Sandra Romain: 27:11 Minute Video of Sandra Romain

Sandra Romain: 27:11 Minute Movie of Sandra Romain

Let’s tell you about Sandra Romain. Pretty and hawt. That babe is European-born (can you guess by her name where this babe was born?) and she lives in USA. Sandra is one of the hottest sweethearts we have ever had the enjoyment to invite to the SCORE studio. We placed her in BootyLicious coz this babe has an breathtaking wazoo. Big, yet not sloppy. Round and firm and taut yet beefy. The perfect arse? Maybe. Check out that arse acquire impaled. This is real jerk off material for red-blooded, COREY guys. This video alone is worth a month’s membership.

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Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 50 Photos of Sunshine

Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 50 Pictures of Sunshine

Sunshine’s not a big talker in general but when that babe does talk about sex, Sushine’s always ready to back up her words in front of the cameras with lusty sucking and banging. Her mambos were made to screw. What this babe does to this dude’s chubby is great wank fuel. There are enough jackin-spirational photos in this one pictorial to final for a month, judging by our man-hose meter. Your need to give this lads some credit. That lady-killer walked out of the studio underneath his own vigour after this exhausting date with Sunshine.

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SCORE January 2008: 100 Photos of Terry Nova

SCORE January 2008: 100 Photos of JOSHUA Nova

What’s it like to be around a large group of people for an complete week on a secluded, tropical island for a week and not be experienced to communicate with any of ’em?

What was it like to be SAM Nova during our week in Eleuthera, The Bahamas?
I can imagine it have to have been a little lonely. I’ve no idea. RUSSELL always looked like this babe was having a fine time, but that babe also always looked like this babe wanted to say something but couldn’t say it…because none of us would understand what that babe was saying.

In Eleuthera, there was not a single person who spoke more than numerous words of Czech. But ALBERT didn’t exactly get the silent treatment. U know how when people try to communicate with a person whose language they do not speak, they’ll speak additional lazily, as if speaking slowly can break the language barrier? There was plenty of that going on. Plenty of body language, also.

Terry’s 42-28-36 body with F-cup tits-I think they might be bigger amount like H-cups cuz she’s definitely as big breasted as Christy Marks was the talk of the island. And that’s saying smth! The gals were all amazed by Terry’s body: huge, full juggs; a big, bangable a-hole; thick, buxom thighs. And, on top of all that, a curvaceous waist. “Built like a brick shithouse” might be a cliché, but it’s an appropriate description of Terry’s body. I caught Angela White drooling over her numerous times.

The great thing about TERRY is that this babe doesn’t get to be said how to be hot. That babe understands the force she has over chaps, and she knows how to give them just the right look, do the right thing. I loved walking up the stairs behind PAUL. That babe always wore gazoo shorts, and that was quite a view. I would’ve told, “Nice a-hole.” But she would not have understood me.

Besides, this babe knows.

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Plumpers: 25 Photos of Sienna Hills

Plumpers: 25 Photos of Sienna Hills

A rare glimpse of a unparalleled situation. We could not make up a story like this. Sienna Hills is a magnificent new XL Girls discovery. This sexy honey indeed owns a news store that sells SCORE Group magazines! As the boss femdom-goddess of the very successful 12th Street News Stand at 7307 Kanis Road in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sienna says that SCORE Group magazines pull in the customers. “Your magazines are my almost any outstanding sellers,” Sienna said V-Mag and XLGirls editor LESLIE Phillips and editor Elliot RAFAEL. “My customers said I should be in XL Gals so I sent in some shots after looking at and got invited on an all-expenses paid tour to Miami to be photographed. I can not await to have magazines with my fotos on my shelves. I hope browsers will avoid by and see me in person!” View all those copies of the SCORE Peculiar magazine, Swimsuit Busters! We love traditional newsstands and the fact that it is owned by a huge-boobed hottie makes it even better. We hereby nominate Sienna as Store Owner of The Year. Looks at these fullsome funbags!

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Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 60 Photos of Veronica Vaughn

Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 60 Pictures of Veronica Vaughn

Veronica is set to make her BILL in the tradition of Devin Taylor and Laura Bailey. This mid-western DANIEL is 5’5″, 215 pounds, and measures 48-36-46. This babe hooks on a 40G bra, which that babe unhooked for her initial debut in this edition. “I wanted to dress a little upscale for my Voluptuous launch,” Veronica told. “I wear business casual if I am going out but my relaxed carefree usually consists of shorts and a spaghetti shirt.” Eventually Veronica receives into what that babe wears at home. Her birthday suit. “I’m naked in my apartment almost all of the time…unless it’s likewise cold to be in nature’s garb.” Veronica debuted lately in and earned a bunch of praise including DALE saying “I wanted to say that Veronica Vaughn is the hottest lady I have watched, she is absolutely ideal in every sense of the word hot, and I hope many others assent!” We’re sure greater amount lads will be joining the bandwagon as Veronica makes bigger in size quantity appearances in 2008.

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XL Theater: 22:07 Minute Video of Vida Sadora

XL Theater: 22:07 Minute Episode of Vida Sadora

Vida Sadora is throwing a private party just for your pocket-pole in this quiet apartment. You are right on top of her wobblers and spread love tunnel as that babe talks impure and asks u to screw her hot cunt. A very sexy beauty, Vida entreats for tit squeezing, pinching and caressing as she lies on the daybed. Cover each inch of her body in SEAN sauce cuz that is what this little honey bunny is asking for. She’s into feeling fine and gooey all over. Clitty rubbing is what gets Vida cumming the almost all and she can’t live with out the feeling of being filled with a meat-thermometer or toy whilst she works that large clitoris.

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Fucked Tits – Girl Next Door Angela


Meet Angela, this babe is marvelous much the CARLOS next door – except this girl next door has done several low quality B and C grade films. However, she came to Screwed Pointer sisters today hoping staring in one of their films would lead to larger and bigger in size quantity wondrous things. Click on the photo above to watch example movie scene episodes of Angela in act at Screwed Milk shakes.

Angela doesn’t have the mountainous scoops but then she doesn’t look like the pornstar sort. However, after seeing a couple of movies of hers I knew that babe was a freak and I couldn’t wait to see what that babe was plan to do at Screwed Whoppers. Angela quickly receives down to work, giving her co-star the full treatment. This babe rubs his weenie against her perky teen fun bags. That lady-killer slips his 10-Pounder betwixt her small tits of breast valley and finally she strokes his pecker until this gent gushes load of sexy cum across her milk cans. She is definitely not as virginal as this babe looks.

Receive over here to watch the full-length movie of this amorous teen tittie screwed at Drilled Milk sacks.

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Candace Von: 17:55 Minute Video of Candace Von

Candace Von: 17:55 Minute Video of Candace Von

Don’t u love a hotty who says “Mmmm. Mmmmm. Ahh. Ohhh. Mmmmmm,” when she is unzipping a guy’s pants. Love that. Candace is that kind of gal, anticipating the ramrod that is that babe is going to lick and engulf. (Now if that stuntman would just shut the fuck up.) Candace keeps that hot groaning up, making slurping and popping noises as her head moves up and down on the shaft. But wait, there is much larger amount…Candace Von, we howdy you with one hand.

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Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 40 Photos of Desirae

Voluptuous Holiday 2007: Fourty Images of Desirae

Wet or dry, Desirae’s a pleaser. “I love to be fingered in the butt and the vagina at the same time. That gives me a pretty strong orgasm. I like to be treated like a sex villein during sex sometimes. And the more I feel like the thrall, the larger quantity aroused I receive. I like to be treated like a wench but the buck has to respect me. I am a goddess that will shag you so worthy if you treat me fine. I’ll charming much do soever a charmer urges me to in bed if this chab treats me right.”

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Jasmin: 20:03 Minute Video of Jasmin

Jasmin: 20:03 Minute Clip of Jasmin

36-24-36 Jasmin is a big-titted Oriental private gogo dancer. Plenty of bucks at the intimate and bachelor parties that babe does would love to shag her. She starts the action in this movie scene by getting on her knees and blowing her fuck-buddy’s engorged cock. Warning! Super-hot banging follows! Jasmin is actually a hot little Asian bang-doll. Do not blame her if u drop a load watching her do what she does finest.

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