Backstage: 11:29 Minute Video of Sabryna Stone

Backstage: 11:29 Minute Clip of Sabryna Stone

Tucson, Arizona is a marvelous sexy city, broiling in the summer, and here’s why. Sabryna Stone lives there. That babe adult models for Voluptuous mag. What would we watch Sabryna wearing if we bumped into her wobblers? “I wear tank tops, tee-shirts or boob tubes and shorts. I’m a carefree gal.”


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SCORE May 2007: 40 Photos of Jessie Lee

SCORE May 2007: 40 Fotos of Jessie VICTOR

“I like a gent who knows how to take control in bed,” Jessie says. “I’m a very wild RAYMOND, and I must be kept below control.” Jessie HERBERT is a waitress in the port city of Lubeck, Germany. This babe is into singing and American rock ‘n’ roll. “In a lot of ways, I’m a modern cutie ‘cuz I receive on by myself, but in the bedroom, I’m an old-fashioned girl ‘coz I like when a chap is precious at dominating things. I guess I’m a idle LEE. I don’t mean I am inactive, like overtired I mean I am happy when a charmer takes over. If I am attracted to him physically, that smooth operator can do what that woman chaser desires to do as lengthy as this dude treats me valuable and makes me feel pleased. The guy is the king.”


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Newcummers SP136: 20 Photos of Laurie Ann Summers

Newcummers SP136: Twenty Fotos of Laurie Ann Summers

A spin on her rollers and Laurie is ready to receive naked, rude and horny in the secluded out side. Laurie had the feeling somebody was watching her, not that it matters all that much.


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Voluptuous April 2007: 50 Photos of Sabina Leigh

Voluptuous April 2007: 50 Photos of Sabina Leigh

Sabina is a sex researcher and sex educator. We identified her in Denver, Colorado and invited her to do all kinds of hawt and horny things. She accepted our invitation. This is the 1st of a few photo discharges and videos. Sabina is 42-28-34, 148 lbs., 5’5″ and wears a 34F undergarment. When this babe was here, she also showed us her specially shaped glass vibrator that she designed herself to hit the G-Spot. Numerous browsers have already written in asking about marrying Sabina. Just a suggestion but they might urge to really meet gals first before they start making marriage plans. However, we can understand their enthusiasm. Sabina is of course a sexy honey bunny and shoots carnal beams from her eyes.


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The Score Art Gallery: 1 Photos of Fantasy SCORE

The Score Art Gallery: 1 Fotos of Fantasy SCORE

Artwork By Duncan Gutteridge


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SCORE Theater: 17:28 Minute Video of Cassandra Calogera

SCORE Theater: 17:28 Minute Movie of Cassandra Calogera

Cassandra first took a bow in May ’07 SCORE. She lives in large, bad Las Vegas. “I’m a web camera model so when I’m slutty, I log on-line and masturbate for others. I love to be viewed. The thought of lots of eyes on me, lads I do not know, receives me wetter than if I was just getting off by myself.” Cassandra lives, breathes and eats sex. “I always wear taut shirts, mini-skirts and tight pants. I love to unveil off my body.” A worthwhile philosophy for a honey to have if this babe has the goods. In this case, she does. Cassandra is smoking. Roll the tape.


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SCORE Studio: 120 Photos of Charlotte

SCORE Studio: 120 Pics of Charlotte

Charlotte was 1st published (in Voluptuous) when this babe was 18 years mature. Get ’em new is the way to go. Her body has changed quite a lot since her legal age teenager years. She is lost the baby cool for a slimmer, trimmer shape. But still hot. This babe makes her home in London.


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By Request: 60 Photos of Lucia

By Request: 60 Pix of Lucia

Lucia more fotos from Holiday ’98 SCORE requested by Andy


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SCORE Theater: 8:51 Minute Video of Alena Snow

SCORE Theater: 8:51 Minute Clip of Alena Snow

This is why they call book shelves in the library “the stacks.” There ain’t too many librarians built like Alena Snow. Unfortunately. We can not remember ever seeing anyone with her calibrations working as a guardian of the archives. When u watch someone like her, you’d wait her to take her sexy outfit off in a spruce way. That is just the natural dictate of things. No, Alena was meant for other pursuits as this clip will prove.


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