Trinety Guess – Fat Tits, Plump Rump

Plump Titties, Bulky Rump

Fat Milk sacks, Corpulent Rump

We’re all here ‘coz we cant enough of honey bunnys with fine, big chunky bouncy bosoms. Trinety Guess has one of the high-reaching sets of mams you’ll ever have the pleasure of laying your eyes on and spilling your load to. But one of Trinety’s supreme attributes that often goes without mention is that she has a valuable, corpulent wazoo, likewise. We think every XL Ladies man is, to varying degrees, an ass ladies man. Bulky beauties, with their chubby hips, thick hips and larger than run of the mill asses, are ready-made for rock hard doggystyle fucks. Trinety says this babe likes, “Pure, raw, vehement sex.” When a chick is brawny adore her, that sounds ideal for a from behind copulate.

“I think each gal likes doggy,” Trinety said. “You can feel the boy all the way up inside of u, which feels great. I adore the feeling of his pelvis slapping against my ass, too.”

That’s a feeling we fantasize about each time we see you, Trinety.

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Emilia Boshe – Kitchen Rack

Kitchen Rack

Kitchen Rack

Web digi camera legend Emilia Boshe has no problem mouthing and licking with tongue her nipples, not an simple feat for many big busted cuties. In fact, many with very bigger than run of the mill milk cans cant do it.

Writes Seanster, “This woman is super hot. I literally must reach for the lube and paper towels EVERY time I watch her at SCORELAND. One lady I so wanna watch in XXX action.”

“I like polite boys who know how to treat a beauty,” says Emilia. “I adore guys who know how to make a girl love me with bigger in size than standard titties feel comfortable. It is okay if they urge to ask me questions about my scoops but 1st they should need to know me a little bit.”

Emilia says she’s also bashful to approach a gent she might have her eye on. This babe has to await for him to come over to her. It appears to be strange that someone who bears a resemblance to Emilia is coy when that babe could easily take her pick. All of us tend to think that angels who are not timid about showing each inch of their bodies wouldn’t be coyness socially.

SCORELAND has an important announcement about Emilia. Check the Blog in February for it.

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Kamryn Monroe – Hot-N-Steamy Plumper

Hot-N-Steamy Plumper

Hot-N-Steamy Plumper

So fresh and so clean. There is nothing adore watching a hottie get clean after a lengthy day of being immodest. Kamryn Monroe’s second visit to our studios could not have been more successful. That babe posed and teased us enough that we had to take a small in number baths breaks in betwixt shoots (u know what we mean), she filmed her 1st pointer sisters and tugs–which you will watch later this month–and that babe set herself apart as one of the hottest chicks has to offer. Through it all, this babe remained the same lovable beauty we met not also long agone.

“It’s always an experience being here,” Kamryn said. “It’s so much fun, and the attention is killer. I can not wait to come back afresh.”

Kamryn won’t have to worry about that. We know the calls from XL Men will be loud to bring this gal back just now.

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Chloe Rose – Youthful & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Youthful & Hawt With 38E-Cups

Young & Hot With 38E-Cups

Chloe Rose wanted to try adult modeling. It was on her to-do list. As fate would spin its wheel of fortune, Chloe’s longtime male ally, not a hubby, has a daddy who is a SCORE and Voluptuous mag browser. This man was the one who indeed recommended that Chloe apply to The SCORE Group. Daddy has an eye for big-busted cuties and Chloe is a 38-E cupper (and still growing). There is just no hiding those juggs no matter what Chloe wears.

Chloe self-debated the idea for a during the time that. That babe had her finest friend take three nude pix at home and emailed them to the SCORE studio. “I was sure I wanted to try it so if I was accepted, I was definitely gonna go ahead and do it,” Chloe said. She means what that babe says and says what she means.

Chloe is a porn fan and likes to view hardcore girl-on-girl episodes. They do not have to have greater than run of the mill billibongs but they should be gorgeous. That babe endevoured working in a topless bar for a couple of weeks but didn’t adore it all that much. She’s not at all heard of SCORE or Voluptuous magazines and did not know that such vitally important, educational publications even existed. Further confirmation that the US educational system needs repair.

If fate is a femdom-goddess, she moves in mysterious ways. And you are the beneficiary of her generosity.

Thank you once more, Chloe Rose! Stay enjoyable!

Chloe returns for her 1st boy-girl scene. Prepare!

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Kimmie Kaboom – Mistress Kimmie

Woman Kimmie

Mistress Kimmie

Lady Kimmie Kaboom may be dressed adore a mean and naughty fetish lady but do not let that fool ya. She’s truly a big-hearted and big-titted country gal. We should know.

Tony Rubino acquires to savor Kimmie’s hawt body and donate a example of his nut paste on her gorgeous face after they engulf, blow, finger, motorboat, lick, copulate, breast-bang and the rest of that precious ol’ stuff with mucho hooter swinging, shaking, juggling and jiggling.

So is Kimmie into any fetishes for real?

“Well, I’m not sure if booty slam [“Kimmie’s 1st Anal!”] counts as a fetish. I like having sex in public places at times,” says Kimmie. “I mean as long as u are worthy and effortless going into it, I relish anal job. I truly can not explain the feeling but it does feel admirable.”

And is Kimmie dominating or tractable in the sack?

“I know what I desire when I want it,” Kimmie replies. “I can be very passive and let the guy take complete control. It depends.”

Kimmie chats on the XL Beauties webcam room. Simply go to LIVE CHAT at top right and type her name in Search.

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Sandra Star – Miss Hot SCORE: Hot Ass Sex

Miss Sexy SCORE: Hot Gazoo Sex

Miss Sexy SCORE: Hot Wazoo Sex

Sandra Star was a stacked university first-year student in Berlin, Germany with a wild side. That wild side got a chance to emerge when Sandra learned about a contest called Miss Sexy SCORE Germany. This contest was sponsored by Hot SCORE magazine, the German language edition.

One of the judges of this contest was German porn superstar Annina, who’s been in SCORE magazine a dozen times.

“I 1st noticed her handsome smile!” Annina told. “Sandra has charm and a great, shapely body. That babe is the entire package. For me, Sandra is Miss Sexy SCORE!”

Sandra knew all about SCORE and, surprisingly, this babe knew about the Boob Cruises even though the final one was in the spring of 2000.

When the American staff was visiting Berlin, they had to meet Sandra. She accepted our offer to adult model for the international edition of the mag. Sandra likewise wanted to try her talents at screwing with the cameras rolling. Sandra does it all: blowjobs, tit-fucking, straight rogering, anal and a cum facial. Yes, this Big-Boob coed who was studying business can’t live with out being taken in her consummate butt and felt there was no time to waste. Today’s modern high school students with bigger in size than average whoppers don’t hold anything back, especially German students.

Sandra wore space-age, silver knee-high boots and purple monokini lingerie. Kneeling on the daybed, this babe kisses, licks and sucks her fuck-partner’s weiner, engulfing the balls with reverence and adoration. Still kneeling, Sandra holds her monumental bra buddies jointly as the wang slides between them, fucking her cleavage and slipping into her face hole for her to suck on. She looks at the digital camera with an expression that says “Look at me, view what I’m doing. I shouldn’t be doing this but I adore it.” How her miniature little anal opening could accommodate such a bigger in size than run of the mill knob is another example of wondrous German engineering.

Sandra Star, there could be no more fuckable and prettier Miss Sexy SCORE than you.

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Claudia KeAloha – Hawaii Sex-O

Hawaii Sex-O

Hawaii Sex-O

Lap dancer Claudia KeAloha keeps trim and fit through subrigid work at the Fitness Centre and by dancing around the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, sticking her greater than average love melons and buxom butt into the faces of blameless guys. (Identify out Claudia’s bathing costume clip that that babe shot with editor Dave in the model’s dressing room. This babe attracts bigger in size than typical attention at the beach and at pools.) That helps to give Claudia tremendous sex stamina in couch. SCORE talked to Claudia about doing the filthy dance with buck Tony DeSergio in this scene.

SCORE: What was your much loved part of this scene with Tony?
Claudia: I thought Tony and I looked valuable together. Like we would indeed be a couple in real life. I’ll be honest, Tony is quite “big” and I’m quite constricted. At first it was unyielding, no pun intended. But Tony was a real gentleman, his reaction to the fact that I was having a bit of a problem taking him in was a real turn-on. With his gentle manners, all of a sudden my muff got wetter and gave in and allowed him to come into. As u watch in the vid, after a whilst I was jumping on it.

SCORE: Do you love making pure sex scenes or ones with a “story?”
Claudia: One as well as the other. I can do the one and the other. And I adore doing both.

SCORE: We enjoyed listening to u. Have you always been this vocal in daybed?
Claudia: Not in my private life because I’m coyness. But now that I know males like it, yep, I adore being vocal sometimes and quiet sometimes.

SCORE: What are your much loved sexual poses?
Claudia: Missionary, cuz I adore to have my wobblers sucked during the time that I have sex and also to be kissed. I love to see the guy’s face and have eye contact with him too.

SCORE: What’s the most weird position you have ever tried?
Claudia: Maybe back in 2005 when I first shot for SCORE we did try some unconventional upside down poses for the Tarzan episode [SCORE Xtra 12 on DVD].

SCORE: What’s your least much loved position?
Claudia: Doggie position..I cant watch everything. [Laughs]

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Peyton Thomas – New Discovery

Recent Discovery

New Discovery

You are in for a treat today, gentlemen. We’re unveiling our latest discovery, and she’s a hottie you’ve gotta watch because she has whoppers you’ve got to see to believe. We did double, triple and quadruple takes when Peyton’s test shots detected their way into our inboxes. She is an N-cupper, and the N is for natural. They’re real, they’re spectacular and they’re all yours. Oh, and Peyton is merely 18 years mature, also. We forgot to mention that. Which means one thing: her mangos are probably still growing. We still cant believe this. If you’re looking for the mother-lode, fellas, it resides just underneath her beautiful face and button chin. This babe is the satisfied owner of a treasure chest of breast, and you’ll be dropping your load to it for years to cum.

“I nearly always dress to flaunt off my titties Peyton said. “Low-cut tops, constricted shirts, soever. I can not truly contain these gals in any case, though. So I think u could say just about everything I put on is a taut top.”

That sounds about accurate. Peyton is freshly out of school and exploring the world. That babe does adore to stay active, though, and that babe participated in a number of sports growing up.

“I did gymnastics for a bit,” that babe added. “I was a cheerleader for a bit, likewise. And I adore playing volleyball.”

We’d root for whomever Peyton cheered for. Which makes it flawless that that babe is joined our team.

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Shelby Gibson – The Valuable Big boobed Wife

The Precious Breasty Wife

The Fine Big breasted Wife

Writes SCORELAND boy DrJohn: “Shelby is the perfect Hot Wife and WILF: pretty appearance, spectacular body, pleasing smile, genuine personality both warm and VERY wicked. That babe should wear her rings to emphasize her very wicked Sexy Wife status, and SCORE should feature her OFTEN. But Shelby, if they film you with any guys, make sure they’re worthy of u.”

Shelby Gibson. Big marangos, a tiny body, gym-conditioned gazoo, a patch of thatch above her grasp (hard to discover these days) and thick cunt lips. With her beaming smile, this SCORE guy’s wife bangs u with her eyes. That babe would not be here without encouragement at home.

Surprisingly, none of the comments about Shelby have mentioned these amazing pink flaps. Years agone at SCORELAND, there was an informal “Big Lips Club” that used to write in, often sending long letters and asking us to discover cuties who fit their perfect. They loved girls adore Dawn Phoenix who would pull and stretch their bigger than ordinary beauty wings.

In this installment of the Shelby Flaunt, the hawt brunette hair wifey tries on constricted sweaters in advance of heading south and fapping her hirsute coochie. Shelby grants permission to jack along.

SCORE: Shelby, what’s your beloved raunchy position?
Shelby: “I adore getting pounded doggy style during the time that I’m wearing high heels.”

SCORE: What’s topmost in foreplay?
Shelby: “Oral sex, the one and the other giving and getting. I definitely swallow. I adore cum. After playing with it, I always gulp.”

SCORE: Your kinkiest moment, if any?
Shelby: “Giving a hand job in a car in a parking lot.”

SCORE: Ever had sex out side?
Shelby: “Yes, it happened during a nature walk. No one saw us…at least I don’t think so.”

Thanks, Shelby Gibson.

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Bianca – Brick House British Bird Gets Banged

Brick Abode British Bird Gets Gangbanged

Brick Abode British Bird Receives Banged

Bianca was a toothy British brick house who checked in at 40-26-36 with natural 38DD knockers. Some of the fellows from our London studio at the time identified her working in a restaurant. Facially, this babe had a resemblance to SCORE Boob Cruiser of 2000, Donita Dunes.

Bianca posed stripped and spread, then returned to accept an offer to shoot hardcore with SCORE‘s regular pro-stud Tony DeSergio who was a fine teacher for her. That ladies man put her in the right camera-ready poses and whispered commands. By the time he doused her big knockers with his British semen, Bianca was fully disciplined.

“I was ready, completely,” Bianca said in her clipped Brit accent. “I try never to do everything halfway, and I of course wasn’t gonna hold back when it came to having sex!”

Bianca was nonchalant and bonkers. This babe showed up at the studio on-time and ready for action. A little nervous but that is the norm for newcomers.

Bianca knew what that babe liked in the sack. “Doggie style is the almost all fine. Missionary’s valuable, but you need to feel it much deeper when you are doing it doggie style. Plus, I adore the way it feels when a lad grabs my hips and just pounds away at my bawdy cleft from behind. Or he can reach around and grip my boobs.”

While riding Tony sitting up and facing the digi camera, Bianca’s boobies swung up and down loose and free and this babe even sucked on her areola. Whilst rogering her doggy position, Tony fingered her anal opening and then another time when Bianca was on her back. She was an apt scholar.

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