Samantha Kay – Origins



Samantha Kay does the nasty with porn regular Joey Ray in this now-classic XL Angels scene discharged in 2004. Measuring 46DD where it counts, Samantha was a chef who, together with her boyfriend, discovered the world of porn, swinging, movie and the internet. Willing to do gang bangs, gigantic toys and other no-holes-barred extreme acts, Samantha was similar in many ways to an early amateur home video and internet plumper legend, Princess, “Queen of the mid-west swinging couples.” Kat Hottie could too be included in this unconnected group of homegrown swinging porno stars.

“I do kind of dress randy,” Samantha told. That babe was direct and to the point. “I have a collection of plaid schoolgirl-like skirts I wear with low-cut blouses and nylons. I too like wearing micro-mini dresses, and I don’t wear knickers, so I need to be extra careful bending over. If you are dressing like a whore, u desire people to look at u love you’re a wench! If you do not urge people to admire your body, then you’ve to suit conservatively. If you are a conservative person, it’s your fault for not dressing right.”

Samantha called herself a “monster-dildo bimbo.”

I can really clamp down on a finger or a jock and hold it because I have better-maintained muscles than almost all people do cuz I have muscle control from having to expand. I’m very taut. Sometimes, someone will make a comment about how I must have a loose cookie, and I’ll be love, ‘Come here; I’ll unveil you,’ and I’ll squeeze down on their finger and they’ll be love, ‘Wow!’ I’ve one sex toy that’s Twenty two inches long and about 3 inches across. That is larger than typical! I’ve another one that’s five inches across. I can cum with the stretching and the toys. Stretching is a very good and unparalleled sensation. I don’t squirt, though. I gush, but I do not squirt. I urge I did! I do anal but normal anal. I can not do bigger in size than run of the mill anal. Seven inches is more than enough for me.”

When almost any dudes read that a cutie can’t live with out to screw her pussy with king-size toys, they think that the studs they screw need to need to have extra-large jocks to satisfy ‘em. Samantha disputed this.

“My boyfriend is archetypal, about seven and a half to eight inches, and he makes me cum a lot, so size has nothing to do with it at all.”

Samantha basically had no limitations to her sex adventures.

“I’ve done between Fifty and 60 boys. We’re not sure exactly how many there were but I did the complete Mandingo Lap dancing club, a group of Latin chaps, in New York. It was in a motel, and I did them all. We took some images and episode for my web site, but I didn’t receive paid for it or anything. It was not everything talented.”

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Lilith – Conquest Of The Curvy Cockteaser

Conquest Of The Buxom Cockteaser

Conquest Of The Shapely Cockteaser

Lilith was a adult model referred to SCORE by one more model, Exotica. Exotica was featuring in the exotic dancing club Lilith danced in. She said Lilith to call us. We flew this impressive honey bunny in from St. Louis, Missouri for numerous days of shooting.

On her 1st visit, Lilith solely flew solo which is par for the course with many first-timers at SCORE. One time they get a taste of stripped modeling, and if they’re gutsy, they return for boy-girl action. That is how it was with this fetching dark-skinned brown. That babe came back a few times and did the naughty quite a not many times.

The name Lilith is from Adam’s first wife who became queen of the supernatural after this babe was evicted from the Garden of Eden. In other words, a bad hotty. So bad that babe is wonderful.

“I was born in St. Louis and spent majority of my life there,” Lilith said in her first-time interview. “I’ve been stripping on and off for about five years. Right now, I work in a totally bare lap dancing club. We give lap dances, daybed dances and hot tub dances. Basically, it is a regular gogo dance in a tub. Boyz wear swim trunks and we wear our T-backs. We supply the towels and the mounds! The lads like boobies in their faces!”

We talked to Lilith about a diversity of subjects: Bosoms, sex, whoppers, milk sacks and sex. And stripping. Some say we’ve one-track minds. They try to smear us.

SCORE: What satisfies u the best? Forget about the guy.
Lilith: I suppose actual penetration. We just screw.

SCORE: Any favorite poses?
Lilith: Any and all. Nothing special.

SCORE: Have u ever gone with a lady?
Lilith: Not completely. I had a girl eat my cookie one time. I liked it.

SCORE: Have other dancers in your lap dancing club hit on you?
Lilith: Lots of the gals in my lap dancing club are beautiful straight. Other disrobe clubs, yes, I have had that a lot. But I most like fellows.

SCORE: What’s your own prefered way to satisfy a boy in daybed?
Lilith: Regular sex. And I adore titty-fucking. That’s what u lads call it, right?

SCORE: That’s what we call it. Do u like plenty of that?
Lilith: Yep, I do. It turns me on to check out it more than anything.

SCORE: Is it your date’s idea to do it or do u wanna do it?
Lilith: It is both.

SCORE: Are you very vocal when a lad copulates your mounds?
Lilith: Sometimes I crave him to do it. “Fuck my fullsome funbags. Shag ‘em,” I’ll say.

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Gianna Rossi – Pounding The Pledges Part THREE

Pounding The Pledges Part THREE

Pounding The Pledges Part 3

Tera Cox didn’t stay long at SCORELAND. That babe modeled for a lark, and once that babe had gratified her curiosity, she prevented undressed modeling and returned to her regular life back home in Missouri. We have watched this happen many times, gals who have adult modeling (and sometimes sex on-camera) on their bucket lists. They try it a hardly any times and that’s it.

Tera, a 36H-cup ravishing heart, identified us after a loyal reader said her that she’d be great for SCORE and Voluptuous magazines. That babe was waitressing in a club in Missouri at the time and this chab was a customer. When that stud saw her, this guy talked to her about modeling, smth this babe had never done in advance of. Tera was fresh to waitressing at a club. That babe remembered her first time. “I was clothed conservatively but the owner got nervous when that chap saw me and told ‘You cant suit like that! Take that outfit off.’ This chab did not have uniforms so I waitressed in my brassiere and underwear!”

Exceedingly popular, Tera would have joined the ranks of the all-time most-popular SCORE and V-mag adult models had she continued. While the theme in this 3rd chapter of Pounding The Pledges features Tera as a freshman fresh to sex, there was no thing Tera truly needed to learn about sex. This babe was a natural at it on-camera and there’s probably no more wonderful instructor for a threeway than Gianna.

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SinFul Celeste – Her Favorite Sin

Her Favourite Sin

Her Much loved Sin

Supernova sex is the name of the game as Sinful Celeste meets JMac for a vigour copulate at XL Angels. It is the clash of the sex titans. Celeste says that this babe is pleasured by a ladies man “who can get it up and keep it up.” She is covered in this scene!

A angel who estimates that that babe gets drilled 4-to-6 times a week, Celeste can’t live without to ride in reverse cowgirl and acquire hit unyielding doggy position. At one point in the episode, JMac picks Celeste up and fucks her whilst this guy is standing, then drills her rectal hole in a piledriver position.

“Giving a orall-service truly acquires me moist,” says Celeste. “I like the smack and smell of a guy’s jock and the feel of it in my mouth. I give a mind blowing oral fun.”

Seeing is believing as Celeste swallows the schlong deep.

“I too love to bonk a man’s dick betwixt my big mellons. There truly isn’t everything I don’t like about sex. I adore it all.”

What about that collar and chain around Celeste’s neck in this scene? Is that her personal fetish also?

“I do not think I have any fetishes but I do love to screw myself with large toys,” says Celeste. “I adore to masturbate.”

What does Celeste urge to try one day?

“I would adore to try to receive preggy someday,” Celeste replied.

If Celeste does receive knocked-up in the near future, maybe she’ll call XL Gals at the 6th or 7th month mark.

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Demmi Valentine – Room Service For A Busty Bad Angel

Room Service For A Big breasted Bad Girl

Room Service For A Big breasted Bad Girl

Demmi Valentine is planning a party and she’s dressed in her hottest cocktail outfit. The hired aid wheels in a swallow tray and pours her a Martini. When this chab sees Demmi, that gent loses it and feels up her ass doggystyle, then dry humps her.

Instead of outrage, Demmi likes his bad man behavior. After all, she’s a big boobed bad cutie. If the company knew their employee was screwing this client, there’d be trouble. But Rocky is also sexy for Demmi’s busty body to prevent. The party is hours away so there’s time to play. Rocky feasts on Demmi’s big juggs, pulling down the top of her dress and her bra so that guy can receive at those rock hard nipps. The mouthing act receives Demmi hornier. This babe craves a thick prick in her face hole.

Kneeling before Rocky, Demmi engulfs his stiff cock in her throat and sucks him subrigid, making slurping and kissing sounds as that babe worships the weenie. They hastily drop their hot raiment on the floor. Rocky acquires on his back and Demmi sucks him some more.

Making his flag fly at full mast, Demmi lowers herself over his flag pole and sticks his shaft up her pussy. Her cowgirl ride is first, then this babe switches to a reverse cowgirl, her bawdy cleft rammed with his thrusting fuck-tool. He smacks his weenie against her clitoris, then pokes his wang up her again.

Her groans and cries of “Oh, god” fill the kitchen area, always a admirable sign of customer gratification. They wanna explore more fucking positions. Demmi dismounts and acquires on the floor to be banged side-ways. The customer is always right!

SCORE discovered Demmi Valentine at the Adore Ranch in Nevada and invited her to reveal her moves. Fortunately, that babe was skillful to squeeze us, and Rocky, in. It was a tight fit and well-worth it! Demmi indeed knows how to rock the 10-Pounder.

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Sarah Rae – “Respect My Titties!”

“Respect My Meatballs!”

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That’s what Sarah Rae wishes when you meet her and u see her ginormous JJ-cup jugs. Just how do u respect a hotty with a near-perfect set of love bubbles? Sarah couldn’t be happier to explain.

“You can tell me u like my milk shakes,” Sarah said. “I love my zeppelins, so hearing that people adore ‘em is always flattering. I usually wear tops that brandish ‘em off a bit. U know, tank tops and low-cut dresses. I am pleasured of them, so I show ‘em.”

With her fleshy bosoms of breast valley staring right back at us, it is clear Sarah has a lot to be gratified of. And cuz Sarah draws so much pride from her pleasure bags, she is sure to use them to widen the like. When asked how she makes a stud feel peculiar, Sarah replied: “I smother him with my greater than average boobs and tell him how outstanding he’s. And hopefully this chab then goes down on me and supports me in all of my big-titty decisions–like sharing ‘em with the world.”

Here at XL Angels, u know we respect that.

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Shelby Gibson – Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

With her bright eyes and happy-to-be-here smile, Shelby Gibson is back to the Greater than average Expose trying on bizarre swimsuits. Shelby, the ultra-slim, ultra-stacked wife of a SCORE reader, has the kind of body that’s flawless for radical, excessively skimpy bikinis and monokinis. A container of dental floss contains more material than her bikinis.

Heads turn and eyes widen when Shelby wears those little numbers to the beach or to a pool. Wolf-whistles can sometimes be heard in the distance. After showing her suits, Shelby heads indoors to reveal her bush, a rarity those days for honeys from all walks of life.

We talked to Shelby during the clip and also after.

SCORE: Moreover SCORE magazine, do you read erotic books? If yep, which ones?

Shelby: No, porn movie scenes and fotos are more breathtaking. But I do read mysteries.

SCORE: Do you hang out with other big breasted chicks?

Shelby: I do have some charming breasty friends and we’ve a great time going out jointly. We always receive tons of attention!

SCORE: Do u have any girlfriends built adore you? And would she adult model?

Shelby: I’ve a few big busted friends who are gorgeous hawt but they’re not as greater than run of the mill as I am. They would probably glamour model for fetching clothes or merchandise but I don’t think that they would naked model. They do not even know that I’m a SCORE Girl!

SCORE: Do you get to have your tops fitted or can you discover ‘em off the rack?

Shelby: Custom made is my merely option.

SCORE: If we were to see you just out shopping at the mall, what would you be wearing?

Shelby: It depends a bit on my mood but usually I am in a fine, tight top with taut jeans and heels.

SCORE: Do people ask u if you are a glamour model?

Shelby: Not all the time but occasionally. It is a real ego booster.

SCORE: Do u care for your bra buddies in any specific way, such as rubbing lotion into ‘em?

Shelby: I do not use lotion on them very often but I do use lube for titty fucking. And I really ADORE rubbing fresh hot cum on them!

SCORE: Do you go braless in a Tee shirt?

Shelby: Yes, any time I can…which is almost all of the time.

SCORE: What position do you sleep in?

Shelby: I sleep stripped on my side or back. I can not sleep on my stomach.

SCORE: You are in bathing suit adult model shape. What kind of work-outs do u do to stay so fit? Running, weights, Pilates…?

Shelby: Thank’s. Bike riding and stationary bike work almost any fine for my figure but PLENTY OF sex is the supreme workout!

SCORE: Have u ever had a G-Spot agonorgasmos? What triggers it?

Shelby: No, but my clitoris, butt, love muffins and teats are very sensitive. I’ve tons of orgasms which I think is why I love sex so much.

SCORE: Has having biggest love muffins enhanced your sex life?

Shelby: Definitely. They have really spiced things up. The extra attention is very empowering. And they’ve opened up a lot more opportunities.

SCORE: Are u into indecent talking during sex?

Shelby: Shag yeah! I like talking impure and getting talked filthy to. It seems to truly fire up the boys even more which just adds to the pleasure!

SCORE: Do you think chicks should be allowed to be topless anywhere it’s legal for males to be shirtless?

Shelby: I kind of love hotty’s being different. I suppose being scantily overspread in public is truly more hot than if we were just topless.

SCORE: Have u had sex in public places? Have u ever had sex in a taxi? Do u like sex in cars?

Shelby: I suppose it may sound a matter of joke since I like showing off but I am not into public sex. If I knew it was all adults watching, it might be different but I’m too worried that some kid will watch the act which I do not desire. That is what’s great about the SCORE shoots, all adults, so all enjoyment! I love reading the comments that the members write about my pictures and vids. Please keep ‘em coming. I identify ‘em very encouraging.

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Samantha Sanders – Cream My Tits

Semen My Milk shakes

Cream My Tits

Big boobed British legend Samantha Sanders, now retired from modeling, says she receives patted down when she goes through airports. No surprise there. Who can blame these horny security lads and angels? That’s what happens to her. It happened when she came from Britain to model at The SCORE Group and anew when she went home.

Since this babe was a beauty, Samantha’s ardent hobby is riding horses. Samantha can’t live with out to horseback ride and this babe competes around Britain. She’s an adept horsewoman. The first time Samantha had sex, this babe told it happened in the hay stables where that babe kept her horse. That sounds adore one of these Victorian novels.

Samantha has a sexual dream u would not think an Englishwoman would have. She’d adore to be a cowgirl in the American West. To satisfy that dream, Samantha booked a voyage to a stud ranch in Montana. The solely cowgirl here is the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions on the studio beds.

A lawyer by profession at the time that babe modeled here, Samantha merely dabbled in undressed modeling and hardcore. She of course had the colossal wobblers and big a-hole for it. That babe talks about her legal career in the opening of this movie.

It is mindboggling that this shapely, stacked golden-haired defended criminals and assorted low-lives in court. Samantha said she indeed identified her work interesting and this babe liked to visit clients in prison. We’re sure the guards enjoyed her bouncing visits also. That babe could get defendants off by showing the jury her bra-busters.

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Maya Milano – Boob Dreams

Boob Dreams

Boob Dreams

“New milk cans to the fore!” writes Rex, a V-mag browser. “Maya Milano truly has the voluptuous body u are known for. These thighs are the perfect ones to wrap around one’s neck!”

“Maya Milano is outstanding, exactly the kind of angel I adore seeing,” comments Sean. “She reminds me of one as well as the other Karina Hart and Natalie Fiore. Breath taking female and I hope we see more of her.”

Naturally colossal chested Maya isn’t fluent in English although her dictate of the language is improving. It doesn’t matter. Language differences have no meaning at SCORELAND. It’s all about the cutie and her large mounds.

Through her interpreter, Maya said that babe has terrible problems finding bras that fit well, look valuable and are comfortable to wear for long stretches. She usually goes on-line to watch what bras look just right for her.
Maya is focused on her university studies right now but when she graduates, will this babe go full-time as a model or proceed part-time as she does now? Maya hasn’t decided but that babe has all the time in the world.

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CJ Woods – Cute, Curvy, Naughty

Cute, Shapely, Naughty

Cute, Curvacious, Naughty

CJ Woods is back with her second sexalicious boy-girl scene at XL Angels. For a beginner, CJ took to the digital camera love she’s been doing this her whole life. She’s very comfortable and has a enjoyment time.

XLGirls: What scenes or glamour models have you viewed at XL Gals that actually arouse u?
CJ Woods: Liza Biggs in the pool scene…very hot.

XLGirls: Do u tell a Lothario what you like when you are in ottoman so there is no delay in your satisfaction.
CJ Woods: I’m passive, but I definitely tell my partner what I adore, or to not stop, if he’s doing smth that I’m actually savouring.

XLGirls: What #1 foreplay do u adore a fellow to do?
CJ Woods: I’m a defiance to receive turned on, so my partner usually has to put lots of effort into thrilling me. Examples are giving a kiss my neck and ears and going all the way down to my butt. Watching him touch himself is a truly bigger in size than run of the mill turn on for me.

XLGirls: How should a lad handle your knockers? Soft or unyielding?
CJ Woods: I love it coarse!

XLGirls: What is the almost all weird position you’ve ever endevoured?
CJ Woods: Definitely the reverse cowgirl!

XLGirls: Do you adore looking in a mirror during sex?
CJ Woods: I love mirrors, especially when I am giving a oral-service.

XLGirls: Do u adore to talk dirty in couch? If yeah, what are the things you love to say?
CJ Woods: I do not say a lot in bed. But if I am truly into it, I’ll tell my spouse to slap my ass, suck harder, cum on my a-hole, things like that.

XLGirls: What makes your nipps hard?
CJ Woods: My spouse gently dripping his fingers or tongue on my side up to my bazookas, and teasing me.

XLGirls: Do u adore to have your nipples pinched and/or pulled?
CJ Woods: I ADORE IT all!

XLGirls: In your personal life, has anyone observed u having sex?
CJ Woods: No, at no time.

XLGirls: When you saw your first scene with Tony, what did u think? Did you look at it alone or with a man ally?
CJ Woods: I watched it alone. I really couldn’t believe that was me. I’ve always been very reserved and kind of coy and to think many people were going to watch this…

XLGirls: Did u have sex or masturbate during the time that you viewed it or after?
CJ Woods: Not the 1st time I observed it.

XLGirls: When you were growing up, were u always a bigger in size gal, or did that happen as u matured?
CJ Woods: I was not always a greater than standard cutie. I truly weighed 102 pounds at once with an Eighteen inch waist. I was around Twenty eight years old. But I still had a D cup.

XLGirls: Are you skillful to tell by how a man touches you whether u wanna go any farther?
CJ Woods: I can tell more so by the way this chab looks at me…

XLGirls: When you returned home, did you masturbate and fantasize about your experiences and the men u had sex with here?
CJ Woods: If I would had time, I probably would have. Being away from my kids, there’s not a lot of time for that when I have been gone.

XLGirls: Any message to members and browsers of XL Girls?
CJ Woods: I would love to say hey! Keep it real. Peace, and always be kind to one one more!

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