Bootylicious: 17:34 Minute Video of Keleah Korrine

Bootylicious: 17:34 Minute Episode of Keleah Korrine

Kaleah Korrine receives into face-sittin’. Your face. Her sittin’.

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Voluptuous XL (SCORE Special 155): 40 Photos of Vicki Nicole

Voluptuous XL (SCORE Specific 155): 40 Pix of Vicki Nicole

Vicki said she jumps at the chance to flaunt off her body. "I did not know so many dudes like hotties like me," this babe told. "I saw XL Girls in a store and found out they had a website. I was satisfied to send in some snapshots and thrilled to be chosen for photo shoots and videos. If these bucks out there who love skinny hotties would spend one night with me, they would change their minds entirely. I’ve big boobies and a large gazoo to play with. I love sex and I know how to please fellows. I am much sexier than Paris Hilton!"

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SCORE February 2008: 70 Photos of Morgan Leigh

SCORE February 2008: 70 Pix of Morgan Leigh

Winner of the 2006
Newcomer contest, Morgan Leigh’s colossal meatballs, erection-producing body and hawt
face have initially appeared countless man-loads since her first photo discharge. See bigger amount of Morgan in SCORE Theater.

Morgan: What do I like about my mambos? People are fascinated with my juggs. They are quite
a talking point with tons of people. They have also given me loads of opportunities
but the main thing is that they are ideal. I love ’em. They’re big and very
round, giving me a Barbie figure.

SCORE: What’s your much loved way to satisfy a boy in sofa?

Morgan: Giving him oral-service and the superlatively fine tittie bonk he’s ever had.

SCORE: What satisfies u the finest?

Morgan: Fellatio, then a slow inflexible shag.

SCORE: How does a man attract your attention?

Morgan: No special way, just being sexy and a worthwhile petticoat chaser with good manners.

SCORE: Do you like cum facial cumshots?

Morgan: No, I’ve very sensitive skin. It doesn’t like cum.

SCORE: If we were to watch u shopping, what would u be wearing?

Morgan: Jeans, a tight tank top and high heels.

SCORE: Have you had sex in public places?

Morgan: Yep, in toilets, cars, alleyways, behind buildings, over walls, all sorts of places…

SCORE: Have you ever had sex in a taxi?

Morgan: No taxis or planes but in cars a scarcely any times. It’s pleasure but a little tricky sometimes.

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Score 2008 Calendar: 1 Photos of Janet Jade

Score 2008 Calendar: 1 Photos of Janet Jade

March featuring Janet Jade. This month’s calendar brandishes off Janet Jade. Put her up on your desktop as part of your 2008.

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Top Heavy: 140 Photos of Bonnie Wood

Top Heavy: 140 Pix of Bonnie Wood

Bonnie Wood is a Brit slut-in-training, photographed after she was knocked up by some bawdy rogue. With out the baby bump, Bonnie is 5’7″, 36-24-34 and has a weight of 119 pounds. She even stuck a toy in her open love tunnel out of a moment’s hesitation, obediently following the photographer’s instructions. Bonnie is bigger in size amount excellent known by some other name in the British tabloid newspapers, Gemma Storey. Each nation has their bad girls and Bonnie or Gemma is the flawless example of a UK fuck-toy. She and one greater amount kiss-n-tell escort told scandal reporters in a clip interview how they had a sex party at the home of Manchester footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with some of his teammates. Let this be a lesson to all accomplished athletes. View it! Then she moved on to Eastenders star ANTHONY McFadden. A paparazzi for The Sun snapped a picture of Bonnie/Gemma licking with tongue the actor’s face in the back of a cab after they hooked up at a popular London hangout, Chinawhite. 20 year-old Bonnie’s a year younger than his son. One of Bonnie’s friends graciously told The Sun: “She likes sex, especially if you give her a not many quid.” We love British harlots. There’s no thing like Them!

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Bootylicious: 13:52 Minute Video of Caroline Pierce

Bootylicious: 13:52 Minute Movie scene of Caroline Pierce

This assortment of white and darksome angels all have phat booties that need a lot of long attention. Smacking, squeezing, pinching and all-around manhandling. Sex star Caroline Pierce is the veteran of the group, pulling her a-hole cheeks wide apart so her cocksman can slip it into her cunt properly. Candace Von is too a stand-out with her erotic floor banging.

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SCORE February 2008: 40 Photos of Isabella

SCORE February 2008: 40 Pix of Isabella

Proving that tit-men are alike all over the world no matter their cultural and physical differences, Poland has their fair share of wet tee-shirts. And if there is a wet tee shirt contest within traveling distance of her city, u can be sure that Isabella will be there to enter it. Isabella is a former Miss Swim costume Poland winner and that babe appears to be to love entering these contests. "These things are outside, well, mostly outdoors, and there’re hundred of lads attending and maybe ten girls," Isabella said. "They always go kooky wild when we acquire wetted from the hoses. I like them. They are pleasure and I get to tanalise the shit without the studs. I’ve fun those contests and they have wonderful prizes likewise. It can acquire indecent. So I get to bring my own towels and stuff to clean up but I still get to go home and take a hawt shower to become clean. Those boys should watch my pictures in SCORE if they desire to indeed see smth priceless."

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Voluptuous XL (SCORE Special 155): 40 Photos of Samantha

Voluptuous XL (SCORE Peculiar 155): 40 Pics of Samantha

"I don’t see many adult movies," says Samantha who’s not just any Samantha. The renowned Samantha. "! don’t wanna be influenced by anyone else’s performances. When you go to a lap dancing club, all the angels dance alike because they all look at each other and pick up each other’s moves. If I observed porn, I might pick up on other people’s moves, and I don’t wanna do that. U mimic things even if you don’t realize it. When you are a little kid, you mimic the adults around u until you learn things for yourself. It would be the same watching porn."

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Rubenesque: 50 Photos of Miranda

Rubenesque: 50 Fotos of Miranda

If there was ever an XL Gals adult model pumped up by nature to become a Roman GILBERT, she would be the modern day Venus, Miranda. Miranda was born in Lake Como, Italy and moved to the U.S. a not many years agone. It is always a pleasure to receive a visit from Miranda and have her pose. Hopefully Miranda will proceed to glamour model for us for the next not many years…unless some pest sweeps her off her feet and takes her away. But let’s not think of such disturbing possibilities. Rather, let us savour this full-bodied looker in the here and now.

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Voluptuous XL (SCORE Special 155): 40 Photos of Ivy Dreams

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