Ryan Riesling

Ryan Riesling Ryan Riesling
Ryan Riesling @ CuckoldSessions.com
Meet the Rieslings — Ryan and Damien. They’re the happiest pair in the world. How so? Ryan’s a natural-born, BBC-lovin’ white goddess…which has always been Damien idea of a fantasy girl. Damien learned about white girls who loved darksome bucks way back in high-school, when this chab caught his cheerleader girlfriend banging the center of the basketball team. They called him Diminutive, and when Damien strolled into her bedroom unannounced one sunny afternoon and caught the couple rogering away, and this chap saw Slim’s heavy cock and the fun it brought his girlfriend, he did not receive bonkers. He simply accepted it. Now, years later, this chab wears his chastity device proudly and knows when Ryan is "in session" with her "personal trainer", well…all he truly craves to do is observe. And maybe clean up. If this chab is favourable. This day, he is a favourable cuck. Look! The Bull even got ball cream on Ryan’s wedding ring! Clean-up on aisle Ryan!
Ryan Riesling Ryan Riesling

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Bosom buddies

Bosom buddies

Bosom buddies

Angela and Brandy Talore are sharing a hotel room. They are in Miami to film the Big breasted Ladies of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) DVD with Annie Swanson and Cherry Brady. One as well as the other gals are in the same double ottoman. Most men would sell their souls to be in the centre of Angela and Brandy for one night.

“Brandy, if you are planning on going to sleep, I need that side of the sofa,” Angela says.

“No, I am already over here,” Brandy replies.

“C’mon, I need that side,” Angela insists.

“Why?” Brandy says, a little annoyed.

“Because it’s likewise close to the air conditioner and I’ll get cold,” Angela tells her.

“No!” Brandy says firmly.

“Are u serious?” Angela says. One as well as the other of them pick up pillows and whack each other. Brandy’s pillow knocks Angela’s strapless top off her chest, exposing her alluring, larger than run of the mill fun bags. And the act begins.

Brandy was doing XXX with males at this point (her 1st two were at SCORE, naturally). Angela has always been into angels big-time but when this was shot, this babe was still a lengthy time away from her first on-camera dick in 2011 (with SCORE likewise). Imagine the 2 of ’em on one schlong. The brain locks up thinking of what could have been.

Angela straps on a fake pink strapon. This babe stands on the couch and Brandy receives into a kneeling position. Angela tells Brandy to engulf her fake prick and “use tons of spit.”

This was the merely time Angela and Brandy connected. Both would become big-time copulate stars. In the starting, they were both SCORE Beauties.

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Party Girl

Party Beauty

Party Girl

Somebody amazing is here to celebrate. None other than Japanese superstar Hitomi, your hostess with the mostess deep cleavage. Hitomi enters the private dining room through an elevator, carrying a tray with a bottle and glasses. She pours you a glass of wine, then climbs onto the table to play with her outstanding body and world-class naturals. Hitomi is a living table decoration, art in the flesh. “Hitomi is without a doubt, the sexiest, most captivating woman to ever walk this earth!” declares R.L. Back home in Tokyo, Hitomi is the #1 boob-goddess. Many Japanese glamour models would like to have a fraction of her popularity. Tit-men are alike all over, regardless of nationality. Every single day of the week is a party with this stunner. Glad Daily, Hitomi.

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The Wet Tee & Tits Show

The Luscious Tee & Love melons Display

The Damp Tee & Mangos Show

It’s shower time for sexy Venera. During the time that Venera is not Russian, Venera is the Russian word for the planet Venus as well as the Roman girl of love. A worthwhile prepossession. She does have a Russian toy terrier. “Because of adult modeling and the livecam, I learned not to be coyness about how I look,” says Venera. “I learned to be proud of my body. I adore it when I go on-camera. Sometimes when I’m traveling a lot, I miss being on the webcam cuz I’ve a lot of fans, people who come to see me dress and undress, and I miss ’em and the interaction, just talking to ’em and performing for ’em, getting hot. It is lots of joy for me. Or dancing. I adore that, also. I adore to be viewed. I love to pose. I started to flaunt myself off. I’m writing down ideas that I might use in a future book. I’d like to write a book about myself. How I got into adult modeling and about my adult modeling. I desire to tell the world about my life. I’ve a sister, but she’s by no means breasty love me. I have a grandma who is very breasty. I should thank her for this.” We’ll be the first to buy Venera’s book.

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Chat With Vanessa

Chat With Vanessa

Chat With Vanessa

“It was a larger than average surprise for me,” told Vanessa Y. about the readers selecting her as the Voluptuous Pornstar of the year. This babe has all-natural goodness and a bewitching personality that attracts plenty of followers.

“I didn’t expect it.” Her first thought? “It was a joke,” laughed Vanessa who did this chat just in advance of her fantasy POV scene. “There are so many gals who are more gorgeous than me.”

Vanessa ends this chat by speaking in her native language to her fans in Poland.

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The Fantastic Ms. Fox

The Awesome Ms. Fox

The Breathtaking Ms. Fox

Keeping busy with her online activities and photo discharges, Dolly Fox would look the way this babe does just for herself because she’s a big-tit fan herself. Now living in Spain, she is become who that babe urges to be and would have big fullsome funbags even if she never decided to put herself out there for breast-lovers to have joy.

SCORE: Dolly, now that u have plenty of experience, what advice do u have for aspiring glamour models?

Dolly: I do not watch myself as having tons of experience yet. Many girls are much longer in this business then me. But the most worthy advice I could give ’em is just be yourself and do not change coz anybody tells u to. Too slender. Too overweight. Also brawny. Also bigger than typical. Too miniature. You are always plan to be ‘Too something’ to someone. Just be yourself.

SCORE: This is a very valuable philosophy. If you had at not time gotten into nude modeling and online web digi camera, what do u think u would be doing?

Dolly: I not at all thought about that. I’d still have done my surgeries, as I did ’em in the first place for myself, so that would restriction my options. Probably smth social, where I meet plenty of people.

SCORE: We’re sure u would be a bigger in size than run of the mill success at that too.

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Roxi & The Peeper

Roxi & The Peeper

Roxi & The Peeper

Roxi Red is just relaxing on a daybed in the living room when a youthful smooth operator walks throughout a side gate to enter the back of the abode. This chab knows what that ladies man is looking for and who he’s looking for has a pair of the biggest natural funbags on the planet.

Instead of calling 911 to report a peeping Tom and yelling at the top of her beefy lungs, Roxi has an amused expression as the fellow peers throughout the glass. There’s a reason this babe doesn’t make the call. Roxi walks over to the doors, lifts her crop top and crams her stylish mams against the glass, teasing the shit out of him. This chab licks the glass adore a perv at a live peepshow theater and that makes Roxi even more amused. She heads back to the bed and the smooth operator just walks into the house through the unlocked patio doors.

It turns out that Roxi knows him, knows he’s moved into the neighborhood with his family and knows that petticoat chaser is got a stiffy for her. Who wouldn’t? That babe lets him play with her massive bouncy bosoms, and that stud buries his face in them like an overgrown baby. After he’s had long minutes of fun mouthing, feeling and tongueing Roxi’s zeppelins, this smooth operator is ready to pull his weenie out. Roxi knows exactly how to acquire his nuts off. He’s not at all banged a female adore Roxi previous to and he will not at any time meet one more bra-buster adore her ever some other time.

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Hot & Sticky

Hawt & Sticky

Sexy & Sticky

Has it been exactly a year since Kate Marie initially appeared at SCORELAND? It does prove that time flies when you are having enjoyment. Kate was a referral by a ally of an editor but it took some time to finally set up that first series of shoots. As Confucius one time told, “Good girls-next-door often do come to those who await.”

“I do not detect many glamourous clothes that fit my chest,” Kate said. “Their size by itself is an attention-getter. Wearing reservoir tops have almost caused accidents in public. It is ok as lengthy as folks eventually look up and talk to me and not my bumpers.”

Kate gets sticky fingers in this photo set and clip. “I adore having multiple orgasms, which I can do numerous times a day. I like fingers, whether they’re mine or they belong to anybody else. Modeling has fulfilled some of my dreams, especially the fantasy of others watching me masturbate.”

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Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

When SCORE‘s President saw Annina for the first time, his mind traveled to the early 1990s, when the magazine was born. Back then, this guy had in mind his vision of the flawless SCORE Girl: That babe would be impossibly tiny and impossibly ultra-stacked. The goddess of every boob lover’s fantasy. The girl this chab had in mind was a lot like Annina.

Annina traveled to The Bahamas for a series of solo and hardcore discharges after this babe toured the SCORE offices and met the staff. It was the merely time she filmed outside of her native Germany. Annina was born for porn. “I adore to watch myself having sex. And I’ve a waterbed. Having sex on a waterbed is plenty of enjoyment. I have mirrors in my bedroom”

“In Germany, they will say, ‘Oooh, what is that? Her juggs are so large! Oh, silicone.’ They don’t love it, plenty of people,” Annina said. “But it is a matter of joke ‘cuz I do not have a problem meeting lads, so there is likewise a different side. In Germany, it is a little unlike here. In the U.S., studs adore bigger than standard mellons and honeys urge to have ’em. In Germany, not so much as here. Maybe they are jealous. I dont know, but I cant worry about it. I love my large mounds and my body, and many bucks like ’em, likewise.”

“When I go out, I wear glamourous clothes. Constricted tops. Little shorts. I adore to wear jeans, taut tops and, an absolute need to, high heels. U know, fuck-me pumps? Majority of the time, I wear very little clothes or bikinis and high heels. U know, I indeed donot wear plenty of sexy clothes. No stud wishes to watch me dress in evening gowns.”

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34F-Cup Bra-buster’s Pole Ride

34F-Cup Bra-buster’s Pole Ride

34F-Cup Bra-buster's Pole Ride

Jana is holding a riding crop and tries to look tough but she is actually an easy-going gal who just loves to enjoy and relish herself rogering this hung Lothario. Amy Anderssen or Bella French could probably play a convincing bitch gal. Lisa Lipps when that babe was active. Most SCORE and V-mag Gals do not give off that dominating, fetish-style vibe. Jana can barely hide her giggles when that babe plays with the crop.

SCORE editor Dave was there when this scene was shot.

“I watched this scene while it was being filmed. I viewed Jana engulf rod and acquire fucked. The scene takes place in a field behind the old castle in Hungary. I wasn’t standing nearby during the time that the scene was shot. I was standing in my room on the second floor, looking out the window, watching. I will say that it was a thrill to observe from my room whilst a porn scene was being filmed. And Jana did not disappoint.”

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