Kamille Amora – Best Models

Preeminent Glamour models

Best Models

A nursing student when that babe briefly posed in 2009, Michelle May returned in 2011 kooky to resume. “For a during the time that I thought glamour modeling might’ve just been a fling,” Michelle said. “I wanted to be more serious with my nursing career. But after I would been away from naked modeling, I missed it. I like nursing, but I get to expose off a different side of my personality with glamour modeling. I must be sexy. I like my big bazookas, and I love that other boyz out there like them, also!”

The enigmatic, quiet English gal Ashley Sage Ellison is one of the not many, rare girls who posed in SCORE, Voluptuous and XL Beauties. She even won SCORE and V-mag’s Apprentice of the Year Reward. Ashley’s a beautician by profession. “You must work with tons of people on a personal level,” Ashley told. “You can too tell them what’s wrong with them and how they look and they rarely acquire upset about it. I can tell anybody that their hair style or fingernail color is all wrong, and they act love I am giving them the secret to life or smth.”

Sarah Rae tutored at home to be adept to self-suck her enormous, charming 34JJs. For many, this babe is the consummate XL Angel. Her body, her face and her girl-next-door personality nearly seem love a fantasy. But Sarah is real, unbelievably real. “I can only hold one as well as the other whoppers for a pair of minutes. However I can hold one all day. Whilst I’m cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming…all day!” What’s her secret? “Suck subrigid! I love to kick off engulfing a little bit in advance of the nipple, it helps me balance the weight.”

Nixie Night is another captivating XL honey and that babe brings both brains and a bodacious body. This high school scholar is studying the sexology of past civilizations. This babe can answer any sex question about the Romans, Greeks and other ancient cultures that were a lot more liberal than American society. For sample, the Greeks. They were ass-focused, explains Nixie, and that is why their statues have the booties they do. Nixie has shown her raunchy skills a few times at XL Gals. “I can honestly say I’ve never been ‘made love’ to,” says Nixie, “It’s always been ‘fucking’–fast and furious–and that’s how I adore it.”

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Brandy Dean – Busty ‘N’ Wet

Big-Boob ‘N’ Soaked

Busty 'N' Wet

Someone’s at the door. Who is it but red-headed beauty Brandy Dean, all 40-25-36 inches. Miss Dean’s 38DDDs come into the house in advance of that babe does. Red is puzzled but that chap shouldn’t be. Give this goddess an inch, she wishes six inches more.

It appears to be that Brandy is a friend of Red’s wife and was envisaging to hang out with the wife at their pool. That babe asks Red if that babe can catch some sun by herself. Okay, nice with Red. They are a match, at least by hair color. The wife need to truly trust Red.

Brandy peels off her pants and T-shirt to show her curvy body in a pink and orange string swim dress that goes well with her red hair and enormous hangers. Red follows her and lurks behind a column.

Brandy squirts a bottle of suntan oil all over her big bra buddies. Red hides and watches. Brandy sees him and calls him over, not bothered by his pervy voyeurism. No, this babe loves pervs. After all, she is Brandy Dean. She lives so studs can stare at her, jerk off, suck her massive pantoons, set in their rods in her throat, bonk her larger than standard mounds and vagina, and ask her to autograph their issues of SCORE magazine.

Brandy asks Red to put greasy oil on her back. Flipping over on her back after Red’s handling, Brandy’s chest attracts Red’s fingers love a lamb draws a wolf. They pull down her swim dress bottoms to disclose her red pubic hair over a mostly shaven vagina. Red forgets to add more baby oil as this chab rubs Brandy’s thighs.

Drunk from Brandy’s mellons and love tunnel, Red forgets all about his wife and plays with Brandy’s pussy-lips. Brandy doesn’t approve of extra-marital sex but that is ok coz that babe is not married, Red is. Overheated by the sun and her rubdown, Brandy cools off in the pool.

Red is expecting, pecker willing for her milk shakes when Brandy gets with out the pool. That babe immediately places his rod in her breast valley and mouth. Once Brandy is turned on, there’s no kill-switch. They will now suck, take up with the tongue, pump and shag, ending with her bazookas covered in nut butter.

“I think, if u haven’t considered it already, that u might wish to release a Best of Brandy Dean DVD,” writes SCORE Charmer D.W.. “Who would suspect that such an virginal looking gal was such a pornstress?”

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Ann Calis – Top Enormous Table Topper

Top Enormous Table Topper

Top Heavy Table Topper

Ann Calis is a rookie willing to take on the big-boobed world and she has the all-natural assets to do it. She is some other great import from Bucharest in Romania, land of the curvy and the ultra-voluptuous.

“Modeling for SCORE is very exciting,” told Ann. Many think she’s the personification of the flawless Voluptuous Gal. “I had not ever thought of doing everything like this in advance of. I like it and I want to do more. My friends always said worthwhile things about my body and my bigger in size than run of the mill love bubbles. I adore to dress in impressive clothing, unveil my milk shakes, and masturbate with my toys. This is the right time for me.”

“My favorite way to loosen up is to go to a resort by the sea during late spring and summer and spend a hardly any days enjoying the beach, sightseeing and having wonderful meals. I’ve a list of countries I’d love to visit.”

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Jola – Jiggling Jola

Jiggling Jola

Jiggling Jola

“I have not at all been a typist,” said Jola, who can take dictation very well, no training needed. That is what her partners in her 2 XLGirls vids have said. In her run of the mill life, Jola is a salesperson.

“Now I crave to be in a 3some. I crave two hot lads with larger than average ramrods. I do not care for anal-copulation. They can have as much of my mouth and muff as they crave. I will try it pretty soon! This is my promise.”

“I had a great time with Novis in the kitchen (“Bangin’ Time For Jola”) and with Tom in ottoman (“Sex & The Single Plumper”). It is not so facile to have this kind of sex with chaps I meet after Novis and Tom. I suppose of the sex with them often!”

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Alana Lace – Large Boob Garden

Big Boob Garden

Big Boob Garden

Alana Lace can bounce her big wobblers and suck her pointy teats with the superlatively valuable of ‘em and this trippy episode in a lush, hidden garden proves it. We’re sorry it ended! A nipple-sucking marathon of Alana wouldn’t be enough! This goddess is a gem. We hope this babe stays in the game for a ages.

“Very gorgeous face, humongous gazongas and a pink luscious bawdy cleft… What else can we ask for?” comments Roberto.

“Getting plenty of attention is ordinary for me now. I love it and wherever I go, I am being checked out. I savour that. My wobblers are so big now I usually wear a brassiere except when I go to sleep.”

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Harley Ann – Afternoon With A Cutie Pie

Afternoon With A Girl Pie

Afternoon With A Gal Pie

It had to have hurt when this cutie fell from heaven. Ms. Harley Ann boasts a warm, angelic smile that could melt the ice caps, cuddly curves we would like to receive lost in and a pair of 40DD milk sacks consummate for cupping, teat tugging and motorboating. Yes, Harley has everything we, the Brotherhood of XL Men, desire in a lady. She’s a goddess pie, a little slice of full-figured heaven. And below her virginal exterior, lies a gal who loves rogering as much as we do.

“I’ve been said I’m very able at giving blowjobs,” she told us. “I adore watching S&M, but I have never done it and would adore to try. I would too love to be part of a bang one day. I would wanna commence with smth miniature first. Like a threesome with two lads.”

We’re sure it wouldn’t be rock hard to detect a pair of boyz willing to share this angel pie.

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Marie Leone – Swim dress Buster

Bikini Buster

Bikini Buster

Seeing ultra-Voluptuous Marie Leone wearing a swim suit is an eye-opener. These big fun bags are love man-magnets. Marie have to own the beach when this babe spends a day there, her 34J bouncy bosoms basically spilling with out a bikini. After Marie enjoys skinny dipping in the pool, that babe heads back into the house for a relaxing rub-out, drubbing her cares away.

Let us talk about courting with Marie, an auto shop employee in California.

Marie, do u have sex on the 1st date?

“Well, I always have sex on the 1st date. In advance of anybody judges me, I’d adore to point out that I don’t plan for it to happen. It just happens. So if anybody craves to have sex on the 1st date, go for it. It is always smart to try something on in advance of u receive it. Well, that’s what my grandma always said me. But it is likewise smart sometimes to await to watch if the fellow or hotty is indeed the one you wish to share yourself with.”

Have u seen your SCORELAND episodes that u did on your first visit?

“I did scenes called ‘Busting In The Babe’ and ‘Maid For Anal.’ Yes, I saw ‘em. Over and over again! My fiancé and I viewed them jointly during the time that I went down on him.”

Now that is a favourable buck.

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Sienna Hills – Best Hardcore

Foremost Hardcore

Best Hardcore

Bailey Santanna, Renee Ross and Sienna Hills: three buxom blondes, three of our almost all precious hardcore performers ever. They’re each peculiar for their own reasons. Bailey launched in 2002 and went on to film memorable hardcore videos love K-Jugs, and even fucked for us when she had a glowing baby bump in Preggos & Milkers. Sienna Hills was an adult bookstore owner turned sex star, and was as freaky as any beauty we’ve ever filmed. Not much needs to be said when you utter the name Renee Ross. The star of two of our most-popular releases, Sex in the Bosoms, Whoppers, Knockers Tits and K-Jugs, Renee is arguably our highest adult model and hardcore performer ever.

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Lily Madison – The British Are Cumming

The British Are Cumming

The British Are Cumming

The British are indeed cumming whenever this sexy sweetheart bares all. Dressed impeccably as always, and always wearing something that shows off her spectacular skinny and stacked hourglass figure, Lily Madison is a hot traffic-stopper. Lily spanks it rock hard in this recent scene.

How does Lily let someone know that babe can’t live without him?

“I’m not afraid to make the 1st move,” says Lily. “I’ll hold his hand. Try to kiss him. If I like a boy, I’ll let him know it. No sense expecting around.”

What should a boy not do to show his interest? Make her laugh.

“Well, he probably shouldn’t try to put his face in my bra-busters, which has happened before. Boys have said, ‘Can I put my face in your milk cans?’ They shouldn’t do that. If u can make me giggle, u have a chance. I adore boys with a valuable sense of humor.”

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Amerie Thomas – Epic Sex

Epic Sex

Epic Sex

That body. These bigger in size than run of the mill milk sacks. That face. That hair. It was a admirable day when Amerie Thomas decided to share her assets with the world. In her fourth XLGirls scene, Amerie goes the full nine yards or, in this case, inches. Her shag ally is ready to explore the wonderland that is Amerie.

“I am one as well as the other assertive and passive,” Amerie says. “I like to be dominated in daybed. But I will not lay love a fish and fake my climax. If he’s not pleasing me sexually, I will tell him what I wish and how I want him to do it.”

“I’m a ardent person so I don’t crave a quickie. I desire the total treatment. Kick off with foreplay, fellatio and each position until I can not cum anymore, my legs are shaking and my heart is pounding. If not daily, I’ve sex each other day. I’ve a high sex drive and when I do not acquire that release, I turn into a not-so-nice person.”

“I adore doggie. That chap can pound me as rock hard as this chab desires and I will implore him to go harder and harder. Pull my hair, choke me a little, spank me. I do not love anal. I have attempted it more than numerous times. I would rather have my bawdy cleft beat up.”

“I treat a man’s cum as I am treated. This charmer needs to be worthwhile of me swallowing. If that lady-killer did not give me his all, I will spit. But if that dude gave me all this ladies man had, I will drink every final drop.”

Does Amerie spit or drink in this XLGirls sexing? That would be telling.

Thank you, Amerie Thomas.

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