The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

Maggie Green goes back in time to become a private eye’s secretary–the kind that receives you into a tight squeeze. A tomato adore this gives u the eye, you go for it.

“I wear much smaller bras when I am doing photo discharges to make them pop out more, but either an F or a G. It kind of fluctuates. I used to think I was a 36-something, and then one of my fine friends who’s too a model, convinced me to get a precious brassiere fitting at Nordstrom’s, and lo and behold, I was a Thirty four instead of a Thirty six and a greater cup size than I thought. And it’s a humongous difference. It makes my bras fit more worthwhile. Now I am in proper-fitting bras.”

Maggie gets a workout in her sex scenes and this babe doesn’t prevent at that.

“I do a lot of cardio. I am a bigger in size than average fan of Zumba. I am going to acquire my Zumba instructors license. And I am a big fan of spinning and I do Body Pump. I am also intend to be a Body Pump instructor. Body Pump is an hour-long class. It is all weights, and it is high-repetition, low-weights, so you do squats for love five-to-seven minutes out of a break. It’s a indeed nice workout. I savour it.”

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Thick In The Sun

Thick In The Sun

Thick In The Sun

Over the years Jana packed on the flesh and the curves. When she first started getting pounded and face-fucked, Jana had a natural SCORE figure. When we saw her again, this babe was getting a bit also large even for Voluptuous.

Since that time, Jana developed sufficient bra-meat to rival some of the mammoth sweater-stretchers around and sufficient junk in her trunk to make the dedicated ass-men in her neighborhood cheerful men.

“Jana, bless her heart, let’s have our way with her breathtaking cuties,” reported TSG editor and blogger Dave. “God-given beauties? Let us view! ‘Please take off your bra. We wanna see something,’ the studio manager said to Jana.

“Jana nodded, got bare, and giggled and smiled as the studio manager proceeded to cuddle and see her fullsome funbags, searching for tell-tale signs of an augmentation…like we were scientists examining a ravishing discovery. Nothing. No scars, and we looked over every inch of her chest. Closely. Very closely. No bags in those bazookas. We fondled ’em and lifted them and squeezed them. Immense, impossibly firm and sat high and gratified on her chest, Jana’s breasts are, we decided, 100% natural. No silicone added!”

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Shining Star

Shining Star

Shining Star

“When I go out, I like to put on dresses and tops that show how Big-Boob I am,” Erin Star told with her ever-present smile that lights up a room. It is not that Erin can’t live out of to punishment the local male population. She is just big busted and satisfied and admits that that babe and her maturer sister Helen are larger than run of the mill showoffs. More vigour to ’em. Mia Hotty said ’em about her experiences with SCORE and they were interested in learning more.

Erin brought her magic wand for this scene. It gives her the clitoral stimulation she loves. “I like to play with toys on web digi camera and when I’m in bed previous to I go to sleep.

“What lads wanna watch most from me is jumping, shaking and bouncing my love melons. I adore to savour and I love it when the lads see me having joy. It’s all play for me and a worthwhile time. I don’t watch it as a job.”

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Boob Talk With Sandra Sturm

Boob Talk With Sandra Sturm

Boob Talk With Sandra Sturm

Sandra Sturm (“Storm” in German) chats with her SCORE photographer about her background, what her erotic interests are and her gigantic mellons.

A nurse and motorcycle rider who changed lanes to become an all-around pornstar and entertainer, Sandra doesn’t speak English. No problem since our photographer is German and translates into English.

“I do not have any fetishes but I adore deep-throating large cocks with gagging that brings tears to my eyes. I like sex that is unfathomable and bawdy. A normal oral-sex is not enough for me.”

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Well-rounded Bikini Girl

Well-rounded Bikini Gal

Well-rounded Bikini Girl

A self-described tomboy, Jane Blow is a nice combination of fun and sexiness.

“I adore to think I’m well rounded,” this babe said. She of course is very well-rounded and shapely.

“I like to swim and play volleyball. I can hang out just love one of the boyz, but still be a lady when the situation calls for it. I adore beer and hot wings, but I also like to suit up for a romantic evening.”

Jane contacted us because a friend urged her to glamour model. This Lothario actually wanted to watch her in nature’s garb and we knew why as in a short time as she sent a few nude test pictures.

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Cum-hole & Anal Toys

Wet crack & Anal Toys

Pussy & Anal Toys

Paige Turner was 2nd Runner-up in Voluptuous magazine’s Rookie of the Year 2016 contest. In the 2017 contest, Paige was first runner-up in the XXX Performer of the Year contest, edged by returning V-Girl Alaura Grey, who did hardcore for the first time. Rachel Raxxx was 2nd runner-up and Milly Marks was Third runner-up, two more formidable fella candidates do not exist.

Do you believe this hotty used to work at a Subway sandwich shop? What a waste of a goddess! Paige made a more worthy decision to leave and become a lap dancer at California Angels in Santa Ana. That led to a customer telling her about SCORE. Now at SCORELAND, Paige handles a different kind of foot-long. Fate, like honeys, moves in mysterious ways.

“I was picked-on in school ‘coz of my big hooters,” Paige remembered. “I adore my mangos! I am very pleased with them. I love the attention I receive as lengthy as it’s good and the boys are valuable.”

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Cat Girl’s Colossal Cleavage

Cat Girl’s Mountainous Deep cleavage

Cat Girl's Colossal Cleavage

Mischievous Kitty‘s 40G bumpers developed late, and growing up, this babe was coy about her hooters. When she hit 19 is when her breast growth spurt began. Now her scoops are spectacular. Her teats are pierced.

XLGirls: Are you assertive or passive?

Kitty: I am a little bit of the one and the other. It truly depends on the person I’m with and the situation I’m in.

XLGirls: What gives you a woman boner?

Kitty: I adore all the stimulation. In dictate for me to have the almost any priceless agonorgasmos I need not solely clitoral and vaginal stimulation but if you add areola and light anal stimulation, I’ll be in pure ecstasy.

XLGirls: How often do u have sex?

Kitty: Off-camera, I’m not very sexually active anymore, I have been so busy concentrating on building up my adult life that I haven’t truly had the time to go and detect a partner to weenie me down on the regular, but when I am in a relationship or some sort of sexual agreement, I like to have sex at least every other day if not each day.

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Aubrey Black

Aubrey Black Aubrey Black
Aubrey Dark @
Aubrey Darksome is a super-hot realtor…and a self-proclaimed "super fan" of porn. As she’s finishing a tour of a glamourous home that is being rented, Aubrey makes that confession to the two younger Bulls who’ve been touring the home. They’re surprised…but not likewise much. It isn’t the first time the Bulls have been recognized. It begins like this: "I know you from somewhere." Aubrey’s a bit worried, likewise. After the Bulls confess, Aubrey wonders out loud, "Are you lads plan to rent this place and turn in into a bonk house? Because the owners won’t like that!" The irony here is, of course, Mrs. Dark is plan to do what these owners don’t like: shag the 2 Bulls right on their couch! She’s also plan to do smth she’s NOT EVER done before…but fantasized about many times: rogering 2 males at once! Aubrey has always wondered if the Bulls she watches in obscene movies can truly screw rock hard, and sure enough — they can! Both juvenile Bulls rail the aged female like Mr. Dark-skinned cannot. She groans. That babe wails. This babe gushes cum out of her inflated cum-hole! Speaking of her enlarged slit, one as well as the other Bulls dump huge amounts of ball cream unfathomable in it…even though that babe warns them: "I’m ovulating!" Not merely do not they care, they’re gonna to rent their fresh fuck abode as well! And Mrs. Aubrey Darksome will be seeing them often!
Aubrey Black Aubrey Black
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Chat Time: All About Amora

Chat Time: All About Amora

Chat Time: All About Amora

Amora Lee chats with TSG editor Dave and she is wearing the costume that that babe wore when she took her first very fantastic fotos of herself and sent ’em to the SCORE Studio.

When that babe was considering posing for the first time in her life, Amora Googled “big-breasted models” and SCORELAND appeared.

“You were number one on the list,” Amora said in this interview. “And I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll try this company out.’ And I sent u lads the fotos of me in this suit, and I wish to say that Twenty four hours later, someone contacted me, which I couldn’t make almost certainly of, so I let the email sit there for hours.

“I had to do a little more research, so I did that, and then I responded, and then that babe asked me to do exposed fotos, and I thought, ‘Oh, my god, I’ve not at all done stripped pix in advance of in my life,’ so I was like, ‘You desire me to send ’em over the Internet?’ So I’m standing there in my bathroom, and I’m like, ‘Should I send this company my naked images?’ Then my sister came in and told, ‘What are u doing?’ and I said, ‘Nothing.’ I am standing there, and when she left, I thought, ‘What’s the damage in it?'”

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Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

“Jiggling keeps me warm in the winter!” glad Canadian Smiley Emma said us. “I stay inside when it’s cold out and listen to music, which, afresh, ‘coz of where I’m from, there aren’t likewise many valuable radio stations, so I’ve to listen to my own personal music. I’m a bit of a nerd, so whether it’s on the computer, Xbox, even on my iPhone or iPad, I am usually playing a game. That keeps me occupied in the winter. I am a kid at heart, so I love to have joy. No stuffy, boring ram for me. A lot of clip games, PC games and flashing and jiggling my mambos, also.”

Tit-fucking is one sport for every season.

“First of all, those wobblers are so large, u do need a fair-sized ramrod or else you’ll acquire lost in the cleavage. I like to toss off it and tanalise the head…rubbing it on my nipples and stroking it. I’ve really got a pair of different ways that I can tit-fuck a knob. I like to commence by rubbing the penis against my nipps and smacking it against my pointer sisters a little. Then I’ll get it nice and hard with my throat. I like to tanalize the head of the weenie. Then I’ll wank the balls while I am mouthing it, just to get u admirable and subrigid.

“Then I adore to take greasy oil and rub it all over. I use oil ‘cuz u wish your wang to slip in there nicely so it doesn’t acquire stuck or everything. Then, when my tits are all oiled up, your meat-thermometer will just slide in good and easy. I’ll wank it to make sure it’s admirable and rock hard. And even if the weenie is actually big, it’ll still be almost gone when it’s between my pointer sisters. Then I adore to jerk off it up and down with my love melons. I receive to say that playing with knob is one of my prefered things to do. And coz these knockers are so larger than standard, I can too hang them over your dick and tit-fuck your jock that way. And I love being adept to tanalise the head during the time that I am tit-fucking. I like being competent to do both at the same time. And u can even tit-fuck me beneath my titties, but it’s just not as much pleasure as the other ways.”

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