Tapping The Hottie

Tapping The Babe

Tapping The Hottie

Each girl has her own way of referring to her pantoons. Bra-busters. Billibongs. The twins. The girls. Some give ’em names. What does XL Gal and all-around babe Mya Blair call hers?

“Tits,’ told Mya. “It just seems like it fits. Other peoples’ mambos I call bazookas. Mine, I call bouncy bosoms. I feel like they’re different.”

They too short circuit the male brain, rendering the onlooker into a zombie.

“One time, me and this lady-killer I was with were having a really serious conversation, but I had to get changed, and in the midst of the conversation, when I took off my top, he just prevented and stared and told, ‘I don’t remember what I was talking about.’ I’ve noticed a hardly any times that I’ll be talking to a fellow and his eyes will keep wandering down to my chest. I’m used to it.”

Mya is a deep face hole talented and blows Jimmy Dix’s cock in very hot, hands-free, gagging action. That babe rides his rod love a champ and it is clear that Mya loves a rock hard screw. She’s spectacular in each way.

What did Mya think about the scenes that she is shot at XL Beauties?

“I feel much more confident now. I was very nervous but it just felt natural one time the ball started rolling. I watched them with someone. I like to watch the reactions of others. It is strange to look at myself but it is interesting to see what others see. I am very critical of myself so I was mentally taking notes to improve on. He complained that I was teasing him, kinda the point.”

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This Roxi’s For U

This Roxi’s For U

This Roxi's For You

Wonder Woman? We’ll tell u who’s a Wonder Mistress. You’re looking at her. That babe doesn’t need a tiara and golden lasso. Roxi Red is one of the world’s real wonder chicks. How many of us just need one hour with this KK-cup bra-buster? Just playing with her mammoth, pliable breasts would be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Roxi brings over a bottle of beer for Jimmy. That stud doesn’t care about it. Getting his hands and face on her bra-busters is the merely thing that skirt chaser wishes…well, that and hopefully getting to bone her as pretty soon as that fellow can. She’s everything you’d ever urge in a female.

Roxi has her mounds worshiped, licked, kissed and groped…again. She then sucks on his ramrod and buries it betwixt her magic mammaries. Her fuck-friend eats Roxi’s cunt, then slides her the stiffy. After this babe rides his penis the cowgirl way, Roxi tells him to cum on her face. It’s an invitation we’d all like to acquire.

K.D. wrote, “There is no such thing as likewise much Roxi Red. I’d be ok with Roxi appearing each single month, I by no means acquire tired of looking at her marangos.” He presents a strong case ‘coz Roxi is the kind of mamazonian marvel that is incredibly difficult to discover, let alone photograph.

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Picnic With Roxee

Picnic With Roxee

Picnic With Roxee

Any day with Roxee Robinson is a admirable day. On this day, Roxee spends her afternoon at swimming pool side in her first outdoor shoot. She’s brought some goodies with her as well as the wine, a toy and smth to snack on. Pull up a towel and join her.

XLGirls: Roxee, if you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Roxee: Like.

XLGirls: What kind of dreams do u have?

Roxee: The very obscene kind. I often have hawt, steamy fantasies. The ones where I wake up super amorous!

XLGirls: Have u ever dated a shorter boy whose face was level with your boobs?

Roxee: No, I am pretty short, solely 5’2″ so the boy would need to be truly short!

XLGirls: What do you consider the perks of having bigger than average love muffins?

Roxee: It makes it truly effortless to have my way with males!

XLGirls: Have it your way, Roxee.

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Busty MILF of the Month

Big-Boob MILF of the Month

Busty MILF of the Month

Tahnee Taylor makes Busty MILF of the Month for the second time.

A super-MILF who overflows her bras to the point of strap-snapping, Tahnee Taylor takes two super-studs and puts ’em throughout an intense workout. They’re up for the defiance of fucking Miss Taylor’s face hole, snatch and darksome hole, and when their three-way orgy reaches the top of the mountain, or mountains in Tahnee’s case, they blow a geyser into her expecting throat so that babe can drink each drop.

“Men always go for my big love melons,” said Tahnee. No surprises there. That is the 1st thing about Tahnee that we zero in on. Here’s a old hotty with a blast-furnace sex drive. “The funniest thing a Lothario ever told to me was, ‘Hi, I am an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus.’ Few dudes can say that to a lady and make it funny. I do not know if he recognized me or not.

“I like large ramrods. Big jocks go with bigger in size than run of the mill fullsome funbags. I like a smooth operator who’s a brute in couch and a gentleman everywhere else. Most of the time, I adore a fellow to make the first move cuz it unveils me he’s hot for me. I usually do not make the 1st approach ‘cuz I would hate to be rejected.”

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Ultimate Summer Sinn

Topmost Summer Sinn

Ultimate Summer Sinn

Summer Sinn reads a letter from a fan and being the generous type, Summer exposes how she can blow his pants clean off.

Wrote SCORE editor Dave, “Summer, who splits her time betwixt Boston and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a SCORE Goddess in the classic tradition: slim ‘n’ ultra-stacked.”

Tit chaps urge to spend quality time with Summer to receive busy on her stupendous knockers.

“Lick ’em and suck ’em,” Summer told. “I adore it. Softly, because they’re sensitive. Do not bite ’em. I’m not into domination. Maybe start out by licking with tongue them a little, then engulfing them a little, then touching with tongue ’em some more, then sucking some more. Pay tons of attention to ’em. Go from one to the other. Give the one and the other of them tons of attention. That receives me going. I not ever cum from having them sucked but sucking on my love bubbles gets me all luscious. He doesn’t even have to touch my slit to acquire me succulent. Just lightly touch my zeppelins and teats.”

So the 1st place a lad should go when that gent is got a date with Summer is her fullsome funbags. Not her neck, not her fur pie, not her booty, not her feet.

“Most of the time a guy begins on my mounds. Sometimes they’re polite and they’ll kiss me, but almost all of the time they’ll go for my scones. But I don’t urge the same thing all the time. That’s no joy.”

It is usually Summer telling a lad to screw her titties. We do not mean porn bucks. We mean regular bucks that babe receives busy with.

“He’ll be licking with tongue and sucking my bazookas, and I’ll just say to him, ‘Fuck them!’ I adore it. I do not do it for the boy. My boobs are so sensitive, it feels worthy to have a guy’s ding-dong between them. 1st, I got to receive it all luscious. Then I’ll rub his meat-thermometer against my nipples. Then I’ll get it all moist some other time, rub it up and down to make sure it is real rock hard, then I’ll wrap my boobies around it and move them up and down. Sometimes lads receive lost in my wobblers, but they do not appear to be to mind. I can make just about any dick vanish.”

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Oil For Three

Oil For 3

Oil For Three

It is “Oil For Three” when Hitomi, Valory and Sha slick up their unbelievably hot bodies beneath the tropical sun of the Dominican Republic. Three of the all-time highest slender and stacked angels in big breasted photo history, Hitomi, Valory and Sha, got on adore mature school chums. Ukrainians Sha and Valory had no issues with the language barrier with Hitomi, ruler of Japan. There’re no nationalistic differences among busty gals.

No one kept exact records of how much greasy oil was used that week. At least numerous cases. The girls were sunning European-style with out any bathing costume tops so they won’t receive tan-lines on their meatballs and they wore the tiniest bottoms possible. If their location was not intimate and secluded, we’d have had to hire armed guards.

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Goldie’s Rub-out

Goldie’s Rub-out

Goldie's Rub-out

Goldie Blair is in need of unwinding. This babe craves meaty male hands all over her. Goldie sluggishly disrobes, not knowing that she is being spied on. Her greater than run of the mill funbags look even bigger in size ‘coz she is tiny. The rub-down therapist silently enters and oils Goldie up.

Goldie’s bouncy bosoms and areolas are his main areas of interest but her back and booty are not neglected. This is the kind of business a boob-man needs to acquire into, but only if guaranteed stacked clients love Goldie. After a slow breast rub-down, Goldie needs to cum or she’s intend to be very frustrated so this babe pulls something with out her bra to whole her rubdown therapy.

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Legendary XL Girls

Legendary XL Gals

Legendary XL Girls

“Toni” Kat Beauty was one of the early XL Cuties. This babe and her boyfriend were internet porn pioneers. They started doing porn in 1994, got married in 1997 and began a web resource in 2000. They’re still active in the adult scene.

XL Girls: Why do boob-men love to tit-fuck big breasted gals?

Kat Vixen: Because u can move the milk shakes and change the pressure on the dick. Plus there is the added bonus of being expert to cum on her love bubbles or face after having the rogering feeling.

XL Girls: What do you adore about tit-fucking?

Kat Vixen: I adore to titty-fuck, but few girls do. What I love is the rhythm of the schlong movement, kind of love the rogering of the cunt. It’s even more worthy when I have a toy in, screwing me at the same time. Very intensive.

XL Girls: What wang size do you love?

Kat Vixen: I most like at least six inches, but any bigger then 10 can hurt if they do not know how to use it. I’ve had 4-inchers who made me shriek with pleasure and 10-inchers that hurt.

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Party In Your Pants

Party In Your Pants

Party In Your Pants

It is by no means been facile finding big-boobed Asians, let alone big-boobed Asians who’ll go the complete nine inches.

We discovered Kiko during a adult model pursue in the southwestern American states. “I’ve always wanted to be in a big-boobed magazine,” Kiko said. “And I’d not ever done a boy-girl movie.” This upgraded-to-HD episode was Kiko’s 1st and it’s one for the spank bank.

Kiko speaks Japanese and Spanish and has been stripteasing since she was Nineteen. Her monumental, darksome areolae are 4.5 inches each in diameter. So large, the edges peep over the tops of her undergarment cups. That is stiff to identify. Those are particular bra buddies.

Kiko is pleasured of her girls and pulls ’em without her costume to flaunt the interviewer. This is the quickest interview of all time since this guy was in a hurry to receive his shlong into Kiko’s face hole.

“I adore feeling a guy’s hips thrusting against my ass in doggie,” Kiko says. “I like the chap to take the lead in sofa. If a guy’s really good at sex, I’ll probably forgive him if this chab acts love a jerk. I adore anything about sex. I just don’t adore to drink. I’ve by no means done it.”

Notice how skilled her hands are during the numerous hand jobs that babe gives him, including her closing hand job.

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Another Side of Kerry Marie

Another Side of Kerry Marie

Another Side of Kerry Marie

Many think Kerry Marie is kind, fascinating, virginal and wholesome, the flawless example of a prim and proper English hotty. True enough yet inaccurate in some ways. There’s a darksome side to Kerry Marie, even though it’s stiff to make almost certainly of looking at this cuddly and big-boobed doll.

Kerry can be one tough, big busted bawdy cleft when that babe craves to be, especially during group business meetings. That babe was even called Darth Kerry by some people.

We were skillful to photograph Kerry when that babe was cracking her crop at one of these meetings and you are going to see the corroboration that Kerry is no one’s doormat. Whenever the mood would strike, this babe made a doormat without us, enjoying every second of our squirming. Be advised to do anything that babe tells you to do and learn your lesson exactly adore we did. Kerry Marie can be a harsh female so expect no leniency. After Kerry’s rencounter, stay tuned for a particular preview.

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