Sara – Hot-Blooded Woman

Hot-Blooded Woman

Hot-Blooded Woman

Apprentice Sara is so naturally hawt that this babe makes nude modeling bare or fucking on-camera the almost any natural acts in the world. Even just her speaking to an interviewer/cameraman while this babe licks a lollipop is intensely raunchy and sexy–yet again, in a natural way. As if this babe could not behave in any other way. This is some of the magic of Sara in addition to her super-obvious physical blessings nature has gifted her with.

Sara is so sexy that Tom’s hardon pops up love a jack-in-the-box when Sara spreads his fly after a hearty round of nipp mouthing and breast squeezing. This chap could have played with her big bosoms for an sixty minutes and so would all of us.

“My favourite kind of foreplay is having a chap engulf and rub my pointer sisters,” says Sara. “My areolas are very sensitive and after a man plays with them, I am so slutty to have sex.” For more of what Sara likes from lads, investigate her video interviews.

“I never had this much enjoyment until I began making episodes and images. To feel pleasure and be well-paid is something I not at all had previous to so I am happy I decided to glamour model for The SCORE Group. I adore to see the finished pics and movies. I will be watching the clip with Tom when many of you are seeing it for the first time, and I like the attention and comments. I saw the pix and I enjoyed them.”

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Karina Hart – Pantoons and Tugs

Knockers and Tugs

Tits and Tugs

Karina Hart’s solely Mammaries & Tugs, from the clip Breasty Riding Academy, is now at SCORELAND for the 1st time. To date, Karina’s at no time made any other vids or photo sets with a male and the odds are priceless that she at not time will. (Then again, not at any time say not at any time.)

Her X-Man Carlos is the solely boy to receive his mitts on Karina’s great scones in a film and his crank is the solely crank Karina has ever yanked on-camera. But first, Carlos savors the smack and feel of Karina’s whoppers, kissing and tongueing her savory breast-flesh.

Karina rubs her big mambos over his bulge then takes his schlong with out his jeans to jerk and tit-fuck it. The #1 favored position for tit-fucking (girl on her back) ends the stroke-off. Karina jacks his 10-Pounder, the contents spilling out onto her mangos. Sighing and moaning, Karina rubs his nut-sauce deep into her skin and pinches her teats, a smile on her handsome face.

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Aspen – Underwear Tosser

Underwear Tosser

Underwear Tosser

A much missed V-Girl! Aspen was one of the greats of V-mag. The almond-eyed brunette hair knock-out is a very down-to-earth female-dominator and enjoyed her trips to The SCORE Group. This babe works in a regular job and her magazine pictorials and hardcore clips were flings, a way to live out her raunchy wants in a safe environment.

“The photographers, make-up artist and set dressers make me feel adore a princess and then they give me a truly hot prince to screw. What princess could ask for more?”

Aspen is pleasured of her body. In her words: “Most real hotties are built adore me. They have milk sacks, they have butts. They have curves. They are so sexy and so many guys are totally clueless to that. That is why I generally only date males who are at least five to ten years maturer than me. They appreciate a real lady who has the appearance of me. Boyz my own age or younger always desire the little Barbie dolls. There is nothing incorrect with the Barbie dolls, some are very impressive, but real sweethearts have curves.”

In this scene from Voluptuous Xtra 9, Aspen is making a call when her flat mate walks into her bedroom with a handful of her underware and other female dainties. This stud complains that Aspen throws her underwear and bras on the floor instead of putting ’em away. This is a valid complaint? Aspen begs to differ. So they bicker. And then have make-up sex in a very sexy scene. Plus Steve gets to fuck Aspen in the arse! The way those 2 got on was very natural. You’d almost think they were a real pair, not 2 strangers encounter for the first and final time in a movie.

Aspen can appreciate other big breasted glamour models (such as Cherry Brady) but when it comes to sex, strapon is king. “I most like a penis that when I wrap my fingers around it, the tips just barely touch and is 7-inches to 8-inches when inflexible.”

What’s the one thing, if any, that Aspen thought that babe can be better at doing?

“Hand jobs. I’m amazing with my mouth but I’d love to be able to receive a chap off just using my hands.”

That was several years agone. Aspen may have perfected her grip since then!

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Antica – Arctic Nights

Arctic Nights

Arctic Nights

Impressive Antica has 38G-cup mambos that can only be described as titanic fullsome funbags. Finding bras that fit her receive to be a labor-intensive project.

Antica doesn’t speak English but we are expert to translate her comments. That babe says she doesn’t dress to attract attention and is a low-key goddess. “Yet, somehow, your photographer saw me and began to speak to me,” says Antica. “At first, I was plan to walk away, but then I felt this chab looked like a trustworthy person and my instinct was correct. I dont love superfluous attention to my bumpers so usually I suit very coyness. I was timid in my 1st shootings but now I feel more comfortable and relaxed.”

“What can I say about myself? I love to play piano and ice skate. I’m not interested in fetishes and I donot masturbate regularly. I have sex maybe one time a week and I’ve enjoyment cookie diving. I have the kind of erotic fantasies that are standard for majority babes; everything with a fascinating smooth operator. I adore to go on dates that are not ordinary; I adore to do spontaneous things when I’m on a date.”

Will Antica proceed to glamour model? We sure hope so. Solely time will tell.

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Minka – Tit Attack

Tit Attack

Tit Attack

The notorious No-Tell Motel is the setting for this chapter of the SCORE Classic movie scene Tit Attack. Minka provides mega-boobed full service for Matt, who’s been cruising in his SUV with a pocketful of specie when luck strikes and this chab spots the Oriental superstar in a ridiculously miniature suit. “How much?” asks Matt, who’s got a yen to fuck her. “I charge a lot!” Minka answers with a smile, bending over and thrusting her biggest love muffins into his passenger window. “Wow! These are some gigantic zeppelins! Hop in the car,” Matt tells Minka. “You’re intend to love ’em,” murmurs a confident Minka. “You fuck between my melons, receive sucky-sucky, fucky-fucky. I fuck you long-time.” They adjourn to one of the motel’s exotic screw chambers and receive it on. During the production of the opener sequence, Minka’s presence on the gritty streets was easily illustrious by a caravan of horn-blasting drivers. Fortunately, no one was rear-ended.

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Maggie – Maggie Doubles Her Pleasure

Maggie Doubles Her Enjoyment

Maggie Doubles Her Pleasure

Sex with 2 virile dudes is one of Maggie’s fantasies. On this day, Maggie satisfies that lust and our digital camera was there to receive it all. The brunette newcomer may look very girl-next-door but inside her is the personality of a sexual explorer very open to new ideas and new sexual experiences.

Thomas leads Maggie into the living room where Boy is eagerly envisaging on the daybed for this bra-bustin’ beauty’s arrival. All 3 sit on the ottoman. Thomas and Lad initiate their warm-up, feeling her big bosoms up and nuzzling her ticklish spots. They pull down Maggie’s reservoir and then her underneath garment so they can take up with the tongue and kiss her palatable nipples. That sends chills throughout Maggie. This babe wants more.

Now topless, Maggie’s mammoth zeppelins charge up her two dudes. Maggie takes every man’s schlong and sucks on one during the time that that babe strokes the other. This hotty enjoys handling rock hard wood. Thomas leans back so Maggie can drink him while Woman chaser licks Maggie’s lovely lady-hole.

Her twat tongue-whipped and tingling, Maggie desires to get fucked. She turns around in a doggie position so she can proceed to blow Thomas. With her gazoo at the willing, Maggie is potty for Lad to fill her slit with a hot beef injection.

Boy starts to bonk Maggie, her powerful ass-cheeks and solid thighs filling his palms. Maggie lifts one leg higher so Fellow can hold it up and allow his schlong to enter her clutch even deeper. Their sexy trio will be getting even hotter as the three-some try every sex position they can think of!

Props to the highly hawt and stacked Maggie! Behind the girl-next-door is a sexual experimenter!

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Stacie Starr – Big busted M.I.L.F. of the Month

Big-Boob Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK of the Month

Busty MILF of the Month

Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK of the Month Stacie Starr is a real-life Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK originally from a small-town in upstate Recent York. Now that babe lives in Florida. An Army vet (3 years), Stacie was a probation counselor and a customer service manager for 3 years. Now, that sort of work is productive and beneficial but so is having wild sex on-camera. She spends a lot of time on her knees at-home as well.

“I’m orally obsessed,” says Stacie. “I like to suck 10-Pounder. I’ve fun light bondage and hair-pulling. I adore having my arse spanked. I like choking on knob.”

With that kind of attitude, Stacie Starr is a winner. What she does to this SCORE Lady-killer deserves some kind of award.

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Patricia Gold – Boob Handled

Boob Handled

Boob Handled

Patricia Gold gets a major boob manhandling from Jay when the two hang out jointly and Patricia takes her fun bags to hang out of her reservoir top. Jay cant keep his hands off her titanic jugs, squeezing and rubbing ’em. That stud buries his face betwixt them and in general treats them love boy toys. This chab tries to take Patricia away for some nefarious purpose but the photographer receives her back so this chab can discharge his photo set!

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Sexual Jane – In The Shower With Jane

In The Shower With Jane

In The Shower With Jane

This babe managed a beach bar. Now Sexual Jane’s a pornstar. “Getting your 10-Pounder into Jane has to be one of the high reaching pleasures a fellow can experience! ” observes SCORELAND member Groucho. Penis and Jane is right. We have a fresh hard-SCORE scene called “Rack ‘Er Up!” coming on February 1, ’14. Caught in the shower, Carnal Jane talks about the strangest places she’s sexed it up in. Such as sex in the street with passers-by around her and the boy. Jane remembers her experiences as we have to see her soap down her larger than average natural knockers and her accomplished cookie. More lighthearted than we usually watch her, Jane jokes around with the showerhead, pretending it is a squirting penis. The brunette hair hottie, body dripping with water, turns around and giggles while that babe wiggles her charming a-hole.

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Sara – Sara’s Hot Bod

Sara’s Hawt Bod

Sara's Hot Bod

XLGirl greenhorn Sara has what it takes to hit the top. For somebody brand new to any kind of modeling, Sara has outstanding confidence and talent. It is like that babe was born to do this. “I’ve always liked attention,” Sara told our employees. “Now I feel more particular and craved, knowing that so many boyz are watching me and enjoying me and what I do. It excites me very much! I am happy I made the decision to model for XLGirls.”

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