Lush Anatomy

Lush Anatomy

Lush Anatomy

A multi-tasker when that babe is flying solo on a masturdate (“A greater than standard marital-device in my wet crack, a petite vibrator in my butt and a mini-vibrator on my like button.”), cute and charming Latina Lola Lush doesn’t hold back when that babe is got a guy standing by for recreational sexing, digi camera or no digital camera around. Paired up for action, Lola sucks stiffie with a worshipful gaze and a bulging cheek, mashes her partner’s 10-Pounder between her melons and then spreads her pink bawdy cleft and tight browneye for a plugging. That babe even presses a sex-toy against her clitoris while riding his shlong in her chocolate hole in reverse-cowgirl. Lola does it all and this babe does it good and horny. “I cum the topmost with a ding-dong in my cum-hole and clitoris stimulation at the same time,” says Lola who has a wild streak that that babe isn’t close to burning off. Some cuties make sex look extra naughty and pleasure and Lola is one of ’em. She doesn’t cum and go. We’re cheerful to have her aboard for a ride.

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Camille Morgan’s First XXX

Camille Morgan’s 1st XXX

Camille Morgan's First XXX

Camille Morgan says boyz have called her a prude. Are they out of their minds? “I don’t think I am a prude. I just have limitations,” says Camille. That may sound atypical coming from a 34DDD+ SCORE Beauty who first entered these Hallowed Halls of Bouncy bosoms in late 2007 and has appeared in seven pictorials and one video. “When I 1st posed for SCORE, I hadn’t had sex with a lady-killer in six months,” she disclosed. “A friend told me about SCORE, and we went to the web site, and I saw the clip with Gianna talking about what SCORE does.” Camille flew solo with sex-aids in her discharges and didn’t have any interest in boy-girl action on screen at the time. Toys but no boys. But things change. Women change their minds. That is their right. Camille reconnected with us after earning her degrees in sociology and psychology (she has brains and body) and this time this babe was ready to fly in the cockpit with a male co-pilot. Why the change of heart? “Before I was not into it,” Camille said. “Now I guess it’ll be fun. It took me 3 years. I am a procrastinator.” Camille may be a procrastinator but this babe screws adore there is no the next day. When she’s getting pounded doggystyle in her first seXXX scene, Camille backs it up just as subrigid. That babe sucks knob with energy and has great, natural milk sacks to slip between. It takes a peculiar honey to put it all out there. Camille was definitely worth expecting three years for. We just knew this babe was. First time’s a charm. Thanks, Camille Morgan!

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Sweet And Luscious

Enjoyable And Succulent

Sweet And Juicy

There’s no thing like a little Shugar with your Peaches. That’s, Peaches La Rue and breasty fuck-buddy, Shugar. Here, the 2 slutty plumpers get jointly for a threesome. “Shugar and I one as well as the other adore to eat,” Peaches says, “But we kept it light here ‘cuz we wanted to make sure we saved room to eat every other and this guy’s jock. We’re one as well as the other greater than standard girls, and our mounds are definitely more than a mouthful.” And they would not wanna miss out on every other’s twats, which live up to their respective namesakes. Shugar is enjoyable as candy and Peaches is damp and squishy. The only thing that’s missing is a little cream.

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D Is For Desiree

D Is For Desiree

D Is For Desiree

Desiree is awesome. The second I set eyes on her movie clip on the SCORELAND Blog, I knew we had someone special. Those agreeable DDD-cups, ravishing round ass, hawt smile and all-around attitude, not to mention that slick cum-hole, make her a SCORE superstar. Hell, I wanna marry her! I know this babe did a shoot for V-mag 10 years ago, but let us hope that babe hangs around this time. By the way, I hope the lad who got his hands on Valory’s breasts realizes just what a favourable fucker he’s. I’m sure this stud does.-C.A.

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The Creamed Pie Of Maserati

The Creamed Pie Of Maserati

The Creamed Pie Of Maserati

Huge-boobed and contented of it, enchanting SCORE apprentice Maserati is being interviewed for an office job by Mr. D. That babe is dressed prim and proper, although you can watch her undergarment throughout her lace blouse. “I’ve been an administrative assistant for 5 years. I actually like my job. I’m very organized,” Maserati tells Mr. D. “I see you worked at Cramer and Cramer,” Mr. D. notes, scanning Maserati‘s resume. “Let me just give them a call and use them as a reference.” Maserati interrupts him in advance of this charmer makes the call. “Wait, let me explain a few things. I truly climbed up the ladder in my first year there. Mr. Cramer and I got along. But Mrs. Cramer had an issue. This babe was jealous and always complaining to Mr. Cramer that I dressed inappropriately.” Mr. D. poo-poos her concern. “Let’s not worry about that. Let me call and watch if your story pans out. Just bear with me one second.” In a dunky in number seconds, “bear with me” will change to “bare with me.” Mr. D. makes the call. “Hi Phil, it is Tony. I’ve this applicant and this babe is jotted u down as a reference. Her name? Maserati.” “You lucky son of a gun,” Cramer replies. “That beauty is hawt! Did more for me then any other office assistant, if u know what I mean. Just make sure your wife’s not around. Oh, and Tony? Another thing. This babe makes a great creampie!” Tony hangs up and gives Maserati the hopeful news. “Well, do you think I have got the job?” Maserati asks, standing up to unveil him her amazing figure. This is a girl who looks in nature’s garb with her marvelous raiment on. “Even though my outfit’s a little bit revealing?” She leans over his desk, her humongous twin bulges aiming at his head. “Ah, well, there is one thing I’d adore to discuss,” says Mr. D., ready to make his move. “Something about a spunk pie?” “Guilty…I can teach u all about my spunk pie,” explains Maserati. “But I’ll need your goo for the filling. Maybe I should brandish you.” Maserati reaches into his fly and pulls his junk with out his pants. This babe lowers to her knees, loosens her hair and begins sucking his weenie. They move over to Mr. D.’s peculiar human resources interview bed so they can widen out. Maserati proceeds to hungrily and loudly slurp his shaft until it is time to receive rogered. Mr. D. gives her a pounding, thoughts of a creampie baking in their heads. Maserati is barmy to feel his load discharge deep into her cookie and insane to squeeze the man-sauce without her pussy-hole. It is one of the horniest sights Maserati can reveal a boy and it not at any time fails to excite her and her partners. Mr. D. will have many days of creampie for lunch in the future whilst Maserati will have fun job security. Everybody wins.

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“Screw The Party And Screw my Ass”

“Screw The Party And Bonk my Ass”

“Screw the party and bonk my butt!” promises Samantha if this babe doesn’t must go to this social event she’s contemplated to attend. That’s quite a deal; one that any lady-killer would be pleased and sexually excited to salute. Samantha knows what to say to turn a woman chaser on. The thought of sliding into Samantha‘s asshole and pumping it wipes out thoughts of anything else. This guy need to not leave her behind now. XLGirls has photographed Samantha 38G since 2001. (My Larger than typical Obese Wedding and K-JUGS are just 2 of the eight XL movie scenes on DVD Samantha has starred in and well over a dozen magazines.) This is Samantha‘s first anal shag scene for XLGirls. Looking ultra-sexy as always, this time in a short, low-cut dress and high heels, Samantha gives her spouse her stupendous knockers and pointy nips to lick and suck. He stuffs his face hole with her breastflesh, the taste and texture is intoxicating. This female-dominant gets you drunk on her funbags! Samantha sits on the edge of the daybed and enfolds his rigid wood inside her breast valley. Her face hole waters for it. She leans forward and takes it in her throat, drool trickling onto it. Pretty soon Samantha‘s slit and butt will open for banging.

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Sports Gal

Sports Girl

Sports Girl

Mianna‘s knockout body has been breastnotizing us poor boob suckers since that babe first busted out here. This boob is no exception and becomes a villein of her teats before working his way down to her pink pussy-hole. When we 1st saw Mianna, we thought this babe was a fantasy, a mirage, the second coming of the now legendary, now retired, Brit bra-killer Sammie Dark. But Sammie not ever screwed boyz on screen love Mianna does. And with joy and happiness and a bigger than standard smile as she gleefully drains their nut-bags of the man-sauce. “I am proud of my tits” says Mianna. We’re happy she says this. “I like them.” Sometimes Mianna will meet a woman chaser who just desires to copulate her juggs, neglecting her snatch. “There was one Lothario; I was lewd and he was lascivious. I was telling him to ‘stick it in me, stick it in me!’ Instead, that gent put it right in between my milk sacks and just begins fucking ’em. And I was, adore, okay, that is worthy. And that’s how this man got off. He came all over my breasts and this chab had quite a bit of cum too.” We’d wait that with a beauty who has a 13 inch difference between her bust measurement and her rib cage!

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Pizza Pie

Pizza Pie

Pizza Pie

Diamond is a busy lady and that babe urges sex the same way this babe wishes food: fast and facile. So this babe instructs a large cheese pizza with a intend to acquire an supplementary topping of nut sauce from the delivery lad. Each mouthful of cheesy, greasy goodness makes her hornier and hornier. Love the pizza, Diamond‘s pie is warm and damp in the delivery man’s hands. In her hurry, she forgot to ask for pepperonies so that babe substitutes it by putting this guy’s sausage in her throat instead. By now her appetite for pizza and pecker is violent and this babe spreads her legs to receive her pie stuffed while stuffing more pie in her face hole. The sex is hawt and steamy and that babe catches each drop of cum on her king-size rack.

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Bangin’ Zeppelins in Blue

Bangin’ Milk sacks in Blue

Bangin' Pantoons in Blue

Trust us when we say that we know what it is love to be cranky, frustrated and in need of some stress-relief. Sometimes a guy’s got to go blow off some steam, u know, take it elementary and just loosen up. And there are three or so ways of doing this. The first is a little miracle we adore to call BEER. Except if you spend also much time with beer, u wind up with a headache and a gut. The second is a great invention called SPORTS. Except you can lose time, effort and even some money on sports and it usually goes hand in hand with beer. The final is the best way of all; SNATCH. Cum-hole is a great way to blow off steam and even your wad. The thing is, fur pie isn’t always available, attainable or even around. Not to worry. That is why hookers were invented. Hookers are like the Chinese food of wet crack; quick, reliable, always accessible via delivery, not so unyielding on the budget and after you have lots of it, you can always have just a little more. Do not make almost certainly of it? Investigate Soleil Hughes‘ and her hookertastic specific flaunt in this movie. She flaunts up, copulates, acquire paid and goes. It’s flawless. So next time u are a little bit stressed and need some relief, just put your pecker in a hooker, they always hit the spot!

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Behind The Baths Door

Behind The Washroom Door

Behind The Bathroom Door

Invading a woman’s intimate sanctuary, the washroom, is one of our favourite things to do. As long as there’s at least one beauty inside there. Honeys have to think dudes are nuts. Has a goddess ever asked to sit in your washroom and take pix of u? Marille could spend hours in this bastion of boobaliciousness. Creaming her love melons is just one of the many fun activities that babe does in there. “I’ve always liked Marille,” comments HappyDude. “She has nice greater than standard hooters on a hot frame. That babe positions well and has a lewd look in her eyes.” “Czech chicks are much more liberated than Americans,” Marille makes almost certainly of. “It’s a national scandal if a female reveals one teat on television in America. Maybe one day things will change for the more breathtaking. In my country, we appreciate the body. It is a glamourous creation.” Amen to that, Marille.

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