with that cord, making herself the hottest table centerpiece any Lothario can fantasy of. Then this babe finally tries out the glass table that girls from Hitomi to Annie Swanson have squished their bigger in size than standard knockers against.

Liza’s a sous chef. Previous to that, that babe was a flight attendant based without Hawaii. She’s traveled extensively.

“I too traveled a lot when I was in school. I’ve been to Japan, Recent Zealand, Australia, Germany and France. I have been all over the United States. I have by no means been with any of the pilots, but yeah, they’re all pervs. They’re worthy pervs, but they’re pervs!”

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Keama Kim – Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate Bon Bons

An administrative supervisor, originally from Brooklyn, New York, Keama Kim doesn’t date. “I’ve not ever been on one,” that babe told. Instead, Keama goes for bonk dates. No fuss, no drama. This babe loves to be touched and likes “touchy, feely” chaps.

Keama receives more than touched in this scene.

“A valuable rock hard rogering satisfies me topmost,” she told. That is what this babe got, no strings attached. A lad one time told to Keama, “You have the Hummer of all melons.” She liked that.

“I always love for the dude to make the first move. I have done anything you can think of in sex, but I’m passive. So the chap should take charge of me and play with my love muffins for a long-time, suck them, screw ’em.”

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Carmen Hayes – Threeway Titfest

Threeway Titfest

Threeway Titfest

Miss Marks is very much a Peeping Christy in this three-some romp, courtesy of Staying together with Carmen Hayes at the SCORE house, Christy wanders without the bedroom. That babe is hungry, so it is refrigerator raid time. Then this babe spies her roomie getting frisky with Carlos Rios. That babe was solely getting a snack when she saw Carmen on her knees gargling Carlos’ ramrod. That got Christy real sexually excited real screwing fast.

Not one to play wallflower, Christy forgets the food and desires in on that act. The couple sees Christy watching ’em and receives her over to the bed so they can kick off a three-way fuckfest of fucking, wang mouthing, nipp licking with tongue and vagina eating. It is hot, wet and nasty, just the way they love it!

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Lexi Windsor – Exotic dancer

Exotic dancer

Exotic dancer

38F-cupper Lexi Windsor was an lap dancer with milky nipples. She told her wildest experience was wearing a schoolgirl outfit to have sex on a Blackhawk helicopter.

“I have a lingerie fetish,” Lexi told. “I used to buy lingerie constantly, even in advance of I became a dancer.

“I indeed like receiving oral sex if the fellow is very admirable at it. It’s the superlatively worthwhile feeling in the world. I love masturbating, too. The precious thing about it is that it is quick and easy and there’s less to clean up.”

Lexi was in and out of our studio quickly, by no means to be watched some other time, but this babe left us with fotos and a movie scene to jack to. A very generous contribution to the cause.

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Barbara Girl – Honeymoon of Scoops

Honeymoon of Bra-busters

Honeymoon of Hooters

A “Honeymoon of Bazookas,” indeed, as Barbara Beauty dons the veil of bridal night bliss and bonks her groom into next week. When it comes to sex, on-camera or off, Barbara is all in and gives the dudes 200%. She gives Thomas a rock hard time as they celebrate their wedding night. Is this boy willing for marriage to this brickhouse? The look of sheer glee in all of Barbara’s scenes, whether solos or boy-girls, is intense. That babe truly has enjoyment, a lot more joy than in her 9-to-5 job.

There is also smth the boob dude will notice about Barbara in her vids. This babe plays with her fullsome funbags a lot. This babe plays with ’em when this babe is on her back and a boy is boning her. This babe bounces ’em love barmy, especially when that babe is sat up on his pole. She sucks and licks ’em a lot and digs her fingers into her flexible breast flesh. She’s a true-blue boob angel.

Barbara said her sex drive hasn’t increased since this babe started having sex on-camera. This babe says she is as sexual at home as she is shooting one of her SCORELAND scenes.

We’ve never met Barbara in the flesh at SCORE since we film her in Europe. Maybe one day, she’ll holiday in Florida and visit.

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Wow Nikki – Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Naughty hot-sheet motels have done more for people’s sex drives than a truckload of Cialis. Wow Nikki was a sex-loving, cock-loving bra-buster who told no to guy-girl action for a few years.

Nikki craves to make it in a carnal motel with lots of mirrors and an atmosphere that reeks of sex, a feeling that hits the guests the second they walk into the room, like a rolling fog off San Francisco Bay. They detect exactly what they’re looking for and go at it.

Nikki is direct and open about sex. “I like doggie position, hands-down. Schlong size is not important to me. A medium size penis is great. It is all about the power behind the shove.”

She too loves and licks girls. “I have a lot of cute friends and I play that game a lot with angels. No thing like licking some sexy love tunnel.”

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