Aimee Jackson – New Discovery

Fresh Discovery

New Discovery

XL Chaps, our latest discovery is too the beauty of our stickiest succulent fantasies. Her name is Aimee Jackson, and she’s a 27-year mature massage therapist from Kansas Town, Missouri. Missouri is also known as the “Show Me State,” making it the flawless place for Aimee to call home ‘cuz we could not be happier that Aimee is here showing us her 34H-cup mammaries.

“I identify the attention I receive ‘coz of my bouncy bosoms joy,” Aimee told us. “If I catch dudes, and sometimes girls, staring also lengthy I’ll clench one of my fists and go beneath my breasts to intentionally bounce them. I always acquire a great reaction.”

If the reaction is everything less than a standing ovation, we’ll have to give the citizens of Kansas City credit for their restraint.

This is Aimee’s first time doing modeling of any kind, but she’s a natural in front of the digi camera. Her bright smile lit up the bedroom we shot this photo insert, and she’s as carnal and sexual as any goddess we have shot.

“I’ve always been a really sensual person,” Aimee told. “I think that is why I got into rubdown therapy. I love bodies–men and women–and working with ‘em and the oils is tons of joy for me. I have been told I’ve an outstanding touch.”

It get to feel like being touched by a big-boobed beauty.

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Barbie Kelley – Big breasted Wife Spanks It Sticky

Big-Boob Wife Spanks It Sticky

Busty Wife Spanks It Sticky

Barbie Kelley is the big-boobed wife of a SCORE mag reader. Her interest in glamour modeling was piqued when partner shared his reading material. With his encouragement, she decided to take the plunge herself.

The same way “video killed the radio star,” phone sex lines are not what they used to be cuz of the internet. Even so, Barbie’s seductive, silky and hawt voice is perfect for phone sex. This movie scene is confirmation.

Let us get into the mind of a SCORE reader’s wife.

How should a wife treat a boyfriend who buys SCORE?

“Constant attention is key. Dressing sexy for no special occasion and giving massages are 2 things I do at home.”

SCORE: What kind of things receive u lascivious?

“Flirting with strangers, for one.”

SCORE: How would u spend a million dollars?

“I’d buy more hawt shoes and lingerie.”

SCORE: The topmost compliment u have ever received.

“Someone asked for my autograph thinking I was Sandra Bullock.”

SCORE: What makes you feel sexy?

“Hot fresh heels. Getting all dolled-up in taut jeans, short-shorts or lingerie.”

SCORE: Has adult modeling at SCORE changed you at all?

“Not really. I have always been very open sexually and SCORE gave me the opportunity to broaden that horizon.”

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Sunshine – Cream My Tits

Man juice My Mounds

Cream My Tits

In this XL Angels Classic “Cream My Fullsome funbags,” it’s a Big-Boob feast of feasts with Sunshine, a girl who has a lot to give, and give it up she does, time after time. Sex with Sunshine is no quickie. It’s a breast-sex adventure. Those love muffins were made for mouthing and fucking each single day.

Tony knew that pie wasn’t intend to acquire thrown in his face. Sunshine uses her jugs to widen the filling all over him. He licks the rich carbs right off Sunshine’s yummy tits and goes desirous with erotic delirium.

Sunshine does one of our prefered moves. Instead of blowing him, that babe has him fuck her open mouth as she tickles and squeezes his nuts. Then this chab gives huge-chested Sunshine the semen right with out his fuckin’ nuts in a boinking scene so hot, the pie plate melted.

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Daylene Rio – Miss Rio Got Back

Miss Rio Got Back

Miss Rio Got Back

Daylene Rio’s got it coming and she is got it going. She is got front and she’s got back. That ain’t junk in Daylene’s trunk, that’s primo. Part of this Bonus glamour photoshoot devotes itself to spectacular views of Daylene’s super-moon in, and happily out, of her constricted trousers.

Last year editor Dave wrote on the SCORELAND Blog, “The first time I walked into the SCORE Studio this morning, Daylene Rio was sat in the styling chair.

‘Hi, Dave,’ she said in her sexy voice. ‘I gained seven pounds, and I guess it all went to my bouncy bosoms and my butt.’

The second time I walked into the studio, Daylene was bouncing up and down on a meat-thermometer. That’s when I saw how much larger and rounder her a-hole is. Her wet crack was full of ramrod, but all I could concentrate on were those greater than run of the mill, round, bouncing milk cans of booty flesh.”

So say we all.

Daylene Rio, back that ass up.

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Mischel Lee – Cam-Chat With Mischel

Cam-Chat With Mischel

Cam-Chat With Mischel

In this Bonus movie showcasing new SCORELAND arrival Mischel Lee, our employees and a translator talk to Mischel and learn a scarcely any things about her. Lads who love to hear hawt honey bunnys talk in their native tongues will savour this sit-down.

Mischel comes from a dunky city in the Czech Republic and now lives in Prague. It’s a big jump to the big city and there is some culture shock but Mischel knows how to handle herself and that babe sure knows how to handle her large pointer sisters as she showed in her 1st video.

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Danica Danali – Brick House Babe

Brick House Babe

Brick House Babe

In Texas, the bricks are bigger in size and the billibongs are even greater. Bricks are unbending. Knockers are soft. Why a hotty with a curvacious, ultra-plush body is called a brick abode is smth for the word-scholars to sort out.

Illustrating the definition of “brick house” in fotos and a Bonus clip is Danica Danali (Full Figured Foxes TWO, Plump N’ Banged 2 and more), a Texas housewife with 38L-cups and a 52-inch bustline. Danica is back at with a new series of pics and movie scenes. Danica first came here at the end of 2010 and was an immediate hit.

Danica’s been married thirteen years and her partner supports her modeling interests. And that’s a great thing for all fans of XL Cuties and their sexy adventures.

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Alyssa Lynn – A Larger than run of the mill Load For A Big breasted Stripper

A Large Load For A Big busted Exotic dancer

A Bigger than typical Load For A Big breasted Lap Dancer

Debuting in July, Alyssa Lynn now enjoys “A Big Load For A Busty Hot dancer.” We meet Alyssa in couch. She’s contemplating. Expecting for JMac to arrive and provide the pole for Alyssa to work.

When JMac shows, Alyssa wastes no time. That babe lustily sucks his wang with a luscious face hole, leaving spit lines from her lips to his weenie. Her blowjob skills rate high. Alyssa receives on her back so JMac can fuck her bigger than standard, damp love muffins.

JMac comes around the ottoman. Alyssa’s head is hanging off the edge of the mattress. That buck stands over her and copulates her face hole. She jerks his shaft while she’s sucking his nuts. This chab tells her to kneel before him and keep mouthing.

Alyssa stands up, willing for a pole dance of a different kind than the ones back home at Lap dancing club Risque in Philadelphia. Holding her right leg and providing balance, JMac slides his pecker up Alyssa’s muff for an wondrous standing copulate. An epic sequence of positions follow, capped by a bigger in size than run of the mill load for this big breasted lap dancer. A sensational screw session!

Watching porn, did Alyssa think, “I could do that?” or “I can watch myself doing that?”

“No. I honestly not at any time did, and it’s not that it’s a bad thing. I just not ever thought I could be doing that, but I like it. It was rock hard to receive started and acquire into it. It took a lengthy time. I found an advert online, and I started here in Florida and did numerous scenes a little bit over a year agone. It went surprisingly well. I was startled by how much I loved it. It’s like an adrenaline rush when you’re screwing on-camera. It is great. Having them make u look marvelous and the complete thing.”

Thanks, Alyssa Lynn.

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Sara – Nobody Does It Like Sara

Nobody Does It Love Sara

Nobody Does It Love Sara

Saying nobody does it love Sara is an understatement. Though it is been less than a year since her launch, Sara has already done it all and rogered a lot–much to the delight of XL Bucks worldwide. Already one of our hottest fresh angels, it’s always great to have her back. Especially when Sara is fucking. This babe has a cock-lust not found likewise often. Even around these parts. She is a fleshly, take charge honey bunny, likewise… something we like in a gal. Smth we know our buddy Thomas Lee will appreciate.

“I am 50-50,” Sara said when we asked her if she was more passive or confident. “Sometimes I need my chap to take control, but sometimes I wanna be in charge. To dominate him.”

That is just what Sara and Thomas do in this steamy photo discharge. Thomas starts by fondling her milk cans previous to going down on Sara’s succulent snatch. Then Sara pulls out Thomas’ now-throbbing dick and tugs and sucks until that guy cant hold out any longer and he’s gotta shag Sara’s snatch. Sara says she doesn’t figure out much, so fucking as often as possible is how that babe keeps her figure and FF-cup marangos looking magnificent.

“I have sex nearly every day,” she said. “If I do not, I feel upset and concerned. Sex is my favorite thing to do.

We can watch that, Sara. Discover out the even hotter episode to see how much that babe enjoys a fine shag.

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Jenna Jayden – 38H-Cup Blonde Craves Cooze Cream

38H-Cup Blonde Craves Cooze Cream

38H-Cup Blond Desires Cooze Cream

Brickhouse greenhorn Jenna Jayden is overheated and she’s sexy for Tony DeSergio’s porn-cock. Jenna’s making the move from feature dancer in Canton, Ohio to porno star and SCORE is her 1st avoid. Dressed in all-red underware, Jenna offers Tony the bigger than typical boy’s equivalent of a journey to the candy store…her stacked 46-30-38 body and 38H-cup mellons!

Tony lip-locks onto Jenna’s massive pointer sisters, sucking her pointy nipples and burying his face betwixt them. Jenna is wearing split-panties. Tony doesn’t have to pull her panties to the side to finger-drill her wet crack and feel her succulent candy box.

Tony de-pants and offers his longhorn to the busty blond gogo dancer. That babe is hungry for man-meat and dives for his wiener, engulfing it and wrapping her bigger in size than run of the mill wobblers around it.

Jenna’s bodacious bazooms were made for tit-banging. They are rogering colossal and even large dongs get lost in ‘em as this scene proves. Jenna acquires on her back so her marangos can form a valley for his skin-bus to drive throughout. It is promptly lost between those twin peaks but finds its way out for a trip into her pink-lined tunnel of craving.

For Jenna’s first fuck, this babe climbs on-board in a cowgirl position, riding and grinding. And that’s just the starting. Jenna is sexually excited about enjoying the act with super-studs and getting into the wild, wild world of porn where sex is an event. That babe likes “straight-up screwing! And a lil’ pussy-licking by no means hurts either!”

As far as foreplay, Jenna says, “I’m the type of hotty who’d rather just kick off fuckin’! But when there’s foreplay, I like my clit gently rubbed and licked and my melons sucked.”

Where does Jenna acquire her gift of ball cream? The answer is in the title of her first hardcore scene.

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Casey Deluxe – New Discovery

Fresh Discovery

New Discovery

Casey Deluxe is a slender and stacked blonde from Germany. She’s been glamour modeling for numerous years and does swimwear, fashion, glamour, public nudity and open leg. This babe is appeared in German magazines and tabloids and has done striptease for web-cams.

In her 1st SCORELAND clip, Casey doffs her hot clothing and brandishes off every millimeter of her pale white body, pink nipples and areolae, her smooth cunt and her darksome hole.

“I always wear T-shirts and dresses that flaunt a lot of deep cleavage,” Casey says. “I wear hot-pants and high heels to flaunt off my legs. I adore a lot of attention but the lads are likewise shy to talk to me.”

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